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A web text editor and content creator with over 30 years of experience in the technology business. She graduated from the Polytechnic of Central London (now the University of Westminster) with a diploma in commercial languages (French and German). She’s worked with a number of software companies, including Symantec, AVG, Avast, Trend Micro, and Agnitum. Pat has published several articles in the Times-Standard and other newspapers in her home town in Northern California.

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Need a FLAC-to-MP3 converter for Mac? Just download the Movavi software and read this simple guide to convert FLAC to MP3 or vice versa on a Mac.

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Use Movavi Photo Editor for fixing any problems with your photos. Fixing your images has never been easier!

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Looking for the fastest video converter? Speed up conversion by up to 79 times with the Movavi program and get super quality results.

Free Screen Grabber

Looking for a free screen grab app? Download the Movavi screen grab software for free. It’s an easy-to-use program for remote work and online studying.

How to Make and Use a Green Screen in Your Video – DIY 2021

What is a green screen? Read our guide to find out! Learn tips on how to make a green screen and how to use the green screen chroma key effect in your video!

Apple TV Converter

Need a DVD-to-Apple TV converter? Download this easy-to-use Movavi application and follow the guide to convert your videos to Apple TV supported formats.

Free WMA Converter

Have any files you want to convert to WMA or the other way round for free? The Movavi converter will help you out! Download the app and read our simple guide.

Screenshot Tool for Mac

Looking for a free grab tool for Mac? Download Movavi Screen Recorder for free. You can work and study from home with this screenshot software for Mac.

How to Convert WMA to WAV

Try the Movavi WMA-to-WAV converter that’s free to download! You can also use it to convert WAV to WMA for free – in four easy steps!

Top 7 Ways to Convert MOV to MP4 on a Mac

Wondering how to convert MOV to MP4 on a Mac? Here are some apps to convert QuickTime files online and for free and a complete guide to use them all.

Rental Application Form

Learn how to fill out a rental application. Download a free rental application template to fill out your application and return it to your landlord online.

Form 1040

The 1040 tax form is one of the official IRS returns U.S. taxpayers can use. There are a few IRS forms. Let's go over the differences and instructions to help you file an IRS 1040 tax form.

15 Best Free Video Capture Software [2021]

Need the best free video capture software? These are the options for the free video recording software – their pros and cons and key features.

Profit and Loss Statement

Find out all you need to know about profit and loss statement forms and create your own with our free blank profit and loss statement form PDF template.

How to Fill Out a W9

Get instructions on how to fill out an IRS form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification, either on paper or in a fillable blank PDF using PDFChef.

IRS Schedule C Instructions

Need some instructions to fill out a Schedule C tax form or form 1040? From this article, you will learn more about those forms and how to use PDFChef by Movavi to fill them.

How to Compress a Video on Mac

How to compress a video on a Mac? Just use the right software! Here, you’ll learn about reducing video file size on a Mac with 6 different programs.

How to Record a Skype Meeting

Are you looking for a way to record a Skype meeting? This article describes two means of recording: Skype’s recording manager and Movavi’s app.

AVI to DVD: Top 5 Ways to Convert AVI to DVD [Free Included]

Looking for a good AVI-to-DVD converter? Then take a look at the top 5 ways to easily convert your AVIs to a DVD-compatible format.

7 Best Ways to Convert AVI to MKV [Free Included]

Looking for an AVI-to-MKV converter? Discover 7 ways to convert AVI files to MKV and read how-to guides on using desktop tools and online services.

How to create a webinar on PC in 2021

Wondering how to do a webinar? Try Movavi Video Suite – universal webinar making software. It will help you record your computer screen, compress and convert videos, edit clips, and create video presentations.

Top 7 Free Online Glitch Effect Generators

Looking for a glitch editor? Check out this article where we discuss free online editors with glitch filters and choose the one that suits you best.

Crop a Video in VLC Media Player

Want to know how to crop a video in VLC? Check out this article to learn how to crop your clip with VLC and a VLC alternative – Movavi Video Editor Plus.

Top 10 Free Green Screen Software

Need a green screen video editor? Read our review of the best free green screen software and choose the chroma key software that’s perfect for you!

AVI vs. MP4: What Video Format Is the Best

AVI vs. MP4: what video format has better quality and compression? Check out this article to learn the difference between formats.

Video Speed Changers

Unsure how to slow down or how to speed up a video? Discover ways to create fast-motion videos or use the Slow Motion video effect with the Movavi software!

Best 10 Free MKV Converters in 2021 [Online & Desktop]

Looking for the best MKV-to-MP4 converter? Check out this article about the best free converters and choose one that suits you best.

Best Free Split-Screen Video Editors

Looking for a split-screen video editor? Check out this article about the best free and online split-screen video makers and their pros and cons.

Best Free PDF Readers & PDF Viewers

Are you looking for the best free PDF reader? Here, you’ll find options for Windows and Mac, free and paid. We’ll also answer popular questions about Adobe Reader and PDF files.

How to Make a PDF

Want to know how to create a PDF from scratch, from images, and from different types of files? Here, you’ll learn how to create a PDF on Windows or Mac using free and online tools.

How to Combine PDF Files

There are many ways to combine PDF files. Learn how to merge PDFs on Windows or Mac using desktop apps, a free built-in tool, and an online service.

How to Convert DVD to MP4 on Mac in 2021 [Free Included]

Want to rip your DVD to MP4 on a Mac? In this article, you’ll find a review of 7 desktop apps for converting DVD to MPEG-4 (MP4) on a Mac.

How to Convert MXF to MOV without Quality Loss [2021]

Want to convert MXF video files to MOV? Read our review of top MXF video converters and choose the option that meets your needs!

Best 5 Ways to Convert M4V to MOV [Free & Online Included]

Want to know how to convert M4V to MOV or MOV to M4V? Check out this comprehensive guide about different conversion methods.

Top 12 Ways to Convert AVI to MP4 Online and Free on Win&Mac

Looking for an AVI-to-MP4 converter? Check out this article to learn two ways to convert an AVI file to MP4 using online services and free converters.

How to Download a Video from a Website for Free

Want to rip a video from a website? In this article, you’ll find out about five main ways and fifteen software to extract a video from a website.

[OFFICIAL] iMovie for Windows

Looking for an iMovie for PC? Try Movavi Video Editor Plus – a simple and powerful iMovie alternative for Windows. Download it right from this page and you’ll have all the best features and opportunities offered by this convenient iMovie alternative from Movavi on your computer!

How to Sign a PDF

We explore the best ways to electronically sign a PDF online, on Windows or Mac using PDFChef, or on an iPhone or Android device using Adobe Fill & Save.

How to Rearrange and Delete Pages in PDF

Are you looking for software to rearrange PDF pages? Learn more about how to change the order and delete pages from PDF with paid, free, and online software for Mac and Windows mentioned here.

Add Pages to a PDF

Wondering how to add pages to a PDF? Read this article to learn 8 different ways to add pages to a PDF on a Windows PC and Macs, including free online tools and desktop apps.

10 Easy-to-Use Subtitle Editors

Looking for subtitle making software? Have a look at our top of programs for subtitle editing – it will help you choose the app most suitable for your needs.

How to Add Text or a Title to a Video on PC or Online

Wondering how to put text on a video? Learn how to do it with Movavi Video Editor Plus or VEED’s online service. Overlay text on a video in no time!

15 Best Video Stabilization Software in 2021

Top video stabilizer software tools are here for you! Don’t know how to choose good video stabilizer? Read our review of the programs that can help you stabilize your videos and decide which suits you best.

How to Edit YouTube Videos

Looking for a program to edit YouTube videos? Try Movavi Video Editor Plus! It’s a powerful and easy-to-use alternative to the native YouTube editor.

How to Record a Meeting on Zoom, Skype, and Other Apps

Find out the best meeting recorders and how to record a meeting. Record Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, GoToMeeting, and calls.

How to Download Instagram Videos on a PC

Wondering how to download Instagram videos on a PC? Read our article on the ways to save Instagram videos on your computer: using software or the source code.

How to Record a FaceTime Call on Macs and iOS Devices – Movavi

Wondering how to record a FaceTime call? Try Movavi software as a FaceTime recorder for your Mac, and Apple’s QuickTime – to capture video calls on iOS devices.

4 Best Free Video Converters: No Watermark [2021]

Sometimes 'free' comes with limitations. If you are looking for a free video converter without a watermark or time limit, this post will tell you where to find one.

How to Crop a Screenshot on Mac

Want to crop a screenshot on your Mac? Learn how to edit a screenshot on a Mac, including six different methods for cropping Mac screenshots.

