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How to Add Subtitles to a Video

If you’re a movie lover, you’ve probably seen an SRT file. These small files contain subtitles for your favorite series and feature films. However, you may face a problem when trying to play a video alongside an SRT file, as many players and mobile devices don’t support external subtitle files.

SRT is a format of SubRip subtitle files. They contain information about the subtitles of the video, such as the timecode for the start and end of the text and the sequence number of the subtitles. SRT files are text files; they don’t contain video or audio data.

Watching films with subtitles may be useful in a lot of situations. Below, we listed three of them, though there are definitely more.

Here are some other reasons you may need subtitles for a video.

Want to learn a foreign language?

Subtitles can help when you’re learning a foreign language. It’s the perfect tool to not only practice your listening skills and expand vocabulary, but also to understand the culture and traditions of a country.

Movie isn’t dubbed yet

Imagine the situation: you want to watch a movie, but it's available only in English and hasn’t yet been dubbed into your native language. What do you do? Subtitles can help! Just find appropriate subtitles on the internet, merge them with the target video, and enjoy.

Want to hear real voices of favorite actors?

Some people consider dubbed movies less authentic than the originals, so you may choose subtitles over dubbing since it definitely helps you to understand the actors’ emotions better.

If you want to add subtitles to a video, Movavi Video Converter is the tool you need! You can add subtitles to a video permanently and watch your favorite shows and series on any device. However, Movavi Video Converter is not only software for embedding subtitles, it can do a lot more! This program also converts files into different media formats (including MKV, AVI, MP4, QuickTime, and more), compresses multimedia content, and lets you do minor editing before conversion.

Download the version for Windows or Mac and follow the guide to how to add subtitles to a video.

Install the Software

Download the installation file, open it and follow the instructions to install the program.

Add Your Files

Click Add Media and choose Add Video. Find the folder containing the downloaded movies to which you want to add subtitles and select the video files. They will be added to the program.

Select Subtitles

Click No Subtitles next to the file to which you want to add subtitles. In the window that appears, click the Add button and select the SRT file. If the file with subtitles has the same name as the video and is located in the same folder, the program will automatically suggest the subtitle track and it will appear in the subtitle list. You can also choose the Apply to all files option to add your subtitles to all selected videos.

Save the Subbed Video

Click the Folder icon and select the target folder for your subtitled video. By default, videos are saved in the Movavi Library folder. Tap Convert to start merging the subtitles with the clips. After the process is done, the folder with the output files will open automatically. You can now save the video to a DVD disc or upload it to any device.

Now you know how to add subtitles to a video permanently. With Movavi Video Converter, you can enjoy your favorite movies with subtitles anywhere and on any device.


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