How to Change the Background of a Picture

Many people would like to know how to change the background of a picture. There’s a good reason for this. How many times have you taken a perfect photo of a friend or family member, only to find out that a passer-by was making faces when you took a shot? Or maybe a dog, running at the speed of light, left a blurry trace across your photo’s background? In both cases, the foreground of the pic looks OK, but the background may have unwanted details that ruin the whole atmosphere of the photo. So, do you want to know how to change the background?

To do this, you will need a photo background editor – we recommend you try Movavi Picverse! It’s a multi-functional app that will help you edit photos in a professional way without needing to be a professional.

To learn how to change the background of an image with Movavi Picverse, follow our instructions below.

Step 1. Install Movavi Picverse

Open the file you’ve downloaded and follow the installation instructions.

Step 2. Import the Photo into the Program

Launch Movavi Picverse. Click the Browse for Images button and choose the image to import or simply drag your photo into the working area of the program.

Step 3. Mark the Foreground Objects

First, open the Change Background tab. Click the Auto Select button to automatically mark people in the foreground. To manually mark other types of objects, use the green Foreground Brush. Then mark the background with the red Background Brush. Or, if you prefer, you can choose the Lasso tool to draw around your selections. Just set the starting point, and the line will stick to the edge of the object as you move the tool around it. The objects you mark will have a marquee selection around them. You don’t have to be precise here; just click the Next Step button to add more precision to the outline.

Step 4. Specify the Borders

Now you can paint over the borders with Mask Brushes to add or subtract areas. Use the Hair Selection tool to refine wispy details in image outlines. Click Next Step again.

Step 5. Change the Background

Your subjects will be displayed on a transparent background. Now, you can choose another image or a solid color as your new background. You can also leave the background transparent. To replace a background with a different photo, click Add Image. In the window that opens, choose Upload to use a picture of your own or pick an image from the included background collection. To discard changes, click Reset. When the result looks good to you, click Apply.

Step 6. Save the Edited Image

To save the photo, click the Floppy disk icon in the upper-right corner of the program window, choose the appropriate image format, and click OK.

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*The free version of Movavi Picverse has the following restrictions: you can save up to 10 images with added watermark, screenshots are disabled. Learn more

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