15 Best Reddit Video Downloaders in 2021 – Movavi

Need a Reddit video downloader? Learn more about the desktop, online, extension, and smartphone app options to download Reddit video with sound.

8 Ways to Screenshot Google Maps for Free [2021] – Movavi

Unsure how to screenshot Google Maps? Check out our detailed guide to find eight easy ways to screenshot Google Maps on any device.

How to Blur a Part of a Picture – Movavi Picverse

Need to blur a part of an image? With Movavi Picverse, you can hide unwanted elements in photos and focus on what’s important. Read our illustrated guide to learn more.

11 Best Metadata Editors

The ability to edit video metadata can help you keep your collection of media files better organized. This list of great video tagging software will allow you to do that quickly and efficiently.

Distance Learning Guide: Best Tools, Apps, and Software 2021

Don’t know how to keep studying when the schools are closed? Movavi is here to help. Read the article to learn more about the online learning tools for distance education.

How to Convert MP3 to M4A on Windows & Mac

Need an MP3-to-M4A сonverter? Read this guide to find out 2 easy ways to convert MP3 to M4A using the Movavi's desktop app or online tool.

Movavi ISO Burner

Need ISO burning software? Write yourself a note: use Movavi Video Suite! The program can easily handle the burning task, and you’ll be able to use your ISO image wherever you want.

7 Best Audio Converters

Finding the best audio conversion software for you can be a tricky process. Here's a guide showing a few options so you can locate the best one that works for your needs.

8 Best Youtube-to-MP3 Converters

This article will discuss the best YouTube-to-MP3 converter online and give readers the opportunity to compare some of the options available to them.

12 Best Sites Like Udemy for Online Education in 2021

Looking for websites like Udemy? Read our article with a list of the most popular Udemy alternatives. Choose online education courses that meet your needs.

How to Change a Video Background in 5 Steps – Movavi

Looking for a video background change editor? Movavi Video Editor Plus is what you need! Our guide will teach you how to add a background to a video in five steps!

How to Add a Border to a Picture

Looking for a way to add a frame to your photo? Try Movavi Photo Editor and follow our guide on how to add a photo border in four steps! Learn to customize picture borders in no time.

10 VHS-to-DVD Converters

With the help of a VHS-to-DVD converter machine, you can make sure that your family memories will stand the test of time and be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Top 9 Video Editors for Chromebook

The lack of expensive hardware shouldn't damper your creativity. This list of Chromebook video editing software will get you started on the creation of your first video masterpiece.

How to Combine VOB Files in 4 Steps in 2021

Looking for software to merge VOB files? Download Movavi Video Suite and learn how to join VOB files in just four steps.

10 DVD Burners for Mac

When it comes time to burn DVDs, Mac users have a lot of options. In this list, we'll look at the 10 best options for Mac users wanting to burn their videos onto a disk.

Top 10 Open-Source Video-Editing Apps and Programs

Creating and editing videos doesn't need to cost a fortune. After downloading an open-source video editor from this list, you'll be able to get started affordably.

7 Games Video Editors

Looking for the best video-editing software for gaming? You have some great choices. Here are 6 examples of gaming video editing software-but with important options.

Best CPU for Video Editing

The performance of premier software for video editing like Movavi Editor Plus depends on the CPU used. So what is the best processor for video editing?


In this article, you will learn the difference between FLAC vs. ALAC and how they can be created, converted, and stored. More information about which one is best for certain scenarios.

4K vs. 1080p

1080p vs. 4K: which is better? Within this article, you'll learn some of the ways that 1080p and 4K are different, and what factors to keep in mind.


JPEG vs. TIFF: learn the differences between the file formats so you can work with them better. Plus, download the Movavi Photo Editor to be able to easily edit your photos.

VHS to Digital Converter 📼 - How to Convert VHS to Digital

Need to copy VHS to PC or Mac? With Movavi Video Editor Plus you can transfer VHS to computer in four simple steps.

10 Best Stock Music Sites in 2021

Looking for free stock music for the videos? Check out this article covering top music resources from the best free stock music sites and some premier paid sites.

14 Best Stock Footage Sites in 2020

Here are some video sites with free stock footage. What is in these free stock footage collections, what does "royalty-free" mean, and what are requirements for crediting material?

2 Ways to Make a Quiz

Looking for interactive ways to measure your students’ knowledge? If you make your own quiz with Movavi Academic, assessments will be fun and entertaining.

How to Make Interactive Videos

Make engaging and entertaining educational videos with Movavi Academic. Create interactive videos with quizzes for effective assessments for students.

7-Zip vs. WinRAR

In choosing a file for compression and archiving of other files, look at WinRAR vs. 7-Zip. After looking at the difference between them, this review concludes that 'best' depends, to some extent, on your priorities (speed, file size, etc).

What Is a Codec

We define codec and its application for multimedia files, explaining how Movavi Video Converter compresses files to save space with a negligible loss of quality.


MP4 vs. AVCHD: don’t know which one to choose? Both these formats are popular, but one can be better than the other. Learn about how to choose between the two.

MKV vs. MP4

MP4 vs. MKV: the difference between the video container formats, and whether MKV or MP4 is better. Considerations include support, file size, quality, codecs, and licensing.

MP4 vs. WMV

Want to choose between MP4 vs. WMV? The debate on the two file formats has been raging for a while. Learn about their differences and how to choose between the two.

FLV vs. MP4

MP4 vs. FLV: which one is better? A comparison of the difference between formats finds that MP4 excels in versatile use on platforms. But FLV has extensive use on web pages, internet video sharing, and YouTube.

Blu-Ray vs. DVD

If you have a video that isn't in the format that you prefer, you can transfer the video format into a format that works better. This includes being able to burn a video creation onto a Blu-ray or DVD disc that is properly formatted.

PNG File Extension

What is PNG and how to open .png files? Read the article to know the meaning of PNG, its history, uses, and comparison with other color image formats.

How to Add Subtitles to MKV

Want to add an SRT to an MKV movie? Read the guide to know how to add and edit subtitles in the Movavi converter. Download the app & check it out!

Top 5 Best Computer for Video Editing in 2021

With more viewers expecting 4K video, finding the best PC for video editing can be a difficult task. We'll break down which ones top our list of video editing computers.

BMP File

The BMP file format has gained popularity over the years, and it would be important that you understand what it is and how you can open this file type. Read on to discover more about this file format.

Top 6 Best Graphics Card for Video Editing in 2019

When choosing the best graphics card for video editing and rendering, there are many factors that come into play. This article can help you decide which graphics card is best for your video editing and rendering needs.

What Is EPS Format and How to Open EPS Files

Before you start working with Adobe illustrator, you need to answer one question: what is an EPS file? Read on to learn more about EPS files and how to open, and view them on Mac or Windows PC.

Raster vs. Vector

Vector vs. raster image: which one is better? Check out this vector vs. bitmap comparison to learn the difference between the two types of images.

What Is an OGG File and How to Play OGG Format

Many media formats are available for users to choose from. The best-known ones are mostly proprietary. They're encumbered by patents, so it's difficult for third parties to create software that supports them. License fees cost money, and open-source developers often have no budget.

WAV vs. MP3

Choosing between MP3 vs WAV is a trade-off of quality and size. Which of these formats has the best quality? Which has the most optimal size? When should you use each of them? Read on to find out.

What Is a WMV File

WMV files are a popular and common video format that are based on the Microsoft Advanced Systems Format (ASF). In this article, you'll learn what a .wmv file is, how to play it, and how you can use Movavi Video Converter to convert your videos.

AAC vs MP3

Are you stuck in the MP3 vs. AAC file format debate for your audio files? Do you want to know which of the two formats best for your music and podcasts? This article should answer your questions.

iMovie for Android [2020]

The great features and functionalities of iMovie video editor may appeal to many, but remains a pipe dream for those not on the iOS or Mac platform. Read on to discover the top iMovie app for Android.

Top 8 Video-to-GIF Converters

GIF has gained popularity over the Internet in recent years because it helps relay messages using interesting animations. To create high quality GIFs, read on to find the best MP4-to-GIF converter.

12 Paid and Free DVD Rippers

Many of us still have DVDs around the house. Some of us are still buying them. This list of DVD ripping software will help you get those disks onto your computer where they are more easily accessible.

What Is an MKV File and How to Open MKV Format?

Some of the video files you download from the internet come in a file type known as MKV format. To enjoy content in this format, you will need an MKV file player. Learn to open these files here.

