swf to video converter
  • Convert SWF animation to video formats
  • Save Flash video in MP4 for mobile devices
  • Apply effects & transitions
  • Change soundtracks of converted SWF files
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What's new in Movavi Video Converter 10?

Check out these exciting new features:

  • Multi-GPU NVIDIA® CUDA™ Technology
  • Integration with Windows Explorer
  • Automatic Bitrate Selection
  • Support for cutting-edge portable devices
  • Support for Input Video with AAC Sound
  • Pause/Resume Conversion Controls
  • Intuitive Graphic Logos for Presets
  • Request Feature Option

New media formats

Multi-GPU NVIDIA® CUDA™ Technology

Movavi has implemented multi-GPU technology, resulting in a boost to conversion efficiency on PCs with two or more CUDA-enabled GPUs. Now, when you choose a CUDA-powered preset on a PC with two CUDA-enabled GPUs, Movavi software can convert two videos at a time.

Integration with Windows Explorer

Convert videos right from Windows Explorer: right-click on a media file and choose "Movavi — Convert to" from the drop-down menu.

Support for Cutting-edge Portable Devices

Movavi Video Converter now offers even more presets for mobile devices, including iPad, Google Nexus One, HTC Droid Eris, Nokia N900, Palm Pixi, Motorola Droid, Motorola CLIQ, LG Arena (KM 900), Zune HD, Samsung Galaxy (i7500), and more.

Automatic Bitrate Selection

Say hello to the automatic bitrate selection feature, which ensures automatic selection of bitrate values for the best balance between the size and quality of the converted video. If you're not sure which bitrate is the best, just put check "Automatic Bitrate".

Support for Input Video with AAC Sound

Movavi Video Converter adds support for more input formats! Now you can convert video with AAC sound.

Pause/Resume Conversion Controls

Pause conversion if you have to complete something on your PC for which you need all the CPU cycles. Just leave the program open and return to it to resume the conversion whenever you're ready.

Intuitive Graphic Logos for Presets

Movavi software is now even more user friendly: now you can instantly choose the right preset for your mobile device, just by checking the preset icon — they all show the devices now! In addition, you can also tell which presets leverage CUDA technology — and which don't — by CUDA logos.

Request Feature Option

Can't find a feature you'd like? Request it or suggest modifications to existing features and we'll aim to ensure they appear in a future version of Movavi software — just choose the Request Feature in the Help menu.

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