What are the best 360 cameras in 2020?

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January 15, 2020

Top 8 Best 360 Cameras

We don’t see the world through a rectangle window so why should we view our videos and pictures in this way? 360-degree cameras have taken the tech industry by storm with their impressive, mind-blowing features from waterproof durability, panoramic images, live-streaming abilities and more.

We’re here to help you choose the best 360 camera for your needs! Here’s our review of the best 360 camera we have found on the market.

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What Is the Best 360 Video Camera?

GoPro Fusion


Of course, we would start with the brand that changed the camera game, and they’re at it again with their high ultra-resolution 5.2k 360-degree camera. Even though they have front and back cameras, it isn’t technically 360 as they use a feature called OverCapture to capture flat 16:9 videos to create a spherical view. You can also use voice commands for hands-free recording. This GoPro camera does fall into the category of ‘waterproof’, but only to depths of 5m.

GoPro loves to add awesome features to their products and they haven’t skimped on features with this model. They have included GPS, a compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, WiFi, Bluetooth connections, 3D audio and is compatible with all its existing GoPro accessories.

The only feature that hasn’t gone down too well with the photography community is the requirement of two microSD cards for the front and back cameras, which can make data transfer a little fiddly and annoying.

Samsung Gear 360


Normally, we wouldn’t hear BUDGET and SAMSUNG in the same sentence, but when this small, effective camera came on the scene, we had to see what all the fuss was about. We weren’t disappointed! This affordable 360 video camera from Samsung features a small camera globe and is water-resistant, but not waterproof. It works well with both Samsung and iOS smartphones, however not all the features work with iPhones.

The Gear 360 also allows live streaming directly to Facebook and YouTube without the use of a phone, making it an excellent choice for vloggers and influencers. The small LCD helps change the shooting mode between Video, Photo, Time Lapse, Video Loop, and Landscape HDR very easily. The battery life is not something to write home about, but for a price tag of under $100, we can overlook that little inconvenience.

Great for beginners and camera enthusiasts on a budget.

Insta360 ONE


Probably the most portable 360-degree camera on the market, this small pocket device takes great 4K photos and has fantastic built-in editing tools. It connects straight into your iPhone lightning socket (but you have to hold the phone upside down…) and feels reasonably secure, but could benefit from some extra stability. This direct connection provides a fast, reliable connection between the camera and phone. There’s no WiFi connection, however, Bluetooth saves the day and allows live streaming straight to Facebook or YouTube.

Another cool feature this camera has is a slow-mo bullet video feature that allows you to create cool matrix-style videos. This camera was originally made for iPhones only, but now there is an Android adapter available.

Insta360 EVO


The Insta360 Evo is a real competitor in the camera market.

Offering both 3D 180-degree and 2D 360-degree filming modes, it also produces excellent videos and still photos at a maximum resolution of 5.7K. With downloadable apps on both mobile and laptop, users can easily edit and render videos straight from the camera to device, making it easy to use, even for beginners.

However, the battery life is not impressive (1 hour) and even though it looks like a GoPro, it isn’t waterproof and not suitable around the pool. It has an exposed MicroSD card slot, so it’s probably not a good idea to take it out when it's raining. Apart from these setbacks, the Insta360 Evo is a great, versatile all-rounder that ticks all the boxes.

Kodak PIXPRO SP360


Camera giant Kodak has created the PixPro SP360 that captures 16 MP images with their 235-degree spherical lens. A great choice for real estate, however, if you want to shoot at 360-degree, you will need to purchase two of these cameras - Kodak has conveniently put together a dual pack in case you did want 360.

This shock-proof, splash resistant camera connects to your phone via WiFi and Bluetooth and allows live streaming and uploads for photos or videos to Facebook and YouTube. You can also operate it directly from your phone when connected.

Along with its numerous mounting accessories and bundles of editing software, it makes a great portable 360 camera. If you’re willing to buy two.

Nikon KeyMission 360


This device is the ultimate action camera that is able to withstand all the elements. Built for endurance, it is waterproof up to depths of 30m, shock-proof, freeze-proof down to -10 degrees Celsius AND it can survive a drop of 2m.

This adventurous, portable camera produces stunning panoramic 4K imagery and still shots with its impressive prime lenses on both sides. Once you’ve finished shooting photos from the highest mountains, data can then be easily transferred to a PC using KeyMission 360/170 software.

When it comes to this camera’s stamina, the WiFi doesn’t match up and keeps dropping, but apart from that, this device is a trusty, sturdy piece of equipment that suits all adrenaline junkies who don’t want to lose their camera to extreme conditions. So, what is a 360 camera worth to you?

Ricoh Theta V


This stylish camera is small, slim and easy to hold. It’s also super simple to use and easy to set for stills and videos. It only has 19GB of storage and isn’t expandable, but with the smartphone app, you can instantly transfer movies and pictures to your phone to free up space. Don’t worry about WiFi being a problem for transferring as it has an excellent connection as well as a Bluetooth connection.

Another awesome feature of this device is the four microphones it has to capture rich audio and its ability to connect a high-quality external microphone for professional audio capture.

It’s not exactly an action cam, as it’s not waterproof so this camera is a great choice for those who choose style over action.

YI 360 VR


This ambitious cheap camera is something that will impress any semi-pro videographer out there. With its impressive 5.7K resolution, dual-lens system, and built-in image stabilization, this device will blow you away with the stunning imagery it’s able to produce.

Another great feature is its ability to stitch 4K videos without having to connect to a PC or smartphone and kits capability to live-stream 4K 360 videos, thanks to its built-in dual-band WiFi.

If you aren’t looking for something that is waterproof, this camera could be a real contender!

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