What Is an M4V File and How to Open M4V Format?

You no doubt have used M4V files without asking the fundamental question: what is M4V? You also need to know which player can play such files. Read on for useful information on M4V files.

What Is an MP4 File and How to Open MP4 Format?

Many people are not aware that MP3 and MP4 are completely different file structures, and think the latter is an advancement of the former. So, what is MP4 format? Read on to find out more.

What Is an AVI File and How to Open AVI Format?

What is AVI format? Which player is suitable for opening such file formats? Here's what you need to know about an AVI file and how you could open one on Windows and Mac devices.

What Is a .mov File

Wonder what is an MOV file? Read this article to know more about MOV files and learn how to open them with MOV file players and video converters.

24 Best Photo Management Software in 2021 [Win/Mac, Free/Paid]

Looking for the best photo manager? In this article, we describe 24 great photo management programs for both Mac and PC. Choose the best one yourself.

Top 20 Best Photo Editing Software for Beginners in 2021

Need to enhance your photos but don’t know how to do it? Choose the best easy photo editing software from this list. Try these programs for free!

7 Best Brain-Training Apps

A brain training app is a helpful tool to improve your cognitive skills in a fun way. We have described 7 apps with the best brain games to help you decide which one suits you better!

IFO to MP4: How to Convert IFO File to MP4 on Windows & Mac

Need an IFO file converter? In this article, you’ll learn how to convert IFO files to MP4 using online or desktop converters.

Convert FLAC to ALAC & Vice Versa

Wondering how to convert ALAC to FLAC and vice versa? Download Movavi’s ALAC converter for Windows or Mac and change media formats in no time!

How to Add a Timer to a Video

If you want to overlay a countdown timer on a video, consider Movavi Video Editor Plus. Read this guide to learn how to make a countdown video and create your own clip.

Convert WMV to MOV on Mac & Windows

Wondering how to convert WMV to MOV on Windows or Mac? To change your files, download the Movavi converter, and follow the guide.

Christmas Slideshow with Music

Make your pictures move at Christmas with Movavi Slideshow Maker. Add a magical atmosphere to your slideshow with our Christmas slideshow backgrounds and templates.

How to Add Background Music to a Video Clip

Do you want to put background music on a video? Use Movavi’s video background music editor to merge video and audio. Add your favourite music to a video clip and create the perfect movie!

Photo to Sketch

Are you looking for a way to turn a photo into a sketch? Use Movavi Photo Editor! Download the program and follow the instruction to convert a photo to a drawing.

Automatic Video Editors: Desktop & Online Auto Video Makers by Movavi

Looking for a quick solution for making videos? Try Movavi’s automatic video-editing software or use our online service.

Motion Blur Effect

Looking for a motion blur maker? Try Movavi Photo Focus! This software is easy to master and processes images quickly. It can make your photography look more dynamic in just a few clicks.

7 Best Ways to Convert WAV to MP4 [Online & Free Included]

Converting a WAV to MP4 is easy! Get a good WAV-to-MP4 converter from Movavi or other free sources and turn your audio files into a video!

How to Edit Videos on Android in 6 Easy Steps – Movavi Clips

Wondering how to edit videos on Android? It’s easy with Movavi Clips! Add music and filters in our video-editing app for Android. Read this guide to learn about the app’s features.

How to Compress QuickTime Videos in 4 Easy Steps

Wondering how to compress large QuickTime files? Movavi’s software will easily handle QuickTime compression – also for distance working!

How to Edit Videos on an iPhone in 6 Easy Steps – Movavi Clips

Looking for a tool to edit an iPhone video? Try Movavi Clips – a simple video editing app for iPhones. Read this guide to learn how to create amazing movies on your iPhone, complete with filters and music.

How to Add Subtitles to a Movie

Wondering how to add subtitles to a movie permanently? Download the Movavi program for PC or Mac and add subtitles to films you like.

How to Record Screen with the OBS Screen Recorder

In the article, you’ll find a simple guide to how to record screens with OBS. We’ll also tell you about one of the best and easiest alternatives to OBS recording software.

How to Make a Slow-Motion Video on an iPhone in 4 Steps – Movavi Clips

Looking for a slow-motion video maker app? Use Movavi Clips! Download the app and read our guide to learn how to convert video to slow motion on an iPhone.

Easy Instruction: How to Create a Slideshow on an iPhone – Movavi

Need to create a slideshow on your iPhone? With Movavi Clips, you can make amazing slideshows, complete with music and transitions. Download the app and follow these instructions.

How to Make a Slow Motion Video On Android in 4 Steps – Movavi Clips

Looking for a slow motion video app for Android? Movavi Clips is definitely worth checking out! With this simple yet effective application, anyone can become a movie director.

How to Trim and Cut Video on Android Quickly – Movavi Clips Guide

Want to know how to cut out parts of a video on Android devices? Here’s your guide on how to trim videos with Movavi Clips – a free mobile video editing app for Android and iOS.

How to Record Screen with VLC Media Player

Here’s an easy guide to how to use VLC to record screens. We’ll also explain why it’s better to use a professional screen recorder instead of the VLC video capture.

How to Record Zoom Meeting in 2021

From this article, you’ll learn to record a Zoom meeting with built-in and other tools as well as how to record Zoom meetings without permission.

How to Rotate a Video on Android with Movavi Clips

Want to rotate a video on Android? Try Movavi Clips! Install the app and read our short guide to learn how to fix video orientation on your phone.

How to Rotate a Video On an iPhone with Movavi Clips

Wondering how to turn a video on an iPhone? Try Movavi Clips! Install the app and read our step-by-step guide to learn how to change the orientation of your video.

How to Trim and Cut Videos on Your iPhone in 5 Easy Steps

How can you cut out parts of a video on your mobile device? In this guide, we explain how to do this using Movavi Clips. Download the app for iPhone 5/6/7/8/X or iPad to edit your videos easily.

Best Screen Recorders with Video Editor

To make a great descriptive, marketing, or demo video of your products, read this article about the best screen-recording and video-editing software and pick the app that’s best for you.

How to Convert AVI to GIF or Vice Versa on Mac & Win

Looking for an AVI-to-GIF converter? Just download the Movavi program and follow the instructions to convert GIF to AVI or back in batches.

How to Record a Podcast

Ever wanted to know the essentials of recording a podcast? Read our beginner’s guide and use Movavi Business Suite to record and edit your podcasts.

How to Record Lectures

Find out how to record lectures quickly, easily, and efficiently with our detailed guide to recording class lectures for professors and students.

5 Ways to Create GoToMeeting Recording for Free – Movavi

Want to make a GoToMeeting recording? Read on to learn how to record a GoToMeeting session with a built-in and online tools or apps for PC, Android, and iOS.

How to Convert HEIC to PNG

Wondering how to convert HEIC files to PNG format? In this guide, we explain how to convert files in batches using the Movavi Converter. Download the app for Mac or Windows to change file format quickly and easily.

Download Photo Viewer

Looking for photo-viewing software? View and edit images using Movavi’s picture viewer. Work with photos in many popular formats. Quickly locate images using tags and GPS coordinates.

YouTube Compressor: How to Compress Videos for YouTube

Having problems uploading videos to YouTube? Download our software and learn how to compress videos for YouTube on Windows or Mac.

How to Make Stop-Motion Videos: Tips, Tutorial, and Examples

If you’re looking for stop-motion tutorials, here’s your Movavi's stop motion guide. Learn how to do stop motion on your own with the best tips and tricks.

How to Compress WAV Files

Want to reduce WAV file size? Try the Movavi Converter! It can process files in batches without losing quality and is available for Windows or Mac.

How to Store Videos in the Cloud

Learn how to store videos online. Use Movavi Cloud to quickly share your videos with colleagues or clients. Take advantage of online cloud storage as the safest way to store your files.

How to Use Quicktime Screen Recording with Audio

In this article, we’ll explain how to use QuickTime for screen recording with sound. You’ll also learn about an alternative app you can use instead of QuickTime on Mac.

How to Remove Black Bars from Video

Need to remove black bars from YouTube video? Learn how to remove black bars from videos using Movavi Video Editor Plus. Get to know how to add black bars to video for a cinematic look.

How to Compress a WebM File

Need some space on your computer? Looking for a program to compress WebM video files? Try Movavi Video Converter! With this app, you can process one file or a batch of files on Mac or Windows.

How to Add a Picture to a Video

Step 1. Download and install Movavi Video Editor. Step 2. Add the video. Step 3. Add an image to the video. Step 4. Save the edited video.

Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac & Win

Need to convert HEIC to JPG in batches? Download Movavi’s converter for Windows or Mac and follow the guide to convert images quickly and easily.

Convert WebM to MP3 & Vice Versa

Think about converting WebM to MP3 or MP3 to WebM? Try Movavi software! Our converter works with both Mac and Windows, performing fast conversions without quality loss.

Instagram Video Converter: Convert Videos for Instagram

How to convert videos for Instagram story or IGTV? Download Movavi's Instagram video converter! Use batch conversion, crop, rotation & many other features.

How to Colorize a Black-And-White Photo in 4 Steps

See how Movavi’s software transforms black-and-white to color. It’s not just a great photo colorizer, but also a powerful picture-editing app. Install the program and enjoy the results.

6 Ways to Record a Webex Meeting

Unsure how to record a Webex meeting? Download the Webex recorder or capture videos with built-in and online tools, extensions, and mobile apps.

Video Voice Changer

Looking for a video voice editor? Try Movavi Video Editor Plus! With this video sound changer, you can easily add effects, speed up or slow down audio, and much more!

Collage Maker

Looking for a collage maker for Windows or Mac? Try Movavi Photo Editor! This user-friendly program will help you create beautiful picture collages in no time.

How to Edit VOB Files in 2021

Unsure what VOB video editor to choose? Try Movavi Video Suite! With this VOB cutter for Windows and Mac, you will be able to edit your VOB files in no time!

How To Edit a DVD in 2021

Have DVD video and don’t know how to edit it? Get a DVD editor from Movavi! Our Video Suite package is awesome for DVD editing, and super easy to work with. Become a master editor in no time.

How to Make a Marketing Video Using Stock Photos

Make a marketing video with Movavi Business Suite stock library to help you promote your company’s products or services. Take advantage of stock photos for commercial use!

M4B-to-MP3 Converter

Need to convert an M4B audiobook to MP3? Try Movavi’s easy-to-use program to convert your M4Bs to MP3 and back on Mac or Windows. Read on!

Slideshow Music

Are you looking for background music for slideshows? Choose from dozens of slideshow songs and musical themes for any occasion using Movavi Slideshow Maker.

Screencast on Mac

Here, you’ll find top-10 software to do a screencast on a Mac for free. Check out this screencast software for Mac and see if you find it useful.

Convert WebM to GIF & Vice Versa

Looking for a program to convert GIFs to WebM or vice versa? Download Movavi's WebM-to-GIF converter! It is available for both Mac and Windows.

How to Take a Screenshot on Mac - Movavi

If you don’t know how to take a screenshot on Mac, this article is for you. We’ll show you how to take a screen capture on a Mac the easy way and how to edit it right after grabbing the screenshot.

How to Convert WebP to GIF

Looking for a WebP-to-GIF image converter? The Movavi converter can easily make GIFs from your WebP files, available for both Mac & Windows.

How to Whiten Teeth in Photos

Looking for a teeth whitener photo editor? Use this one from Movavi! It’s not just a great image teeth whitening tool – it has a lot of other useful features, too.

How to Compress MP3 Files

Want to compress MP3 files without losing quality? Download Movavi’s MP3 compressor for Windows or Mac and follow the simple tutorial.

5 Best Sites to Download TV Shows for Free [2021] – Movavi

Do you have many TV shows to download and you don’t know how to? Here, you’ll find the best websites and software for TV-series free download.

12 Best Free Internal Audio Recorders

Need a screen recorder with internal audio? If you’re unsure how to record internal audio on Windows 10, read our article on 12 ways to do this!

How to Record Internal Audio on Mac for Free – Movavi

Wondering how to record internal audio on Macs? Read the article to learn 3 free ways on how to record system audio on Macs, including QuickTime.

How to Download Movies for Free on PC and Mac [2021] – Movavi

Check this article to learn how to download movies on a PC in 5 ways, including free movie downloader apps for a PC, a screen recorder, and more.

AMR-to-MP3 Converter

Wondering how to convert AMR audio files to MP3? Download Movavi's AMR-to-MP3 converter for Windows or Mac and try all its many features.

How to Convert RMVB to MP4

Want to convert an RMVB video file to MP4? Download Movavi Video Converter for Windows or Mac and change file format in minutes!

How to Compress an AVI File

Want to compress an AVI video without losing quality? Download Movavi Video Converter for Windows or Mac and compress AVI files in a just few clicks.

How to Record the Screen on Mac - Movavi

Want to know how to record computer screen on Mac? What challenges will you face? What are the steps to record a desktop Mac screen? You’ll find the answers and instructions in this article.

Image Resizer

Prepare pictures for web uploading or simply to free up space on your hard drive with Movavi's photo resizer app. Reduce the size of multiple photos at once or make changes to an individual image.

How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls on Any Device – Movavi

Here are 6 free ways to record WhatsApp video calls: desktop, iOS, and Android apps, screen mirroring, and an online WhatsApp video recorder.

Black and White Filter

Want to make your image black and white? Use Movavi’s black and white photo editor to make it happen! You can download the best software for picture enhancement here.

How to Screencast

Learn how to screencast the easy way. See step-by-step how to make a screencast and get info on the best screen recording software.

How To Make a Photo Look Vintage

How to make a photo look old to add atmosphere to the image? Imitate the texture and scratches with Movavi Picverse. This software is one of the best options for making pictures look old.

Opus-to-MP3 Converter

Looking for a simple method for converting Opus to MP3? Use the Opus converter from Movavi! Download the program and follow the instructions below.

Convert MP4 to GIF on Windows & Mac

Wondering how to turn an MP4 into a GIF? Download the Movavi MP4-to-GIF software and follow the guide to convert your videos into high-quality GIFs.

Wedding Slideshow Maker

Preserve the memories of your wedding reception with Movavi Slideshow Maker. Turn your wedding slideshow ideas into a gorgeous movie of one of the best days of your life.

Funeral Slideshow Maker

Keep special memories forever by creating a slideshow for a funeral with Movavi Slideshow Maker. Use the appropriate template or create your own using a range of built-in features.

Top 12 MP4 Recorders for Any Device (Free) – Movavi

Looking for an MP4 recorder? Read our review of the best free screen recorders in MP4: online tools, extensions, and desktop and mobile apps.

Vignetting Photos

Want to make your photos something special? A vignette filter will add some creativity to the images. Try making a photo vignette using Movavi’s Photo Editor!

Photo Cutter

Looking for a simple yet powerful image cutter? Try Movavi Picverse! With this convenient photo trimmer, you’ll easily learn how to cut a picture and remove the background in no time.

Explainer Video Software

Want to make an explainer video? Download Movavi Business Suite – the perfect explainer video creator – then read this article.

How to Overlay Pictures

Wondering how to superimpose one picture onto another? Try Movavi Photo Editor! Use this photo overlay software to add one image to another in just a few clicks.

ARW-to-JPG Converter

Want to convert a batch of files from a Sony camera? For converting ARW to JPG, download the Movavi converter for Windows or Mac and follow this guide.

MP4 to MOV: Top 8 Ways to Convert MP4 to MOV [Free & Online]

Looking for a way to convert MP4 to MOV? In this article, you’ll find all the information you need to choose an MP4 to MOV converter, free and online.

7 Easy Steps to Restore Old Photos

Do you have a collection of vintage photos in bad condition? Breathe new life into damaged pictures with our old photo restoration software! Read this guide to learn how to restore old photos.

NEF-to-JPG Converter for PC & Mac

Wondering how to convert NEF to JPG without losing quality? Try the Movavi converter app! Download Mac or Windows version for free and see for yourself.

12 Best Free Screencast Software [2021] – Movavi

Looking for a screencast video recorder to capture your screen? Find all the best free screencast software in our detailed guide.

Convert RAW to JPEG

Wondering how to convert RAW to JPG? Just read this guide and enjoy easy batch conversion with Movavi software for Windows & Mac.

How to Convert MKV to MP3 for Free with Movavi

Wondering how to extract MP3 from MKV video for free? Download Movavi's free MKV-to-MP3 converter for Windows and follow the simple tutorial.

Makeup Photo Editor

Looking for a portrait editor? Try Movavi Photo Editor to beautify your images and edit your face and features in an instant!

Create Product Demo Videos

Want to create a product demonstration video? Try Movavi Business Suite – the perfect product demo video maker!

How to Make a YouTube Intro

How to make a cool YouTube intro – try Movavi Video Editor! With the new intro editing mode and templates, you can make your own YouTube intro in just minutes.

