Best Anime Streaming Sites
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Best Anime Streaming Sites That Should Top Your List

The Japanese anime has a long history dating back to the 20th century. However, it has become a hot cake with millions of fans across the globe watching it in Europe, America and other parts of the world. The wave of digitization has helped in making it available online for many fans to streamline it online and enjoy the actions of their favorite character. The presence of several anime streams online TV and websites have also contributed positively to the growth and broadcast of anime. Would there be an end to this growth and free online broadcast on TV, mobile phones? No, or perhaps not anytime soon. With accurate information about the best anime streaming sites at your fingertips, you can watch anime for free online alone or with your loved ones. In this post, we have carefully selected the top 10 anime streaming sites that formed our best anime website where you can watch anime for free.

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Top 10 Best Anime Websites to Stream Anime Online


KissAnime is a household name when the talk of watching anime or movies online is raised. The huge fan base is a product of consistency in making sure that their registered fan can watch millions of high-resolution anime free on their site. KissAnime makes it possible to watch both the English sub and dubbed version of any of your fav anime which you can download with their app or alternatively watch on your TV. The availability of offline viewing option on this website makes it rank top among our list of best anime streaming site. Naruto, Attack on Titans, One Punch Man are a few of the popular anime you can view on their website.

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Have you ever watched an anime but the language seems to create a barrier or limit your understanding of the storyline? If so, Crunchyroll is the ideal option for you. One of the top reasons why Crunchyroll features on our list of best anime streaming site is the availability of several versions of anime; both the sub and the English dub version so that non-native speaker can also enjoy the flow.

In addition, it has a high resolution for movies, cartoons and can be assessed with your mobile phone in any country in Asia, America, Europe and some other part of the world. However, you need to register an account to enjoy the premium services of Crunchyroll.

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AnimeXD is a legal and top-ranking anime website to watch your favorite cartoon. The website has a well-organized structure that allows a quick search of the latest released anime. You can also view these anime in episodes however; you would have to create an account with an active mail to enjoy their services. Prompt notification about the release of anime and series is given so you can be sure that you're not kept out of the loop about your favorite anime series. It is also compatible with watching on your mobile phone or TV. High resolution, prompt notification about the scheduled release and official release of an anime/series is what makes it distinct plus little ads.


Like other anime fans, you desire a website that gives you easy and speedy access to your favorite anime either old or new. However, you want it, 9ANIME get you covered. 9ANIME has a superb and organized search option that enables you to search the anime of your choice by genre, date of release or by name. You can be sure of not missing out on the scheduled release of an upcoming anime/series.

With 9Anime, you have little to no worry about ad interruption while watching the cartoon on your mobile phone or cast on your TV. Worry not, the video resolution is of the highest quality.


Chia-Anime has created a name for itself all thanks to its speedy notification. You definitely can't miss out with the speed of light notification Chia-Anime gives you. Anime are also available in both English dub and English sub version hence you need not worry about the language barrier.

Perhaps you may want to know about the feasibility of downloading as many series/episode as you desire? Yes, like KissAnime, you can. However, you may have to put up with numerous ads while you watch anime for free on this top stream website.


Masterani is one of the best anime websites where you can watch anime or stream online. High resolution plus an unlimited number of anime to watch from numerous countries in Europe and America are just a few of what users enjoy. However, the incessant display of ads and Captcha brought about big disapproval from their fans which further led to its shut down. is considered one of the best anime streaming website due to its easy, speedy anime search option. Either you're a fan of watching the old anime or the latest released ones, gets you covered. has a superb updating record that ensures that no episodes are left missing, little wonder they are ranked the best anime websites. It also gives a room for feedback on watched movie or anime so that this rating and review can guide your search options. It is also Android app that can be downloaded to watch your favorite anime on your mobile phone, laptop or TV.


When the name AnimeLab is mentioned, what pops up on the mind of several of its users is the high versatility. It id is compatible with different browsers and diverse electronic gadgets. This perhaps is its area of competitive advantage. This is coupled with the fact that it gives you the choice to streamline anime freely (free account) and a premium account where you have access to an unlimited number of anime both new and old. Worry not, there is little to no ads distraction if you're on the premium account.


AnimeDao is a new anime website; however, not being a veteran is not stopping this website from giving its users the best. There are also multiple options for choosing anime resolution so that you can enjoy your movie in your choosing quality. There are little to no ad interruption plus it is free being that it is still new. Although there is a possibility of several upgrades that needed to be done, however, AnimeDao is a top-ranking website to watch anime online.


With almost two decades of experience, you cannot expect anything short of quality and awesomeness of service. Anime-Planet gives you more than the chance to watch your favorite anime but you can also build a good relationship with other anime lovers on their large community.

There are different websites that permit lovers of anime to stream online at no cost while others come at a premium cost. While all of these websites strive to give you the best, it is understandable that services enjoyed at a premium cost will be better and higher numbers of anime can be accessed compared to free ones. However, it is pertinent to know that not all of these websites can be accessed in all countries. In addition, some have multiple ads interruption and this may bore you.

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