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10 Best iMovie Alternatives for Mac and Windows

If you use a Mac or PC and find yourself asking, “What can I use instead of iMovie,” here is a list of software to help you find a good iMovie alternative.

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Here is a list of the best video editing software for Windows 10. Read this if you want to edit videos on Windows 10.

12 Easy-to-Use SWF-to-MP4 Converters in 2020

SWF Converter is the best answer on how to convert SWF to MP4. But what to choose? Here is a list of the best programs including free and online.

9 Free Windows Movie Maker Alternative for Windows 10 in 2020

If you're looking for free Windows Movie Maker alternatives for Windows 10 or another OS, there are plenty of options available out there.

14 Best Presentation Software in 2020

If you're looking for the best presentation software available to organize your slides and more, there are plenty of programs to consider.

15 Best Webcam Software in 2020

Whether it’s a paid or free webcam software solution, Mac or Windows, you are looking for the best option. Here’s a list of the best webcam recorders.

7 Best Free FLV Editors

When it comes to finding an FLV editor, Windows 10 can work with many programs and files. Movavi Video Editor Plus can provide you with the movie maker that you're searching for.

14 Free Screen Recorders with No Watermark 2020

Looking for a free screen recorder without a watermark? Check out the top programs available for download and choose the one that suits you the best.

How to Watch Champions League Online

When you love the UEFA and want to watch Champions League Live, the easiest way to do it is with Movavi Screen Recorder so you can watch them later.

How to Watch Olympics Online

Find out how to get a live stream of Olympics without cable TV subscription. Movavi shows how you can record a live stream from Tokyo.

16 Best Monopods for DSLR Cameras [2020]

If you're looking for compact monopods, there are a lot of options. Here you’ll find reviews of the best monopods for DSLR cameras, as well as some software to use for your videos.

Top 13 Best Free Football Streaming Sites in 2020

Are you searching for an easy way to watch football online? We are here to help. Check out our complete list of some of the best websites to watch football on the internet.

Top 10 Free PDF Form Fillers for Windows and macOS

Looking for free form-filling software? Here’s a list of 10 best PDF editors that let you fill out forms quickly and easily.

How to Use TikTok: All You Need to Make a TikTok Video

In this guide, you’ll find information about TikTok and and will learn how to make a TikTok video in the app, on a PC or phone.

Best 15 Studio Headphones for Music Production – Movavi

Making quality music means accurately hearing the mix. This list of the best headphones for producing music will help you craft the perfect track.

Top 10 Best Free PDF Editors for Mac in 2020

Looking for PDF-editing software for Mac? We’ve made a list of 10 best PDF editors for Mac users. Read on to find the one that suits your requirements.

Best RAM for Gaming in 2020: Top 10 Choices

Wondering how to choose among best gaming RAM on the market? Read our article!

Best 13 iPhone Video Editors [2020] – Reviews by Movavi

Video-editing apps for iPhone have proliferated, providing a constant menu of different features and functions in iPhone video apps. The question isn't so much "which is best" as "what works for you."

Best Android Video Editors [2020] - Reviews by Movavi

Choosing the best video editing app for Android might be a challenge even if you’re not a newcomer in this field. What are the candidates?

Best 4K DSLR Camera – Movavi

Here are some of the best 4K Video DSLR cameras currently on the market. Want to find the best one for you? Check these out!

What Is WAV File?

An overview of the WAV file format for audio. What is a WAV file? How does it compare with other audio file formats? What is it used for? What software will let you play it?

The Best 4K Video Cameras

Looking for a 4K camera? Read our review to learn more about the top video cameras and their features to help you choose the best video camera for your needs.

Best Motherboard for Gaming in 2020: Top 10 Choices

Wondering how to choose among best gaming motherboards on the market? Read our short guide to the basics of the motherboards’ specs to make a choice.

Best Gaming Headsets in 2020: Top 10 Choices

Wondering how to choose among best gaming headphones on the market? Need to find the best wireless option? Read our article!

How to Record Minecraft on PC with Voice

Wondering how to record Minecraft videos? Try Movavi’s software! With Gecata, you can record a gameplay video of any length with just a few clicks.

How to Record Fortnite on PC with a Webcam

Want to know how to record Fortnite on a PC? Try Gecata! Just download this game recorder and follow the guide to preserve your greatest Fortnite moments.

Best 4K TV for Gaming in 2020: Top 10 Choices

Wondering how to choose the best gaming TV on the market? Need to find the best budget option? Read our article!

How to Record Overwatch Gameplay Easily

How to save your Overwatch highlights? Download the screen recording software by Movavi to record your gameplay, make videos, and share them online.

Best 360 Cameras 2020

Deciding on the best 360 camera? In this guide, we help you choose the best 360 video camera on the market that suits your budget, style, and expectations.

Best Graphics Card for Gaming in 2020

Wondering how to choose the best gaming graphics card on the market? Read this article to understand what makes a good gaming GPU and make your selection wisely!

Using Technology in the Classroom

Wondering what is teaching with technology? Read our article with the ideas on integrating technology in the classroom and try to enhance the learning experience of your students.

Top 6 Best Computers for Photo Editing in 2020

Are you looking for the best PC for photo editing? Read these top six computers for photo editing in 2019 and create fascinating memories with your pictures.

How to Make a Book Trailer

Try the best way to promote your new book. Create an amazing book trailer with the help of the simple and intuitive book trailer maker – Movavi Academic.

Best Gaming Laptops of 2020: Top 10 Choices

Wondering how to choose the best gaming laptop on the market? Need to find one under 1000 bucks? Read this article to understand what makes a good gaming laptop and make your selection wisely!

Best Free DVD Authoring Software

Looking for the best free DVD authoring software for Windows 10, Mac, or Linux? Check out this article and find the program that suits you the best!

Best Free Image Converter in 2020

Googling for an excellent image converter? Find the best free image converter in this article and convert any photo you want just in a couple of seconds.