How to Convert WebP to PNG

Looking for a WebP converter? Try Movavi Video Converter! With the help of batch conversion, your multiple WebP files will be transferred to PNG in no time! Download for Mac or Windows!

MP4-to-MP3 Converter

Wondering how to extract MP3 from MP4 on a Mac? Try Movavi Video Converter! This software provides batch conversion and supports over 180 formats.

Convert WebP to JPG

Wondering how to convert a WebP image? Use the WebP-to-JPEG file converter from Movavi. Try this powerful program with batch conversion for free. Download for Mac or Windows.

12 Best 4K Video Converters: Convert 4K to 1080p on Win & Mac

Looking for the best 4K video converter? Find out all the top-rated 4K to 1080p converter software, including online, paid, and free options.

Top 5 Ways to Convert Video to HD (1080p) Quality with Ease

Are you looking for a video converter to HD quality? Read our review of top desktop HD (1080p) converters and online services!

How to Make Real Estate Videos Easily

Learn about shooting houses for sale and editing real estate videos. Make great video tours of your house with Movavi Business Suite!

How To Add a Watermark to Your Videos

Want to add a logo to a video? Thinking about watermarking your video clips? Download our software and read this article!

MP3 to WAV

Looking for an MP3-to-WAV converter? Check out this article to learn the best ways to convert MP3 to WAV (WAVE), including online tools and free apps.

How to Convert Images and Photos to JPG

Need to convert images to JPGs? Download the Movavi converter for Windows or Mac and follow this guide to convert your photos to JPG in batches.

3 Ways to Convert Video to WMV: Free, Online or Desktop

Looking for a WMV file converter? In this article, you will learn how to convert WMV to other formats and vice versa in 3 different ways.

How to Edit Photos

Want to know how to edit images professionally? Movavi Photo Editor is the software you need! Try auto enhancement or adjust your picture’s parameters manually. Read this guide and learn different ways to improve your photo and make it an absolute masterpiece!

Image Flipper by Movavi

Flip any photos and pictures easily. Use our step-by-step tutorial for flipping your images without any issues.

Free MP4-to-FLV Converter

Need to convert MP4 to Flash Video for free? Just download Movavi Video Converter! Easily transform batches of your MP4 videos and share them on YouTube or Facebook directly from the app.

How to Compress Videos for Email

Wondering how to compress a video for an email attachment? With Movavi Video Converter you can reduce the video size in a couple of minutes!

How to Convert MKV Files to MP4 on a Mac with Ease [2021]

What is the best way of converting MKV files to MP4 on a Mac? Read our guide about MKV-to-MP4 converters for Mac and choose one that suits you best.

Eye Color Changer

Want to change the color of your eyes in photos? Check out Movavi’s eye color editor! Try out any eye color you like. Use an eye brightener to make your image even more spectacular.

4 Simple Ways to Change the Background of a Picture

Want to change the background of a photo? Read this article, and you’ll learn how to add background to a photo with an online tool, Photoshop, a smartphone app, or the Movavi program!

How to Remove the Background from a Picture in 6 Simple Steps

Want to remove the background from an image? Try Movavi Picverse – with this app, you can easily delete the background from your photo in just a few minutes!

How to Zoom in on a Video 🔍

Zooming video is easy with Movavi Video Editor. Learn our step by step guide on how to zoom in video. Try the video zooming app for free right now!

2 Ways to Record Video on PC

Want to learn how to capture video on PC? Grab online events from home with Movavi’s video capture program - free video capture tool for PC.

Video Brightness Editor

How to brighten a video? Step 1. Install the Movavi video lighting editor. Step 2. Add your video. Step 3. Adjust video brightness. Step 4. Save the result.

Video Volume Booster

Here are the best sound boosters to increase video volume. Get the appropriate video volume increaser, try it and use the step by step guide to get a video with a loud sound.

How to Convert VHS to Digital

Looking for a VHS converter? Check out this article to learn how to transfer VHS to digital in different ways and what to do with old VHS tapes.

How to Crop Video Online, on Desktop, and with a Smartphone

Are you looking for an online video cropper? Here, you’ll find tools for cropping video both online and on any device, including PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

How to Add Music to a Video: 3 ways for Desktop, Online, Mobile

Read this article to learn how to add music to videos. You can add music to a video for free, online, with a PC program, or an app for iPhone or Android.

Slideshow with Music

Make videos with pictures and music easily with Movavi Slideshow Maker! Apply voice-over & tell your unique story. Download this handy slideshow maker with music right now!

How to Make a Video on Your PC or Phone

Looking for software to make a movie? With Movavi software, making videos is easy and fun – programs are available for both PC and mobile phone, and you can enjoy a variety of editing options!

Image Cropper

Use photo cropper tool to crop images quickly and easily for any purpose: to perfect the composition, to crop unwanted part of a photo, or to change the aspect ratio of your image.

3 Ways to Convert Music to MP3

If you need an MP3 converter, download the video converter from Movavi! You can also use a freeware conversion app or convert audio to MP3 online.

Top 7 Ways to Сonvert MTS to MP4 in 2021 [Free & Online]

Read this guide to discover 7 ways to convert MTS files to MP4 – from a premium Movavi MTS converter to a variety of online and free tools!

Convert WMA to MP3 Online for Free

Try an online WMA-to-MP3 converter or its desktop alternative for Windows or Mac to convert your media files quickly. Just read this simple tutorial!

Shrink Photo Sizes

How to shrink photo size in an instant – use Movavi Picverse! Shrink picture size to create smaller files and free up space on your hard drive. Optimize photos to quickly upload them online.

Image Enhancer

Edit your photos with Movavi Picverse. Enhance images manually or automatically. Try our smart tools and get professional results in seconds. Download this photo enhancer for Windows or Mac.

Top 11 Fastest Ways to Convert MKV to MP4 [Free & Online]

Unsure how to convert MKV to MP4 without losing quality? Read our article to learn 11 ways to do it – for free on your Mac or PC and online.

Webcam Video Recorder

Need software for webcam capture? Movavi Video Editor Plus will help you easily record webcam video and perform many other tasks!

CR2 to JPG: Top 12 Ways to Convert CR2 to JPG [Online&Free]

You don’t know how to convert CR2 to JPG (JPEG)? Read this guide and learn how to convert photos on Windows and Mac with various CR2 converters.

Music Converter

Are you wondering how to convert music files? Read this guide to learn 3 ways to switch between audio formats or convert video to audio.

3️⃣ Easy Ways How to Remove Background Noise from a Video

Want to remove background noise from your video or audio? Here, you can check out guides on background noise removal online and using desktop software.

8 Best Ways to Convert FLV to MP4: Online, Free, and Handy

Need to change FLV files to MP4? Read this guide to learn about different ways to do it: online, for free, or with a useful converter app from Movavi.

9 Ways to Record Video from a Website for Free – Movavi

Wondering how to record a video from a website for free? Check out this article to learn 9 different ways of web video capture on any device.

Top 10 Free and Online MP4-to-AVI Converters for Win & Mac

Want to change the format of your video? Read this article to learn how to convert MP4 to AVI using free desktop and online tools.

How to Mirror a Video - Easy Video Flipper by Movavi

In this guide, we'll show you how to mirror a video. Install Movavi Video Editor Plus and follow these steps to reflect your video horizontally or vertically.

Top 7 DVD Rippers for Mac: How to Rip a DVD on a Mac

Want to rip a DVD on your Mac? In this article, you’ll find a review of 7 Mac DVD rippers. Read about the apps and choose the one that you like best.

How to Convert AVI to MP3

Need to extract MP3 from your favorite AVI movies? Download the Movavi converter for Mac or Windows to easily convert AVIs to MP3.

Convert WMV to AVI with Movavi

Read the simple guide and discover how to convert AVI to WMV as well as WMV to AVI. Just download Movavi Video Converter and enjoy the benefits!

Top 6 Free Video-to-DVD Converters: Convert to DVD with Ease

Do you want to learn how to convert video to a DVD-compatible format? Check out the six video-to-DVD converters in this article.

Video Converter for YouTube

Need a YouTube media converter? Convert video to a YouTube format with software from Movavi. Perfect your videos for uploading to YouTube.

How to Make a YouTube Video – Tips for Beginners

Unsure how to make a YouTube video? Get tips for creating one by reading our article on strategy, equipment, shooting, and editing clips for YouTube!

5 Best MOD File Converters: Convert MOD to MP4 Free & Online

Do you want to know how to convert MOD to MP4? Here, you’ll find several online and free MOD file converters for you to try out.

