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A seasoned content creator and web text editor with 7 years of experience in commercial writing and website UX. In 2012, she graduated from Universität Kassel with a bachelor of arts degree in English and American studies and art criticism. At the same time, Nataly had worked as a project assistant for Regionalmanagement Nordhessen GmbH where she wrote and managed the content of the company website. An advanced speaker of English and German, she specializes in writing SEO-optimized and user-friendly content.

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Best Stock Photo Sites

Appearance is a crucial factor to attract and keep readers to a blog just as design is to a contractor, nevertheless, when we consider the price of setting up a scene to shoot a unique type of image for blog and other purposes, we will realise it is expensive, so people lean towards the cheaper alternative of getting cheap stock photos from the best stock websites to serve these purpose.

Best Drones with Camera

Camera drones have been the surest and most-convenient gadgets used for aerial photography and videography. Here are reviews about the trending, best drones with camera.

How to Stitch Photos Together

Regardless of whether you are a beginning or professional photographer, there may come a time when you need to take panoramic photos. While there isn’t a magic formula that can help you gain more attention on online platforms like Instagram, you may attract a new group of fans if you can effectively stitch pictures together.

The Golden Hour

Also known as the magical hour, the golden hour is best described as the time when the sun is close to the skyline with its light seeming warmer and softer. In other terms, the golden hour is used to qualify the presence of natural lightning that is noticeable between sunrise and sunset.

Why Blue Hour Can Be an Awesome Addition to Your Photos

Whether you are a novice photographer or a professional photographer, you are undoubtedly searching for ways to spice up your photos. The rise of social media websites – particularly Instagram – requires all photographers to think about how they can differentiate themselves from other photographers.

Top 13 Cinematic Techniques in Filmmaking

Interested in shooting videos? This article will really come in handy if you want to know how to make your videos look more professional and cool. Read this list of top videographer tips and tricks and make use of them while shooting your own videos.

Best Vlogging Equipment

Anybody can vlog, but only a few take it to the next level, it doesn't require rocket science to build an official blog, but there has to be a consistent effort, determination and periodic upgrade to keep visitors glued to the website.

How to Open SWF Files on Mac

Wondering how to open SWF files on Mac? Check our review of best SWF players for Mac and choose the one that suits you!

3 Tricky Ways to Remove Fisheye from GoPro Footage

GoPro cameras are arguably the best. But using one means you have to look up how to remove fisheye from GoPro video. Here are some easy fisheye correction methods you should totally try out.

Best Collaboration Software

Are you looking for the best collaboration software on the Internet? We are here to help. Check out our list of some of the best collaboration tools for business.

Top 10 Sites to Download Free PC Games Legally

What else can a gamer ask than the best website to download free full version PC games? Get in here as we unravel the top 10 sites to download free PC games in 2019. Let the game begin!

Best Slow Motion Cameras

Choose from the best slow motion cameras to create professional, stunning video content. We’ve collected a list of our favorites based on performance and price.

Best Sports Streaming Sites

Are you a sports fan always on the go? Worry no more about missing your favorite sports as these free sports streaming sites allow you access to football streaming, tennis streaming, and other sports.

Top 6 Best Free Watermark Makers

Are you in search of a free watermark maker to customize your contents? You are in luck! This article gives a quick, yet an in-depth review of the top 6 best free watermark software on the market.

Content Creation Software: The Best Tools

Movavi Video Editor Business is a self-described “all-in-one video editor and screen recorder.” With Video Editor Business, you and your team can leverage a wide range of essential editing tools to create professional video content.

Final Cut Pro for Windows

Final Cut Pro is one of the most popular video editing software on the market. It was firstly released by Apple in 2009. The software is famous for its various features, such as multiple editing options, editing 4K videos, and much more. Another thing to mention is an intuitive interface that makes the process of video editing quick and easy.

Best Birthday Video Makers for Online Use

Technology has changed a lot of things, including the way films and clips are watched and made. Films shot with smartphone cameras get Oscar nominations, and many amateur filmmakers don’t shy away from using online video-making software to create outstanding-looking home videos.

Best MKV Editors for Windows and Mac

MKV (which stands for Matroshka) is a universal format used for storing multimedia content, like movies, concert videos or TV shows in HD. It was designed as a new standard for high-quality video compression and is able to combine HD video with multiple audio tracks and subtitle tracks, which can lead to very large file sizes – over 4 GB.

Top 10 Best Gaming Intro Makers for Gamers

You are going to need a great gaming intro maker to stand out as a pro gamer. The intro of your video is like your business card, the first thing you show of yourself, and it will catch the attention of your viewers, so get the best out of it!

Top 7 Free Video Editing Software for Windows

Want to make cool videos that you can share with your family and friends? Looking for the best free video editing software? Then this article is just what you need! We reviewed 7 popular video editors for PC that can be used or tried for free.