10 Best Free Audio Converter in 2020

Looking for the best free audio file converter? Read our guide on the free audio converters and choose the one that suits you the best.

Best Gaming Monitor in 2020: Top 10 Choices

Wondering how to choose from the best gaming monitors on the market? Can’t decide between a 4K and a Full HD screen? Read our article to understand gaming monitors and make your selection wisely!

Best Free RAW Photo Editor

Think there is no RAW editing software for free? Check out our pick of Top-5 best programs that will prove you wrong!

Best DVD Authoring Software

Looking for the best DVD authoring software to preserve your memories in their best shape? Have a look at our rating of the programs we’ve chosen.

Video Lighting

Want to create a video that leaves your audience wagging their tongues? Here is a guide to the perfect lighting for YouTube videos that will excite your viewers and produce top-notch videos.

Best Free Screenshot Software 2020

Need a tool for screen capture? We’ve described 10 top screenshot software that’s free to help you choose the best one.

The Guide to Portrait Photography

Are you looking to produce unique, professional portrait photos? These portrait photography tips, ideas, and techniques should help you create stunning photos and expand your photography portfolio.

Top 10 Cinemagraph Apps

Cinemagraph is the new trend in photography taking the internet by storm. A good cinemagraph maker can help you to excel in this kind of photography. Read on to discover the best cinemagraph apps.

9 Best Free Outro Makers Online to Create a Perfect YouTube Video

If you need to know how to make a YouTube outro, this product guide can help get you started. We examine the best paid and free options. Several of the free options have no watermark.

Top 7 Photography Reflectors

A quality reflector is the secret ingredient to easy yet excellent lighting manipulation in photography. Read through our list of reflectors for photographers to find one that suits you best.

Best Teaching Techniques

Ever felt the need to add something new to your methods of teaching? Read our article with several effective teaching techniques and get inspired by new ideas for the classroom experience.

The Best OS for Gaming: Deciding Between Windows, Mac, and Linux

In this article, we take a close look at all the arguments that can help us decide what is the best operating system for gaming.

16 Best Podcast App

Looking for an unforgettable podcast experience? Not every podcast player will fit the bill. This list of the best podcast apps for Android and top Apple podcast apps should help you out.

Comparing 14 Best Mind Mapping Software

Unpacking complex thoughts can be hard. Mind map software helps you cut through the clutter and focus on the ideas. Here are some of the top products in that category.

6 Best Podcast Software

Podcast editing software is the first thing you'll need to start your hit show. Whether you are using Windows or Mac, we'll help you find the right product to get your show off to a great start.

Best Paid and Free Video Ad Makers

If you are contemplating creating a compelling video ad to help market your business, you need a good video ad creator. Read on to discover some of the best pain and free video ad makers.

Best Free Photo Editing Software for Windows in 2020

Looking for a photo editor? Read this article to learn about 8 best free photo editing programs. Сhoose the best program for yourself!

Best Free Photo Editing Software for Windows 10 in 2020

Finding a good photo editing software is not easy. Finding a free one is twice as hard. That’s why we made a list of free photo editing software for Windows 10.

YouTube Thumbnail Size Guide

Your video’s thumbnail may not seem like the most important detail. Well, it may actually be one! Learn how to adjust your perfect cover image to the right thumbnail size for YouTube.

YouTube Promotion Guide

Ever imagined yourself a world-famous YouTube vlogger? Check out our ultimate guide on how to promote YouTube video and boost your audience with little or no investments required.

Best Gaming Keyboard [2020]

In this article, we take a close look at the art of choosing among the best gaming keyboards to find the one that’s best for your needs as well as your budget. While most of our picks are mechanical keyboards, considered the best for gaming, we’ve also included some alternative approaches.

How to Write a Resume: Best Writing Tips & Resume Samples

If you’re wondering how to write an objective or other part of a resume, here's a brief guide to creating resumes. Choosing the resume type, secrets of a strong resume summary, and where to find free PDF resume templates – here’s everything you need to know.

Best Gaming Mouse [2020] : Top 10 Choices

In this article, our goal is to help you choose the best mouse for gaming. We’ll look at the most comfortable, cool and powerful gaming mice on the market to help you choose the one that’ll be a perfect match for your gaming PC.

Best Graphic Design Software

Whether you’re new to graphics or you’ve been around for a while, deciding on graphics software can be a difficult task. Here we round up the top graphics software for Mac and PC users.

Commercial Photography Tips

Do you love taking photos and would like to turn your passion into a business? We are going to look at what is commercial photography and how you can become a commercial photographer.

Best College Apps [2020]

Beat deadlines, ace exams, and be productive with these best study apps for students. Improve your effectiveness and time management without doing away with your smartphone.

Best Graphic Design Software for Beginners in 2020

Don’t let all those instrument panels scare you away – start with easy graphic design software to make your first steps in digital art.

Top 8 Best Free Graphic Design Software in 2020

Producing digital art doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Have a look at our list of free graphic design software for mac, windows and online use.

Best Free Photo Editing Software for Mac in 2020

Still stuck with native photo editors? Check out our unbiased review of the top 6 best free photo editor for Mac. We also included some tips to expedite the decision-making process.

Keynote vs. PowerPoint – Which Program to Choose?

Not sure whether to choose PowerPoint or keynote? Read this PowerPoint vs. Keynote to see how the Apple version of PowerPoint fares against Microsoft's most popular presentation application.

Instagram Hashtags for Photographers to Grow Your Account [2020]

Are you having a hard time selecting the best hashtag for your Instagram pictures? These popular Instagram hashtags for photography should bail you out.

Best Video Resume Makers

If you know how to make a video resume, you need a good video editing software to help you create stunning video resumes for your website. Learn about the top resume maker software here.

How to Fix OBS “Encoding Overloaded” Issue [2020]

When you see OBS high encoding warning, that probably means that either OBS or your system settings are not set up properly and hinder smooth streaming of the video. In this article we’ll look at the ways to fix this error.