Top 8 Ways to Convert VOB to MP4 [Free & Online Included]

Unsure how to convert VOB to MP4? Read our article and pick the VOB files converter that meets your needs, be it a free desktop app or online service.

Split Screen Video 🎞

Need a split-screen video maker? Try Movavi Video Editor! Follow our instructions, and you’ll learn how to make side-by-side video easily!

How to Record Skype Calls – Movavi

Do you want to know how to record Skype calls? Use our step-to-step guide to using different call recorders to record a Skype conversation.

3 Ways to Compress Videos: Fast & Easy, Free or Online

Want to compress a video file size? Read the guide and learn how to reduce video size and free up space with the Movavi video compressor.

How to Add Subtitles to a Video – Movavi for Subtitles

Looking for a program to add subtitles to your video? Try Movavi Video Editor to Add Subtitles! Adding subtitles to a video has never been easier than with Movavi Subtitle Adder!

Best Video Quality Enhancers

Wondering how to enhance video quality? In this article, you’ll find different video enhancers to improve the video resolution. Choose the best for you!

MOV to MP4 [2021]: Top 8 Ways to Convert MOV Files to MP4

Want to convert .mov to .mp4? Read this review to learn about different MOV-to-MP4 converters, including online and free options.

3 Ways to Combine Video Clips: Fast, Mobile, & Online for Free

🎞 Need a video combiner? Try the desktop and mobile apps from Movavi or use a free online video merger. All three approaches are described in this guide.

Voice-Over Video-Editing Tips

Need to add voice to a video? Use our tips to create a professional video with a voice-over. Get the voice-over video software for a desktop or phone.

How to Convert MP3 to M4R on Mac or Windows with Ease

Need an MP3-to-M4R converter? Read this simple guide to learn how to convert M4R to MP3 and make a perfect iPhone ringtone with Movavi!

Image Rotator

Looking for a picture rotator? Try Movavi Photo Editor and enhance your images in no time. Rotate photos to fix image orientation or find the best angle.

How to Cut Music ✂️: Desktop, Mobile, Online & Free Ways

Need to trim audio? Learn how to cut songs and crop music online, on your phone, or desktop (even for free!). Read on to try editing your audio!

How to Make Tutorial Videos

Looking for video tutorial software? Try software from Movavi! Check out our handy tutorial to learn how to make tutorial videos quickly and easily.

How to Burn a DVD in 2021 with Movavi

Looking for DVD burning software? Try Movavi Video Suite – our handy DVD and Blu-ray burner. Learn to burn video to DVD in a few simple steps.

MP4 Joiner

Want to join MP4 files? Download Movavi Video Editor and read our guide on how to combine MP4 files.

Free FLV-to-MP3 Converter

The Movavi FLV-to-MP3 converter is free to download. Just read this easy tutorial and start converting FLV to MP3 or MP3 to FLV for free!

Free GIF-to-JPG Converter

Wondering how to change GIF to JPG for free? Just download free GIF-to-JPG converter for Windows and transform your files in batches.

Top 7 Ways to Convert MKV to AVI in 2021 [Free Included]

Need an MKV-to-AVI converter? Learn multiple ways to convert MKV files to AVI using free desktop programs and online services!

4 Tools to Cut Videos ✂️: Desktop, Mobile, Free, and Online

Looking for video cutting software? In this guide, we explain how to cut a movie into parts using a desktop program, a phone app, or an online tool - either free or paid.

Picture Video Maker 📷- How to Make a Video from Photos Easily

Do you want to know how to make a video from pictures? Movavi Video Editor Plus as a picture movie maker will show you how to do it step by step.

VIDEO Montage Makers: PCs & Mobile

3 easy ways to make a video montage: for PCs, Android and iOS. Read our guide to learn how to make a nice montage in intuitive video montage software.

3GP Video Converter

Need a 3GP converter? Use the Movavi app for converting videos from MP4, FLV, AVI, or any other format to 3GP. The software is available for PC & Mac.

How to Start a Podcast

Here are 10 top tips on how to start a podcast. We’ll give you the basics, along with a short guide, so you can create a podcast in no time!

Video Collage Maker

Want to make interesting collages in a video maker and top it off with some music? Movavi Video Editor Plus will help! Read on to learn more!

16 Best Free Screen Recorders for Windows 10 – Movavi

Want to screen record on Windows 10? Read this article about the best free screen recorders for Windows 10, online tools, and browser extensions.

3 Ways to Convert MP4 to MP3: Desktop, or Free & Online

If you’re looking for an MP4-to-MP3 converter for Windows or Mac, there’s no simpler way than to download the software from Movavi. Learn more!

Reverse Audio with Movavi

Looking for an audio reverser? Try Movavi VIdeo Editor Plus! With this program you can reverse songs in a few simple steps.

How to Convert MP3 to an iPhone Ringtone for Free

Wanna get to know how to make ringtones for iPhone for free within a minute? Download Movavi's MP3-to-Ringtone Converter and turn your MP3s into iPhone ringtones in batches.

MOV to MP3

Need a MOV-to-MP3 converter? Check out the article to learn how MOV (QuickTime) can be converted to MP3 with desktop and free apps and online tools.

Top 10 Ways to Change Video Resolution [Online&Free Included]

Wondering how to change the video resolution? Check out this guide about popular video resolution changers, including free and online tools.

TIFF Converter

Read and learn how to change image format from PNG, BMP, JPG to TIFF. Download Movavi’s TIFF file converter and enjoy the process!

WAV to MP3: Top 12 Ways to Convert WAV to MP3 [Free & Online]

Learn how to convert WAV to MP3 for free. Discover the best WAV-to-MP3 converter – online or to download on your Mac, Windows, or Linux machine.

How to Convert M4A to WAV

Need to make a WAV file from your M4A or vice versa? Read the Movavi guide and learn all about converting M4A to WAV or WAV to M4A.

How to Convert FLAC to WAV

For converting FLAC to WAV and vice versa, download the Movavi WAV-to-FLAC converter and read our quick guide!

Free FLAC-to-MP3 Converter

Need an awesome online FLAC-to-MP3 converter or its desktop alternative? Learn how to convert FLAC to MP3 in this short guide.

Free AAC-to-MP3 Converter

Looking for a free MP3-to-AAC converter? Just download the Movavi software and read this simple guide to convert MP3 to AAC for free.

Top 7 Ways to Convert MP4 to WAV on 2021 [Free & Online]

Looking for an MP4-to-WAV converter? Read this guide to learn how to change MP4 to WAV using desktop apps, online tools, and free converters.

MP4-to-AAC Converter

Need to convert MP4 to AAC? Try Movavi converter! Read this guide and discover that MP4-to-AAC conversion can be fast and easy.

MPEG-to-MP3 Converter

Need to change MPEG to MP3? Try Movavi Video Converter. With this software, converting MPG to MP3 is very fast and easy!

How to Record a Webinar for Free on Any Device

How to record a webinar for free? Here are six ways to record a webinar on a PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, online, and with a browser extension.

13 Ways to Record a Streaming Video for Free – Movavi

Wondering how to record streaming videos for free? Read the article about the best streaming video recorders – desktop, online, and mobile apps.

🥇 7 Best Ways to Convert M4V to MP4: Online, Free, or Fast&Easy

Need to convert M4V files? Learn about easy ways of converting M4V to MP4 and back: with Movavi M4V-to-MP4 converter, for free, or online.

How to Convert PAL to NTSC & Back

NTSC or PAL? You don’t have to choose when you can switch between these two with just the Movavi PAL-to-NTSC converter!

HEVC Converter by Movavi

Looking for a fast HEVC decoder? The Movavi H.265 converter will help you easily convert H.265 to H.264 or many other different codecs.

Top 10 Ways to Compress MP4 Files in 2021 [Online & Free]

How to compress MP4 videos? In this article, you’ll find many MP4 video compressors that will make shrinking your files an easy task.

15 Best Free Desktop Recorders

Need a free desktop recorder? Here, we’ll review top 15 tools for desktop capture: programs, built-in features, online services, and extensions.

How to Convert MKV to DVD or DVD to MKV in 4 Easy Steps

Read this simple guide to convert DVD to MKV or back. Just download the MKV-to-DVD converter from Movavi and enjoy the process!

Convert FLV to WMV for Free

Do free conversion from FLV to WMV and from WMV to FLV quickly and easily. Learn how to convert FLV to WMV with Movavi Video Converter.

How to Convert FLV to AVI

Looking for a fast FLV-to-AVI converter? Just download the Movavi program and follow the simple guide to convert FLVs to AVI or back in no time!

