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Who we are

Movavi is a leading multimedia software developer, with customers in over 100 countries. We have been creating, distributing, and supporting multimedia processing software for almost ten years.

Our offer

Any educational institution - school, college, or university - can get Movavi Video Suite at a lower price by taking advantage of our special offer.

Institutions will also have full access to free technical support, manuals, and tutorials.

Download a demo version of the program now and install it on as many PCs in your institution as you wish. Once your evaluation is complete, just fill in a short form for the number of computers on which you want to use the software, and we will get back to you soon.

About Movavi Video Suite?

Movavi Video Suite* is a Windows-based collection of programs for working with video and audio files; the suite includes a video converter, video editor / slideshow creator, screen capture, video and audio recorder, and other applications. Currently at version 11, the software has been thoroughly field-tested by hundreds of thousands of users around the world.

One of Video Suite's key benefits is the intuitive user interface, making the software a great choice for schools and colleges.

What you can do with Movavi Video Suite:

  • Create video lessons and slideshows using the screen capture app and video editor. Record everything that happens on the computer screen, capture video camera / webcam footage or online video. Edit it using the handy video editor, add titles, and your video guide is ready!
  • Edit 2D and 3D video as well as audio files. Split, trim, or merge scenes, crop video, add subtitles, apply special effects, change backgrounds using the ChromaKey effect.
  • Convert video to or from AVI, WMV, and MOV, save for mobile devices using ready-made presets.
  • Digitize VHS tapes using VHS capture devices.
  • Enhance photo image quality, create photo-based slideshows.

For more details, visit our product detail page.

What can you do with Movavi Video Suite?

Build a class or series of classes to train students in the use of multimedia editing and encoding software.

Use the software to create video-based lessons and other educational materials, including software or website guides, demo videos, and more. Incorporate different multimedia materials to raise students' interest in the lesson topic: biology, geography, history, arts, and more.

Encourage students to create short movies and slideshows for school and leisure projects, vacations, competitions, tours, or performances.

If you decide not to adopt a more permanent license, simply uninstall the software at the end of the free period.

About Movavi

Movavi is a leading multimedia software developer and partners with Intel and NVIDIA to optimize the use of those companies’ graphics hardware in multimedia environments. Movavi software is used by more than four million individuals, schools and businesses in 92 countries.

Along with over 20 standalone applications, Movavi produces a complete multimedia Suite, which includes tools for video conversion, PC screen capturing, video editing, online sharing and disc burning.

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* Movavi Video Suite is a licensed software product. All rights for development and distribution reserved by Movavi.

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