12 Prezi Alternatives

Looking for a program for creating impressive presentations? Read the article with the top 12 paid and free Prezi alternatives and choose the platform for your use.

Best Education Apps

There are many free education apps on the internet today, but which ones should you use when teaching your students? Read on to see the top education apps on the market today.

Vimeo vs. YouTube

To understand the YouTube vs. Vimeo contest, you should know the difference between the two popular online video hosting platforms. Read on to learn more on the differences between YouTube and Vimeo.

Best Waterproof Cameras and Best Underwater Cameras [2020]

Looking for a waterproof digital camera? Check out the article to know what are the best cameras to take videos and pictures underwater.

AMD or Intel for Gaming: Comparison and Conclusion [2020]

There are really only two contenders in the gaming CPU market: AMD and Intel. This article will help you to understand the difference and decide whether you should choose AMD Ryzen or Intel for the better gaming experience.

How to Solve the Windows Media Player No-Sound Issue

If you experience Windows Media Player not playing sound, you shouldn't worry too much. Read on to find out how you can fix the Windows Media Player with no audio so you can enjoy your media.

7 Best Photography Lighting Kit

Are you tired of having camera lighting affect the quality of your photos? Check out this top studio lighting kits that will help you ace your next photoshoot.

Top 9 Lightworks Free Alternatives in 2020

Those looking for a Lightworks alternative can find plenty of free options that help them to create powerful videos and offer some of the great benefits of Lightworks without the cost.

Top 5 Pinnacle Studio Free Alternatives for Windows and Mac

Are you looking for an alternative to Pinnacle Studio that is free to download? Check out our list of the best free alternatives to Pinnacle Studio on the internet today.

How to Use ICloud Photo Sharing

Stuck on how to use iCloud photo sharing? Say you are not with an iOS device but need to share some photos with your Mac or PC via iCloud photo sharing? Get in here! We’ve got all you need!

Top 8 Best Free Logo Maker Software

Free logo creators to customize logo designs in a flash. Choose templates, fonts, elements to design your personalized or business logo.

Intel Core i5 vs. i7: Which Is Better for Gaming?

Choosing between Intel Core i5 and i7 processors for gaming can be tricky if you don’t know the difference between them and their many generations. To help you choose, here’s a quick comparison from a gamer’s perspective.

What Is a Storyboard?

Are you having a hard time creating a storyboard for your movie project? Read these steps to make a storyboard before trying out the numerous storyboard templates available online.

Creative Presentation Ideas for College

Wondering how to become a successful presenter? Read the article and nail your college presentations with the help of our tips and creative presentation ideas for school.

Best DSLR Сameras [2020]

To obtain the best DSLR camera for professional videos and photos, go through the DSLR camera reviews as you search for the greatest DSLR camera deals. Read on to discover the best DSLR camera.

Top 10 Photo Sharing Sites

Looking for the best photo sharing websites? Check this article! Read on to learn how these websites can help you managing your photo collection.

Best Family Tree Software [2020]

Your family tree holds a special place in the family, and you would love to preserve it for the next generation. A good family tree software will help you create and keep your family history.

OBS vs. ShadowPlay for Gaming: Which is Better and Why

In this article, we’ll figure out what is ShadowPlay and what is OBS, and then compare the two to see if they are equally as good for streaming and game capture and which provides better gaming experience.

Best Free Greeting Card Software

There are many greeting card creators on the internet. Which one should you choose? Read on to learn about some of the best greeting card software available today.

Best Tripods for DSLR

Producing professional photos and videos requires more than a high-end camera and the best lenses on the market. You also need the best camera tripod to mount your camera and shoot stable videos.

Top 10 Best Time-Lapse Cameras

Are you looking for the best HD or 4K camera for time-lapse video? Read on to get a glimpse of our top ten time-lapse cameras for 2019.

Top 7 Time-Lapse Video Apps for Android & iOS 2020

Time-lapse makes photos funnier. While some have inbuilt time-lapse app, don’t worry if you don’t have one on your Android or iPhone. This guide contains top 7 apps for all.

Choppy Video Playback

Are video playback choppy experiences on Windows 10 impairing your streaming entertainment? Read on to find out how you can fix that choppy video.

7 Best Meme Generators [2020]

Did you know you can create memes with your own pictures? All you need is a meme generator app and a photo editor. Read on to discover the best meme generator apps.

Best Video Color Grading App

You may not produce great videos without the help of a good video color correction app for iPhone or Android. Read on to discover the best video correction apps for your mobile phone.

What Is a Flipped Classroom

Interested to know how to use a different learning approach? Read our article about the flipped classroom model: its definition, pros and cons. Apply the tips in your classroom.

Best Video Editing App for Android, iPhone, and iPad

Read through our list of the top video editors for Android phones and iPhone. The search for the best video editor app should end here as you browse through these mobile apps for editing your videos.

Types of Shots in Film

Are you looking to step up your shooting skills for films? Read these essential shot types in film and learn all the crucial camera angles for the perfect shot.

Computer Won't Play Videos

If videos are not playing on your Mac or Windows laptop, you may be using the wrong software or your computer may be lacking the necessary plugin. Find out how to solve this problem.

Best Video Player for Android

Searching for the best Android video player on the market? Check out our detailed guide of the top 6 video player apps for your Android phone and tablet.

How to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming in 10 Easy Steps

In this article we’ll talk about how to improve gaming performance and speed up your PC by delving into its properties and tweaking some settings.

Mirrorless vs. DSLR: What Is the Difference

The difference between mirrorless and DSLR is a constant debate. Factors such as image quality, price, focus, viewfinders come to play. Each with its pros and cons, but which is better for you?

What Is Blended Learning

Learn more about new educational methods. Read our article to find out all about blended learning: its definition, pros and cons, and blended learning models.

Best Gimbals [2020]

Wondering how to produce silky smooth videos with your smartphone or camera? Here are six best GoPro gimbal stabilizers you should consider for your photography or video shooting sessions.