Top 7 Ways to Convert AVCHD to MP4 [Online & Free Included]

Want to convert AVCHD to MP4 without losing quality? Learn how to use Movavi Video Converter, free desktop converters, and online tools.

How to Convert MP4 to OGV for Free

Want to convert videos to OGV for free? Download the powerful Movavi app and convert batches of your clips in no time!

DivX Converter

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use DivX video converter, go with the Movavi conversion software. Read on to learn more!

How to Convert MOV Files to Other Formats & Back

How to convert a video to MOV and vice versa? Get this MOV converter! Read on to know how to do this conversion with Movavi.

How to Change Video Format

Want to change a video format? You can change your video file type online or use a desktop alternative – Movavi Video Converter.

6 Best Ways to Convert M2TS to MP4 [Online & Free Included]

Looking for a M2TS converter? Here you will find 6 programs to convert M2TS to MP4 on Windows and Mac, free and online included.

20 Best Audio Grabbers in 2021

To find a suitable audio grabber, check out this list. It has 3 types of MP3 grabbers: desktop software, online tools, and browser extensions.

Top 12 Ways to Convert WebM Files to MP4 [Free & Online]

Are you looking for software to convert WebM to MP4? Here are 12 options you should consider. The top includes free and online software.

How to Add Text to a Photo

Use Movavi Photo Editor to add text to your pictures on Windows or Mac in no time. Our step-by-step tutorial will show you how to overlay text on images quickly and easily.

PNG-to-JPG Converter

On this page, you will find a JPEG vs. PNG comparison. If you need to change PNG to JPG, download the Movavi Converter for Windows or Mac.

3 Ways to Download Podcasts: to Computer, Android, and iPhone

Here are 3 ways of free podcast download with podcast apps and other software. Learn how to download podcasts to computers and other devices.

How to Screen Record on Mac with Sound for Free – Movavi

Wondering how to screen record on a Mac with sound? Check out this article discussing three Mac screen recorders with audio available for free.

10 Easy Ways to Extract Audio from Video

Want to know how to extract audio from video? Check out our list of top audio extractors or try Movavi Video Converter to rip sound from any video!

Photo Joiner

If you're looking for an easy-to-use photo combiner, Movavi Photo Editor is the right choice. There's no need to be a professional to merge two or more images together in seconds. Check out the app and get more likes for your original photos on social media.

How to Record Video on Mac in 2021 [An Epic Guide] – Movavi

Learn how to record video on your Mac with our guide, covering different options for how to video record on a Mac, including apps and hotkeys.

How to Record Your Screen on a PC, Mac, and Mobile

Unsure how to screen-record on your device? Read this article to learn multiple ways to record your screen on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

DVD Ripper for Windows and Mac

Need to rip DVD to MP4 and other formats? The Movavi software can help. Read this guide to learn how to copy a DVD on Windows or Mac.

WMV to MP4

Looking for a WMV-to-MP4 converter? You can convert WMV to MP4 online or use a desktop alternative – Movavi Video Converter.

Online MPEG Converter

Choose your MPEG converter: try the MP4-to-MPEG converter online version or its desktop alternative to convert your files and save hard drive space.

4 Ways How to Rotate a Video: PC, Mac, VLC, or Online

Want to know how to rotate a video? We'll guide you through four approaches to video rotation: fast&easy editing in video rotators on PC, Mac, online, or free.

Free MP3-to-OGG Converter

Looking for a program to convert MP3 to OGG and vice versa for free? Download the Movavi video conversion software and check out this tutorial.


Do you need to convert DVD files to AVI? Here, you’ll find five great DVD-to-AVI converters to try out as well as answers to some essential questions.

iPad Video Converter

How to put movies onto your iPad? The guide shows the easy way to convert movies to iPad supported formats. Just download Movavi's iPad converter!

Video Effects: the Best Visual Effects for Your Video from Movavi

Looking for free VFX? Try Movavi Video Editor Plus. You’ll get dozens of free visual effects in multiple categories. Easily create awesome videos with Movavi’s free video effects.

Apply Video Transitions

Want to add video transition effects to your movie? Movavi Video Editor Plus offers a large collection of stylish transitions for videos!

How to Make a Time-Lapse Video: 2 Easy Ways

Unsure how to make a time-lapse video? Read our tutorial on 2 ways of making a time-lapse clip. Create one from photos or from a video by speeding it up.

How to Make a Travel Video

How to make a travelogue video? Read this article for tips and tricks. Create a great movie in the Movavi's travel video editor.

12 Best Screen Recorders for Windows 8 (Free) – Movavi

Looking for a screen recorder for Windows 8? Read our helpful overview of top 12 free programs and learn how to screen-record on Windows 8, too!

4 Easy Ways to Remove People from Photos (Online or Offline)

Wondering how to edit someone out of a picture? Read on to learn several ways to remove a person from a photo. It’s easier than you might think!

How to Unblur an Image - 4 Best Ways (Online and Offline)

Want to know how to unblur a picture? Try to remove blur from a photo with one of these tools: online service, Adobe Photoshop®, mobile app, Movavi Picverse.

Remove Blemishes From a Photo in 5 Steps

Don’t know how to remove blemishes from photos? Try Movavi Picverse! Use the blemish fix tools to remove pimples, scars, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections from your pictures.

Photo Retouching Software

Try digital picture restoration to retouch photos. Our step-by-step tutorial will show you how to touch up images quickly and easily using our Movavi Picverse Photo Editor.

Blur a Video

Wondering how to blur a video? Download Movavi Video Editor Plus and read our easy instructions for how to apply video blur.

3 Ways to Convert M4A to MP3 on Mac and Windows

Read this guide to learn 3 ways to change M4A files to MP3 on Windows or Mac: with the Movavi converter, the free VLC player, or online.

Video-to-MP3 Converter

Read our step-by-step guide to learn how to convert video to audio. Use a video-to-MP3 converter online app or a desktop alternative from Movavi.

How to Change Audio Bitrate

Need an audio bitrate converter? Read our guide and learn how to change the bitrate of MP3 or other file formats with the Movavi app.

Video Resizer

Want to resize your videos? Read this article on how to make video files smaller using Movavi Video Converter for Windows and Mac.

Top 9 Ways to Convert AVI Video: Online, Free or Fast & Easy

Need to convert video to AVI and AVI to other formats? Read on to learn how to use different types of AVI video converters.

How to Remove Text from a Picture in 3 Simple Steps

Want to learn how to remove text from a picture without Photoshop? Follow the instructions in this article to delete a caption, date stamp, or text from a photo in just a few steps.

Сonvert MOV to AVI Online for Free

Read this guide and learn how to convert MOV to AVI files. Choose an online MOV-to-AVI converter or its desktop alternative for all your needs.

Picture-in-Picture Video Editor

Making a video and looking for a PiP video editor? Choose Movavi’s picture-in-picture video editing software and discover its many options!

How to Reverse a Video

Want to play videos backwards? Read this guide to learn how to reverse a video in a few simple steps using Movavi Video Editor Plus.

Free Video Maker: Create Videos Online

Looking for a video maker? In this guide, you’ll learn how to create stunning videos using a free video editor online or its desktop alternative.

10 Best Ways to Record Radio Stream

Want to record radio stations or host your online radio station? Our list of tools to record radio stream audio is what will simplify it all.

AVI Converter for Mac

Easily convert AVI on your Mac with Movavi Video Converter! Just download the app and read these instructions.

Convert FLV to MOV and Vice Versa

This guide will help you convert FLV to MOV and back on Windows or Mac. Download FLV-to-MOV converter from Movavi or use an online app.

5 Ways to Record Streaming Video on a Mac for Free

Unsure how to record streaming video on Mac for free? Learn to capture streaming video on Mac with hotkeys, online recorders, extensions, etc.

How to Record Audio on Mac

This article describes how to record voice on Mac. It highlights four easy-to-use apps that are fantastic options to record audio on Mac.

Windows 7 Video Editor

Want to edit video on Windows 7? Download an easy-to-use app that will help you create your own movies in no time – Movavi Video Editor Plus for Windows 7!

How to Screenshot a Video

How to take a video screenshot for free – use the basic tools on your device or try Screen Recorder for remote work! Learn how to take a picture from a video.

Convert DVD to iPod

Want to learn how to copy DVDs to iPod on Windows or Mac? Just download Movavi Video Converter and follow this short tutorial!

Free TIFF-to-JPG Converter for Windows

Need to change TIFF to JPEG for free? Download the Movavi software to convert batches of files – on the fly!

