How Did 2020 Change Your Plans for the Summer?

This summer will surely go down in history as one of the strangest, with all the things that have happened in the past few months.

Check all that apply to your personal experience on the board below to see if you owned this season, no matter what.

Ate plenty of watermelon
Got into cooking
Made a fun new dish or drink
Worked out at home
Failed to keep healthy
Went on a shopping spree
Gave myself a haircut
Decluttered my room
Binge-watched a TV show
Read a pile of books
Spent quality family time
Threw a virtual party
Bonded with my pet
Caught pet antics on camera
Had a meeting in pajamas
Learned a new skill
Took up a new hobby
Recreated a piece of art
Tried a TikTok challenge
Explored my state
Found hidden gems in my area
Built a backyard resort
Enjoyed sunny days
Took time to chill

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