History of American Football

Curious about the origin of American football? Learn more about when was American football invented and get the highlights of the sport in this exclusive article.

5 E-Learning Software [2020]

Looking for the best e-learning tools? Check out the article to see the most effective tools for authors. The list provides a detailed overview of their respective features.

5 Most Popular Gaming Streaming Sites

As the gaming world continues to expand, so do video game streaming sites and platforms. Here’s a short guide to help you navigate the maze.

Top 5 Blu-ray Player Software

Are you looking for free Blu-ray players to watch movies or other types of videos? Check out our list of the best Blu-ray player software for Windows 10 and Mac devices.

Best Lenses for Wedding Photography in 2020 [Nikon, Sony, Canon]

Need a comprehensive list of the top lenses for your wedding photography? Find out what lens to use for weddings to keep your clients happy. Choose your must-have lens from the following list.

Wedding Photography Styles

Need some inspiration for the best wedding photoshoots ideas? Read these great types of wedding photography before you suggest fascinating wedding photography styles to the groom and the bride.

How to Be Photogenic

What do models do different that makes them look more attractive? Perhaps they know some untold secrets on how to become photogenic. Relax: all you need is in this guide.

Best Camera for Wedding Photography

If you're looking for wedding photography equipment, including cameras, just take a look at this list of the 10 best cameras for wedding photography.

Wedding Photography Tips [2020]

With the right wedding photography tips from this guide, everyone from beginners to professional wedding photographers can learn how to take wedding photos, capturing great wedding pictures.

Wedding Photo Editing Tips [2020]

You won't need to be a professional photographer to produce great wedding photos. Here are practical photo editing ideas and tips you can apply to your average photos to professional wedding shots.

Instagram Story Dimensions

Use Instagram stories dimensions to create IG posts with the right resolution for social media. Your photos and videos attract views when you upload the best story size.

How to Add a Link to Instagram Story in 8 Steps

A guide to how to put a link on Instagram story that will appear when you swipe up while viewing an Instagram post to draw more traffic to your website or another site of your choice.

How to Add Music to Instagram Story? 7 Steps

You need to employ the latest features on Instagram to play and add music to your story, so follow the following steps to learn how to put music on Instagram story.

Why Is American Football Called Football

Have you ever asked yourself: “How did American football get its name?” Read on to discover some of the most interesting facts about the football name’s origin.

Top 7 Best Instagram Tips & Hacks

Tired of reading the same Instagram tricks everywhere? You should totally check out these unconventional Instagram secrets. They are definitely the best Instagram hacks you will see on the web today!

Best iPhone Tripods [List]

Looking for a nice tripod for your iPhone? Discover our guide to choosing the best iPhone tripod and iPhone tripod mount that is the perfect choice for your iPhone 7, 6 Plus and X.

Video Script Writing Tips

Still think that planning a video is difficult and unnecessary? We’ll try to change your mind about writing a video script using a video-scripting template.

GoPro vs. DSLR

Make the right choice — GoPro or DSLR. Find out which camera matches your requirements most and use it for travel and filmmaking go to enjoy a fantastic result wherever you.

Best Instagram Video Size and Dimensions in 2020

To post videos and successfully engage your audience, you need to have important information on the correct Instagram video format, specs, and the right resolution.

Instagram Video Length

IG videos is a marketing tool that can boost your productivity and profitability, but how long are Instagram videos. Find out the Instagram video limit for different types of IG video.

Best Cell Phone Tripods [List]

Do you want to know the current best mount and tripod for phones? Check our list of compared devices to access their best available features and descriptions.

Top 10 Best Travel Tripods

What is the best travel tripod? If you're looking for a perfect device for your camera, read our article on popular lightweight tripods for backpackers and travelers.

5 Steps on How to Become a Movie Director

If you’re wondering how to become a film director, read our tips and try film editing with Movavi Video Editor Plus. Find out about the director’s basic responsibilities.

17 Best YouTube Video Editors in 2020 [Win/Mac, Free/Paid]

What video editing software do YouTubers use to create their online movie masterpieces? Learn about the best free and paid programs available for you to become a top video blogger.

Top 6 Best Instagram Video Editors

Are you searching for a simple, easy way to make your Instagram videos more fun or professional? Check out our complete list of the best video editing apps for Instagram.

Is It Illegal to Record Someone Without Their Knowledge

Is it illegal to video record someone without their consent? Knowing how to effectively use editing software can make it easier for you to complete your recordings and avoid violation of privacy.

Top 10 Best Sports Apps

Are you a sports lover looking for the best sports app for all your sports needs? Check out our unbiased review of the 10 best sports apps on the planet. Your one-stop shop for all your sports needs!

5 Best Lecture Recorders [2020]

There are many lecture recorders available on the market. But which ones should you use? Check out our complete list of the best recorders for lectures that you can find today.

Top 10 Best Free Movie Apps

Explore the possibilities with free movie apps for Android. Watch favorite movies and clips on your phone, tablet, or mobile device today. This list of top programs put media in the palm of your hand.

Facebook Slideshow Maker

If you wonder how to create a Facebook slideshow with music, then read this article. You will find out how to make it using both built-in tools and Movavi Slideshow Maker.

What Is Macro Photography?

Have exciting macro photography ideas, but don’t know how to take macro photos? This article is aimed to help beginners in figuring out where to start even without expensive equipment.

Best Anime Websites 🎎

📺 This list is a compilation of the 10 best anime streaming sites with high image resolution, little to no ad interruption, and an unlimited anime search list to watch anime for free online.

Best LMS Training Software 2020

Need a platform to organize training sessions for your employees or students? Read our article about top learning management software and think of how to increase your team productivity.

Top 5 Best Free Audio Editing Software

Looking for a free tool to create music? Discover free sound editing software that can help you produce professional-quality audio at a budget-friendly price.

Top 7 Best Audio-Editing Software

Looking for the latest audio editors with great features? Look no further. We provided the best software for editing video and audio sounds.