Convert Videos to GIF

Want to know how to make GIFs? Convert videos to GIF with the Movavi GIF converter for Windows & Mac and share it with friends.

DVD-to-iPhone Converter

Wondering how to put DVDs on your iPhone? In this guide, we explain how to transfer DVD to iPhone with Movavi Video Converter.

iPhone Video Converter

Read this guide and learn how to tailor your videos for iPhone with our video-to-iPhone converter! Just download the Movavi app and enjoy the process.

How to Convert Videos to WebM & Back

Need to convert WebM to other formats or vice versa? Read this Movavi guide to know how to make a WebM file from MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.

Create a Slideshow

Want to create a photo slideshow? Download Movavi Slideshow Maker! Explore your creativity and make your own slideshow in no time. Share on social media or watch on TV with your family.

8 Best AVI-to-MOV (QuickTime) Converters [Free&Online Included]

Want to get an AVI-to-MOV converter? Read this article to see some great free and online programs to convert AVI to QuickTime (MOV).

How to Make an Image Background Transparent

No more complicated tools. Learn how to easily make a picture background transparent and save images with a transparent background using Movavi Photo Editor. You can also set a new background: choose a solid color or add any image you want. Edit the result by retouching imperfections.

Convert MOV to WMV on Mac or Windows

Want to convert Quicktime to WMV to watch your videos on Windows? Download Movavi Video Converter and change MOV to WMV in a minute!

Photo Effects and Filters

Add effects and filters to your photos with Movavi Photo Editor. It makes your pictures magnificent with easy-to-use editing tools.

Convert MPEG to MP4 with Easy-to-Use App or Online

Looking for an MPG-to-MP4 converter? Read this Movavi guide and discover that converting MPEG (MPG) to MP4 format is fast and easy.

Convert DVD to MP4

Want to know how to convert DVD files to MP4? Check our article about the best DVD-to-MP4 converters and choose one that suits you best!

Convert Video to MP4 Online & Free

Wondering how to convert a video to MP4? Try an online video-to-MP4 converter or use its desktop alternative – Movavi Video Converter.

Old Film Effect

Use Movavi Video Editor Plus to create an old movie effect. Our instructions will help you to do it quickly and easily.

Top 7 DVD Converters

Want to copy a DVD to your PC? Just pick the right DVD converter! Before you choose, read this review of video-to-DVD converters for Windows and Mac!

FLV Converter

Need a fast FLV file converter? You can convert to FLV and back with Movavi! Just download the desktop app or use the online tool!

MP4-to-MKV Converter Online for Free

Need to convert MP4 to MKV or other formats? Use this online MKV converter or a desktop alternative for Windows or Mac and follow the guide.

5 Best Ways to Record Flash Video From a Website

Looking for a way to record a Flash video? Read this article about Flash video capture tools: desktop, online, extension, and mobile apps.

How to Convert Videos for iPod

Need an iPod video converter? Download the Movavi program and convert videos for iPod into formats supported by Apple devices and transfer them with ease.

Burn MP4 to DVD

Do you want to convert MP4 to DVD? Or you need to burn MP4 to DVD? In this article by Movavi, you’ll find free and paid solutions for Mac and Windows.

How to Reduce the Video File Size

Reduce the video size with the Movavi video size converter. Learn how to reduce the file size of a video from this simple tutorial – also useful when working from home.

MXF to MP4: Top 8 Ways to Convert MXF to MP4 on Mac/Windows

Looking for an MXF file converter? In this article, you'll learn how to convert MXF to MP4 with 8 different free and online converters.

Convert Audio to WAV

Need a WAV file converter? This guide shows how to convert audio or video to WAV with Movavi Converter or using an online tool.

MP4 Editor

Looking for a handy MP4 video editor? Download and try for free MP4 editing software from Movavi – Movavi Video Editor!

GIF to MP4

Need GIF-to-MP4 converter software for Mac or Windows? Here, you’ll find some great programs to convert GIF to video, including online options.

MOV Editor

Need to edit a MOV file on Windows or Mac easily and in no time? Movavi Video Editor Plus can be a good MOV video editor for your files. Try it for free right now!

Remove Audio from Video

Wondering how to remove background noise from audio or video or delete the sound? Try Movavi Video Editor Plus – effective audio noise reduction software.

How to Change the Aspect Ratio

Want to maintain the widescreen aspect ratio of your videos or change it to 4:3? Use the aspect ratio changer from Movavi!

How to Trim a Video✂️

Step 1. Download and install the Movavi video trimming software. Step 2. Add the videos you want to edit. Step 3. Trim the footage. Step 4. Save the trimmed video.

Top 7 Ways to Compress MOV File [Online & Free Included]

Do you want to know how to compress MOV files? Here, you’ll find several MOV compressors for Mac and Windows for you to try out.

DAT File Converter

Looking for a DAT converter? Read the guide and discover how to convert DAT files to MP4 and other formats quickly with Movavi Video Converter.

4 Simple Steps to Add Captions to Photos – Movavi Picverse

With our step-by-step tutorial, you can easily learn how to add captions to pictures. Use our software to add captions to photos on Windows 10/8/7 or Mac in no time.

Join AVI Files

Join AVI files using our brief instructions. Download and try for free Movavi Video Editor Plus to merge AVI files!

How to Record Google Hangouts in 2021

Can you record a Google Hangout? We discuss six ways to record Google Hangouts, including built-in tools, online service, and browser extensions.

12 Best Skype Recorders for a Mac

Want to make a Skype recording on a Mac? We explore 12 free Skype call recorders for Macs, including desktop and online apps and built-in tools.

Video Overlay Software

If you want to know how to overlay a video on a video, read our short guide and download Movavi’s software: it has all the video overlay effects you need!

MP4 Cutter ✂️

Need an MP4 trimmer? With Movavi Video Editor Plus, you can trim, cut, and crop MP4 videos quickly and easily! Try it right now!

Video Filters

Want to add filter to a video? Movavi Video Editor Plus offers a wide range of video editing filters and tools.

HD Video Editor

Looking for 4K video editing software? Use Movavi Video Editor Plus: HD and Ultra HD footage processing supported.

7 Best Screen Recorders for Windows 7 (Free)

Do you need a Windows 7 screen recorder? Learn how to record your screen on Windows 7 with desktop & online software and browser extensions.

Convert a Video for Facebook

How to upload a video to Facebook? In this guide from Movavi, you will find the solution, along with a table of video formats supported by Facebook.

Convert TS to MP4

Wondering how to convert TS files to MP4? Download the Movavi's TS file converter for Windows or Mac and follow the step-by-step tutorial.

How to Import Videos to iMovie

Learn how to upload your videos to iMovie and import them to your Apple device with the Movavi iMovie Converter.

AVI-to-MPEG Converter

Looking for an AVI-to-MPEG converter? Try Movavi’s easy-to-use program to convert your AVIs to MPEG or back on Mac or Windows. Read on!

Convert DVD to MPEG or Vice Versa

Need to convert MPG to DVD or DVD to MPG (MPEG)? Just download Mac or Windows version of Movavi Video Converter and follow the simple guide!

MP4 to WebM

How to convert MP4 to WebM? Try an MP4-to-WebM converter from this list! It has 8 best software picks, free and online included.

How to Convert MPEG to WMV

Want to convert WMV to MPEG without fuss? Look no further! Download this Movavi conversion software.

Convert MOV to MPEG

Want to know how to convert MPEG to MOV and vice versa? Download Movavi’s MOV-to-MPEG converter and read this guide to easily transfer any video file.

Top 6 MP4 Converters for Mac: Convert Video to MP4 on Mac

Need an MP4 converter for Mac? Read this article and you’ll learn how to change video format using Movavi Video Converter and other programs.

iTunes Converter

Need to convert your video or DVD to iTunes? Do it with the help of the Movavi iTunes video converter.

Add Subtitles to MP4 🎞️

Want to add an SRT file to an MP4 video? Read the article to learn how to add an SRT file to a video with Movavi Video Converter.

QuickTime Converter

Looking for a QuickTime video converter? The Movavi program can easily convert videos to QuickTime or vice versa. Learn more!

How to Convert AVI to MP4 on Mac without Losing Quality [2021]

Wondering how to convert AVI to MP4 on a Mac? Check out this article to learn different ways to convert your files from AVI to MP4 and MP4 to AVI.

MP4 to WMV: Top 10 Ways to Convert MP4 to WMV [Free&Online]

Looking for an MP4-to-WMV converter? Check out this article to learn the ten best ways to convert MP4 videos to WMV on your Windows or Mac computer.