Top 10 YouTube Alternative Sites

Are you searching for some alternatives to YouTube? We are here to help. Check out our list of the top 10 video websites that are great substitutes for YouTube.

Top 7 Best Music Making Software

Looking for the best music-making software? Check out this article on top 7 music makers for Windows and Mac.

Best Free Video-Editing Apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad

Looking for a free video-editing app for your smartphone? Check our article to find out what are the best apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

3 Ways to Make a Meme: How to Make a Cool Meme Video in 2020?

Interested to know how to create a meme video? Read the article and find out how to make cool YouTube and Facebook memes with the best video meme makers.

Best GoPro Alternatives [2020]

Looking for cameras like GoPro but at a considerably cheap price? Welcome! These GoPro type cameras are sure to cover all your needs without making you break the bank. Hop in!

How to Open SWF Files for Windows

Wondering how to play SWF files on Windows? Check this article on the best SWF players for PC and choose the one that suits you best!

7 Best Video Hosting Sites

Wondering where to upload videos? Read our article on best video-sharing websites and choose the one that works for you!

Top 18 Paid Stock Websites

Check this article for information on the best cheap stock photos and affordable, high-quality image sites available on the internet free of piracy or harmful content.

How to Remove Fisheye from Gopro

GoPro cameras are arguably the best. But using one means you have to look up how to remove fisheye from GoPro video. Here are some easy fisheye correction methods you should totally try out.

How to Open SWF Files on Mac

Wondering how to open SWF files on Mac? Check our review of best SWF players for Mac and choose the one that suits you!

Voice-Over Equipment and Software for Beginners

Have a look at our list of home voice-over studio equipment and choose the gear for your use. Read about essential voice-over machines and audio-editing software.

How to Take Panoramic Photos

Are you trying to learn how to stitch pictures together? You have come to the right place. Click here to check out our complete guide to taking and editing a panorama photo.

Top 7 Best Slow Motion Cameras in 2020

Choose from the best slow motion cameras to create professional, stunning video content. We’ve collected a list of our favorites based on performance and price.

Best Drones with Camera 2020

Looking for the best camera drone? Check out our article on the best drones for photography for different needs and budget.

20 Best Free Stock Photo Sites and 5 Paid Libraries [2020]

Looking for new visual content for your website or blog? Take a good look at our list of sites with free stock pictures. Download beautiful photos for free.

Top 5 Best Professional Video Editing Software in 2020 [Download]

Are you searching for the best free professional video editing software? Check out our list of the best video editing software that you can download for personal or professional projects.

Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Software with no Watermark [2020]

Are you looking for a free video editor with no watermark? Check out our list of top 10 programs and download the one you like best.

Wondershare Filmora Free Alternatives

Are you searching for a sufficient alternative to Filmora Video Editor? Click here to read our list of free alternatives to Wondershare Filmora that you can download.

The Best Vlogging Equipment: Vlogging Stater Kit – Movavi

Check this page for the best and trending Video blogging types of equipment concerning efficiency, budget-friendly, and durability. In short, the article offers the best vlogging essentials.

Top 13 Cinematography Techniques in Filmmaking

Wondering how to make a cool video? Read the article about top filming techniques by Movavi and learn how to use your camera like a pro following our tips!

Best Video Formats for YouTube

With stringent rules on YouTube upload formats, what video format is best to upload your file without rejection? Here, you will learn the various YouTube supported formats and tips for smooth uploads.

Top 13 Video Content Creation Tools

Video content creators have a plethora of tools to select from. We have gathered some of the top video content creation tools that content creators can use in their projects.

Top 5 Best Free Online Language Courses and Learning Sites

Want to find the best lessons to learn a new language? We have your back. Click here to view our list of best language learning websites on the Internet.

Blue Hour Photography

Have you been asking yourself what is the blue hour? In this article, we explain the basics of blue hour photography – including a blue hour calculator that you can use in day-to-day life.

Best MKV Players for Windows

Check out the most popular and efficient free MKV players for Windows. Open the page to get a full feature and information about MKV files and how to properly use it.

5 Best Project Management Software and Tools [2020]

Tired of recurring deadlines and failed projects? Do you need project planning software to bring the prize home? Here are some professional project management apps to scale up your business.

Best Selfie Sticks 2020

Are you having a hard time selecting the best selfie stick to add to your smartphone or camera accessories? Read this selfie stick review to make your work easier.

Best Online Photo Storages

Looking for the best online photo storage? Here's a list of free online services for you to choose from. Read this to find the best storage for your unlimited creativity!

10 GoPro Tips & Tricks for Beginners and Advanced [2020]

This article gives you the best GoPro filming tips for beginners and advanced filmmakers. You’ll learn the best way to use a GoPro camera and get advice on choosing the right mount for your filming needs.

Best MKV Players for Mac

Are you looking for a free MKV player for Mac? You’re in luck. Check out our list of the best MKV players that you can use to view MKV files on your Mac device.

3 Tips on How to Compress Files

Are you searching for expert tips on how to compress a file? Check this detailed guide for the top 3 ways experts advise to compress the size of a video, audio, document, or image.

How to Send Large Files via Email?

Are you stressed or annoyed when trying to share large files or attachments via email? Click here to learn about three different ways you can send large files through email.

Top 7 Best Free Music Making Software

Frustrated at the cost of a high-end music maker? Worry not! Step into the global music world in style with free music production software that house features and tools for all your music needs.

Top 9 Best Free Movie Makers Online

Looking for an online alternative for Windows Movie Maker? Here's a list of 9 paid and free online movie maker websites for you to choose from. [Free]

How to Use ShadowPlay or Nvidia Share to Record Games?

Do you want to record live gameplay to share with friends? Then this article is for you! Turn on Geforce ShadowPlay and get set up to start using hotkeys to your advantage.

How to Create a YouTube Channel? Starting a YouTube Channel

This article covers how to make a YouTube channel and beneficiary tips to customize and set up the account to increase traffic and subscribers. Click to access its content.

Top 10 Sites to Download Free PC Games 💻🕹⌨

What else can a gamer ask than the best website to download free full version PC games? 🖥 Get in here as we unravel the top 10 sites to download free PC games in 2019. Let the game begin! 🕹

How to Make a Wedding Video

Wedding video editing software can make the difference between a good and great video. Click here to find wedding movie makers (like Movavi Video Editor) that can make your video shine.

Top 10 Best Video-Editing Software for Beginners

Are you new to video editing? You have a lot to leasn then! Here's a list of easy video-editing software and tips for beginners. Leave a comment on the page if you find this article useful!

Top 15 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and IPhone in 2020

Wait, stop scrolling! Are you searching for the best photo editing apps for Android and iPhone? Terrific! You’ve reached the end of your search. Check these out!

Bokeh Effect Photography

Have you asked yourself “What is the Bokeh Effect?” We’re here to help. Read more to learn about the Bokeh Effect and how you can use the Bokeh Effect in an app.

7 Best Collaboration Tools in 2020

Are you looking for the best collaboration software on the internet? We are here to help. Check out our list of some of the best collaboration tools for business.

Basic Types of Lenses

Check this article for the most current and best lens types available in the market, learn about their various outstanding features, and how they can make you a better photographer.

Flat Lay Photography Tips

By using a flat lay background, you can create stunning videos. Click here to learn more about how top-down photography may be the best choice for your next business or personal photo shoot.

15 Best Online Photo Editors

While there are many photo-editing websites, there are several that provide a great experience. Read on to learn how these websites can help you create stunning pictures in your browser.

Disk Cleanup: How to Free Up Disk Space?

Want to know how to do disk cleanup on Windows computers? Here's a full guide on how to free space of your hard drive. It includes built-in Windows features and freeware.

Top 15 Best Capture Cards

Need a platform to show off your gaming skills and have fun at the same time? You should totally try these best capture cards for streaming PC games, Xbox, PS4, and lots more.

How to Make Money on YouTube [9 Strategies]

Making money on YouTube is easy when you have the right information. View as this article highlights several views to earn more money and increase traffic on your channel.

GoPro Editing Software

Are you wondering how to edit GoPro videos? We have gathered a list of the best GoPro editing software that you can leverage to create stunning, beautiful GoPro videos.

Best Phone for Video Recording in 2020

Check out our list of the highest quality phones for video recording. If you are looking for an iPhone, Android device, or something else, here are the best camera phones on the market.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Are you a sports fan always on the go? Worry no more about missing your favorite sports as these free sports streaming sites allow you access to football streaming, tennis streaming, and other sports.

YouTube Money Calculator

Wondering how much money do YouTubers make? Here is an article with several YouTube income estimators which will help you count any influencer's YouTube earning from views and ads.

8 Best Productivity Apps for 2020

Discover the top productivity apps for Android and PC to be more productive at the office and in your personal life. From calendars to screen recorders, we’ve got your applications for success.

Best Camera For Music Videos in 2020

Are you wondering about the best camera to shoot music videos? We have compiled a list of good cameras that you can use when recording your net great music video.

Top 5 CD Burners

How to burn a CD without any problems? You just need the right software. Here's a list of free programs for your Windows PC, which will make burning CDs a piece of cake.

Best DVD Burners

If you have a video that you want to burn to a DVD, you’re in luck. We invite you to check out our list of the five best DVD burners for Windows devices.

Top 10 Free Movie Websites [2020]

This is the top free movie sites that provide legal contents to its users with no sign-up fee. The article explains in details the features of various free movie streaming sites available around the world.

Best Photography Composition Techniques

Perfect photo composition is all you need to create incredibly appealing photographs. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, these rules of composition will set you on the path to success.

New Computer Software

Check our list of the best free must-have software, which encompasses professional, entertainment and other things to install on a new PC (e.g. Google Chrome, Steam, Movavi Video Suite).

Best Sites with Free Collage Templates

Are you searching for the best free photo collage templates? We will list the best websites to download collage templates. Check this out if you want to be more creative with your photos!

How to Upload a Video to Instagram

Are you a newbie looking for how to post videos on Instagram? You don't have to search any longer! This article covers the various methods and steps from uploading videos from PC to using Insta Stories.

Best Free Slideshow Makers with Music [Desktop, Online and Mobile]

Are you looking for the best free slideshow software? This blog post is perfect for you! No matter if you’re using Windows or Mac, Android or iOS, we’ve listed easy programs that offer you a lot of benefits.

Top Torrent Players and Torrent Viewers

We offer you the list and properties of the current most popular Torrent video players with insight on BitTorrent. They are all free but vary in attributes.

Best Slideshow Software of 2020

Best software to make a photo slideshow for Mac and Windows. Look at top 10 best slideshow makers with music – from professional ones to easy to use slideshow makers.

10 Best Online Video Cutters 2020

Cut and split video online for free. Look at top 10 free online video cutters, splitters and editors supporting almost all formats including popular MP4 and AVI.

Top 9 Best Free Video Cutter Software in 2020

Looking for a free video cutter? Check our article on the best video cutters and learn how to quickly and easily cut videos for free!

Top 10 Free Photo Mosaic Software for PC

Are you one of those who are searching online about free photomosaic program you can use in your computer? This blog post is perfect for you! Read to know more.

Best Software to Crop Videos for Free in 2020 [Download]

Looking for free video editing software to crop videos? Here is our list of the best video editing tools. Check it out and choose a program that suits you the best!

Best 11 Free Video Converters for Mac

Looking for a free video converter for Mac devices? Here is our list of best video conversion software allowing you to convert MP4, MP3, AVI, MKV, and other formats on your Mac.

Best Free Online Animation Makers [in 2020]

Looking for a way to create animation online for free? This list of top 9 free online animation makers will help you choose the right site. Try them out to see what suits your needs!

Top 5 PDF Readers and Editors

Wanna know which PDF program is best for you? We have compiled a list of the best PDF readers for desktop, including our highly recommended Movavi PDF Editor.

Top 6 Best Audio Recorders 🔊

Are you looking for the best way to record PC's audio? 🔊 This list is for you. Each option comes with audio and video capture in HD, which is perfect for school or entertainment.

Why iMovie Keeps Crashing

iMovie crashes while opening or exporting projects on your Mac computer? Here's an answer to your needs! Read this article, and you'll find out what causes the problem and how to solve it.

How to Shoot a Music Video

How to make a good music video? We’ve gathered the best tips on making a music video. You’ll find the info on how to plan your music video, shoot, and montage the footage.

11 Best Online MP3 Cutters

If you need a free online MP3 cutter, check our article on the best software to cut, trim and clip MP3 online. These handy tools will help you to crop songs and ringtones in just minutes!

5 Best Webinar Platforms

We have canvassed the internet to find the best online webinar platforms. The following webinar sites will help you conduct the best possible presentation or webinar.

Top 13 Voice Recording Software

This list of voice recording software will help you choose the program that matches your needs. If you're looking for the best free voice change software, here are some great options.

Top Online Voice Recorders

Have you been searching for the best voice changers online? We’re here to help. We have searched the internet and compiled a list of the best audio recorders that you can find.

Top 5 Voice-to-Text Apps

Looking for a talk-to-text app to type your ideas for you? Here's a list of speech-typing apps and audio-to-text converters worth trying.

Best MP4 Players

Searching for the best MP4 players for Mac and Windows? We have gathered the best free and paid MP4 players that can convert files of all formats. Check them out here.

Popular Slow Motion Video Players for Windows and Mac

Are you searching for a program that can play slow-motion videos on your PC or Mac? The following is our list of top slow motion players that we have found on the Internet.

7 Best Screen Recorders for Android

Need a screen video recorder for your smartphone? Here we have researched and compiled the best screen recording apps for Android that will enable you to record or stream high-quality video.

Best GIF-Recorders for Windows and Mac

Looking for a GIF capture software? Here’s a list of apps and online services you can try on your PC or Mac. These are the some of the best programs you can find!

Top 7 Online URL Video Downloaders

After canvassing many free online URL video downloaders, here is our list of top internet video downloaders. Check out any of these easy-to-use tools to get videos directly to your computer.

8 Best Online Video Trimmers

Have you been searching long and hard for a way to easily trim video online for free? We’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the best online video trimmers.

Best Free Music Download Sites

Check out the best place to download music for free without breaching copyright. These websites have plenty of MP3 songs to download and use for your YouTube channel videos and other content.

Top 10 Free Video Calling Apps for PC

We present 10 of the best video calling software for PCs. The free group video chat apps on this list are a great alternative to Skype and are compatible with Windows or Mac OS.

9 Best Free Online Graphic Design Courses

Are you searching for the best online graphic design courses? Click here to view our curated list of some of the best (and free) designing courses on the internet today.

Top 9 Free Online Courses Websites

Here's a list of the best online courses websites which are there on the Internet. Follow the links in the article to find the best free online classes on the topic you're most interested in.

What's the Difference Between a Digital and Electronic Signature?

The main difference between digital signatures and e-signatures is that a digital signature implies a secured type of electronic signature, while the other one is unsecured.

Best Monitors for Video Editing of 2020

What are the best 4K monitors for video editing? Video editing monitors from the list in this article all qualify as the best on the market. Take a look and find out which one suits you!

Top 10 Best Free Screen Recorders [2020]

Are you looking for a free screen recorder? Click here for a curated list of the best free screen recording software on the internet.

Top 10 Best Photo Collage Makers for Mobile and Desktop

Looking for a collage maker for your pictures? Here are top 10 best simple collage apps. This list has desktop collage creators, online collage makers for pictures and apps for your mobile device.

Top 7 Laptop Screen Recorders

Are you wondering how to record your laptop screen? Make your life easier by checking out our curated list of the best laptop screen recording software on the Internet.

10 Best Free PDF Editors for Windows

Wanna know which PDF editor software is best for you? We have compiled a list of the best PDF editors for Windows, including our highly recommended Movavi PDF Editor.

15 Best Slideshow Apps for Android and iOS in 2020

Want to create a video slideshow with music on your mobile device? In this article, we’ve listed top picture slideshow apps for iOS and Android to help you find the one that’s best for you.

How to Make a Short Film?

All you need to know about how to make a short film: how long the editing takes, how much can it cost, and how to make a short movie if you're just a beginner with no money.

14 Best Free Video Converters in 2020 [Desktop &Online]

Need a free video converter for Windows? Here’s a top 14 free video converters you can try. All these options deserve your attention. Download them and find out what suits you best.

10 Best YouTube Video Downloaders

Here is a list of the eight best YouTube movie downloaders. Take a look at each and figure out which is the best free YouTube downloader for you. There are tons of good options.

Top 5 Free Online Video Recorders

Thinking of the best free online webcam recorder to use for your Mac or Windows system? Then, check out our unbiased comprehensive review of the top 5 best free online video screen capture for 2018.

Top Best 9 Free Video Recorders in 2020 [Windows & Mac]

Looking for the best free video screen capture to suit all your needs? Here we have come up with some of the best tools to help you create high-quality output.

Best Photo Enlarger Apps For Your Digital Album

Need a digital photo enlargement software that’s free? Here’s a list of photo magnifiers to make photos bigger without losing quality. All these apps deserve your attention.

Top 10 Best Free MP4 Editors for Your Videos [in 2020]

Looking to edit videos for free? Here is the best MP4 video editor freeware. Click here to find the best free trimmer for Windows, Mac, or even online through your browser.

Best SD Cards for GoPro

A clear analysis of various SD Card features and the best SD Cards for GoPro GoPro vis-à-vis other necessary card information such as compatibility with different GoPro models.

Top 8 Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac

What’s the best free video editor for Mac? Here’s a list of 8 good candidates. Read the article and find out which movie maker suits you the most. Maybe one of these apps is what you were looking for?

The Best Songs for a Happy Birthday Video

The best songs to put into a birthday video. Add one of these birthday songs to the background of a slideshow of pictures and videos celebrating your loved one’s birthday.

How To Play VOB Files on Windows and Mac

VOB video files can prove problematic for your native media player. Follow the steps below for the best 5 ways to watch VOB files on Windows or Mac, and a list of some of the best VOB players.

How to Download Music to a Flash Drive [Windows & Mac]

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to put music on a flash drive, and it includes downloading and transferring the songs you love to your favorite playlists.

How to Add Text to a GIF? Best Ways to Add Text to GIF

Knowing how to edit a GIF is not a piece of cake, as there are several tools that claim to provide superb results. Try Movavi Video Editor, it's a great tool for creating extremely impressive GIFs.

13 Best YouTube Video Makers in 2020

Looking for a YouTube video creator? The software listed in this article are some of the best choices you can make! Check this out and find out what suits you best.

Trimming Videos with VLC: Short Guide

This article enumerates the complete process of trimming videos in VLC. It offers essential information such as supported input and output formats and other similar efficient software.

Top 10 Best Game Recording Software For Gamers [New 2020 List]

Looking for the best gaming software to capture some real-time gaming experience? Then, be sure to check out our list of the top 10 best game recording software for PC to decide which program to choose

Top 6 Free Twitch Overlay Makers for Streaming in 2020 [Free & Paid]

Wondering how to make a Twitch overlay? To stand out with your stream overlay, check out these 6 simple Twitch overlay makers where you can access templates and create a unique look for your channel.

11 Best Online YouTube Intro Makers

Looking for a convenient YouTube intro creator? Have a look at our list of free online YouTube intro makers and choose what suits you best.

Top 5 Best SD Cards for Camera from 32 MB up to 512 MB

Looking for a camera memory card? This article will help you choose between different types of SD cards. Read this list and select one that’s best meets your needs.

Best 5 Plug-ins for Vegas Pro – Movavi

Wondering about which Sony Vegas plugins are worth your attention? Here’s a short list for you to read and find out which plugins to download. Read it and find out what suits you best!

13 Best AVI Video Editors in 2020

Looking for an AVI editor? Download a free trial of a fully functional version of Movavi Video Editor Plus! This simple video editing tool lets you create and edit videos just like a pro.

TOP 5 Online Birthday Video Makers

Want to create a birthday video? All you need to do is choose a good birthday video maker for online use from the top 5 that we’ve prepared for you!

Top 6 4K Video Player Software for Windows and Mac Users [2020]

Looking for a free 4K player for PC? We’ve prepared an overview of the best six players that are free. Read this article and you'll find out which software you should try to play your 4K UHD videos.

Top 5 MKV Editors for Windows and Mac in 2020

Are you looking for a MKV splitter to download? Here you can find an overview of five best MKV editors for Windows and Mac. Read this article and choose one!

Top 16 Best Gaming Intro Makers for Gamers in 2020

Do you know how to choose a good gaming intro maker that upgrades your gaming videos and rise the exposure of your YouTube channel? Take a look from this list we’ve made for you with only the best!

iMovie vs. Final Cut Pro: How to Choose

Here is the review of the programs: we compare the main features of iMovie vs Final Cut. It is presented for Mac users. We found out the target audience and the advantages of both programs.

Top 10 Best 2D Animation Software in 2020 [Free & Paid]

Do you want to create animated videos? Check this list with the best software for easy development of a good 2D animation project. These tools are perfect for beginners and also professionals.

Best 10 Live Streaming Websites and Services - Movavi

Looking for the top live video streaming sites? We have just the solution for you. Check our article and choose the video streaming platform that’s best for you.

Best Online Video Editors in 2020

Don’t want to install the program on your computer to edit your videos? There is a list of the best online video editors. Choose one of the following websites and start your own project with ease!

5 Best Facecam Recorders for Windows and Mac – Movavi

Looking for a screen and face recorder? Or you need a game recorder with a facecam capturing ability? In this list you’ll find 5 programs to record facecam for PC or Mac.

TOP 5 Free DVD Players for Windows 10 and Mac

Are you looking for a good Mac or Windows DVD player to download? We’ve prepared an overview of the best five players that are free. Read on!

Top 17 Free Video Compressors

Looking for the best video compressor for your MP4 files? Here’s a list of 17 MP4 compressors which are worthy of your attention. Read this article and find out what suits you best.

Top 7 Video Streaming Services

Looking for the best video stream website? Read our article to learn about top 7 sites for video streaming and make your choice! You’ll definitely find what you need.

Final Cut Pro for Windows: Top 16 Alternatives

Need a Final Cut Pro Windows equivalent for PC? Read our guide and pick the Final Cut alternative software that works the best on Windows 7, Windows 10, and other platforms.

TOP-9 Online YouTube Banner Makers

Need a free YouTube background maker? Check our article and choose the one that’ll help you bring your creative ideas to life.

Best 15 Sites to Download Subtitles for Movies Quickly

Looking for subtitles for your favorite movie or the latest TV series? Check out our guide about top 15 subtitles websites and choose the one that works best for you!

How to Crop a GIF: Top 5 Best GIF Croppers

Want to crop an animated GIF? Read this article about top 5 tools for cropping GIFs. Choose the tool for yourself!

The Ultimate List of 15 Best Free Video Editing Software [2020 Updated]

Looking for a free video editing software for Windows or Mac? Here’s the top list for 2020 including HitFilm, Shotcut, Avidemux, Blender, Openshot, and other programs.

NTSC vs. PAL – Which Is Better and What Is the Difference

What is NTSC and PAL? Read this useful article that’ll help you figure out what the difference is between PAL and NTSC.

How to Record Gameplay on a PC

Want to record gameplay? Learn how to record video games with Gecata by Movavi. Grab in-game footage at up to 60 fps in Full HD.