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The Seven Best Collaboration Tools in 2020

Working for any large or small organization in 2020, you undoubtedly have come across frictions in your day-to-day work. Often, these frictions are a result of collaborating with your colleagues. From knowing what your colleagues are working on to communicating with remote employees, it can be difficult to effectively collaborate in today’s digital world. This is an unfortunate reality: any business requires a group of motivated, driven individuals who work together to satisfy their customers.

That said, there are several tools that can make our jobs easier. Specifically, online collaboration tools can help us get more done while eliminating some of the typical traps when collaborating with our colleagues.

But what tools to choose? Scanning the internet, you undoubtedly have seen team collaboration software that promises to increase your efficiency and reduce your stress. Yet the fact that there are so many tools is stressful in and of itself.

Because of this, we have collected seven of the best collaboration tools on the internet. Like our other lists, the following tools are not ranked in order of importance. Instead, they are tools that will surely help you collaborate with your colleagues – regardless of the business that you are in.

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The Best Collaboration Software in 2020


Skype is a longstanding tool that helps you communicate with others. Using Skype, you can leverage high definition video calling, audio calling, and text-based communication. If you don’t want to use your personal phone for work calls, Skype can be a great way to make your team more collaborative – regardless of where they are in the world. In addition to basic voice and texting features, Skype allows you to record calls, obtain a local phone number in another country, and leverage screen sharing in video calls.

Ultimately, Skype is one of those tools that has been around for some years but continues to provide value. Skype is available on a wide range of devices, including desktop, mobile, tablet, Xbox, and Alexa. It is free if you are communicating with a Skype user, but if you are calling landlines and mobile phones, there are associated fees.

Google Hangouts

Like Skype, Google Hangouts is a tool that allows a group to better communicate. Using Google Hangouts, you can take advantage of messaging, voice, and video calls. You can have one-on-one conversations with your colleagues or participate in group chats (of up to 100 people).

In your messages, you can even take advantage of things like photos, maps, and even emojis and stickers. Google Hangouts also offers flexibility in your video calls, as you can have group calls with up to 10 people. Google Hangouts also touts its flexibility. Users can sync their chats from device to device and can continue conversations wherever they are.

One of the key benefits of Google Hangouts is that you can leverage all of the features and capabilities that Google offers. For instance, Google Hangouts automatically lists all of your Google contacts, making it easy to find and communicate with those who are already in your contact list.


Bitrix24 is another online tool that allows you to closely work with your colleagues. Bitrix24 sells itself as a web app that offers several key features. For example, Bitrix24 facilitates communications among your team through an activity stream, group chat, calendars, and other tools. It helps you and your team track your time spent on certain projects. It even includes a comprehensive customer relationship management ("CRM") system that can help you improve your conversion rates and provide the first-class service to your customers.

According to the company, over five million organizations have chosen to use Bitrix24. Bitrix24 offers several different types of plans, from a free plan to a professional plan (which costs $199 per month for all users). Obviously, the free plan does not have as many features as the paid plans.


Slack is one of the hottest collaboration tools for business. It is a relatively young startup, but it has already provided immense value for small and large businesses alike. Slack is an app that facilitates communication among members of a team. Unlike traditional email or instant messaging, however, Slack is organized around communities and channels. They allow users to exchange messages and updates throughout the day.

While Slack does take some adjustment, it can be a terrific way to communicate with in-person and remote team members. Teams of every size use Slack and there are affordable options for every organization. Slack is only getting larger, so it helps to at least know how to use Slack should you work with other organizations who heavily rely on the platform.


Trello is another collaborative tool that helps you and your team get more done. Compared to some of the other free collaboration tools on this list, Trello is different in that it is organized around boards, lists, and cards. The bottom line, however, is that these tools help you and your team organize and prioritize projects.

Trello is powerful in that it allows you to get extremely granular when planning out your work. You can add helpful things like comments, attachments, and due dates to any card so that your team members are on the same page. Trello also prides itself on the ability to integrate all of your team’s other apps into your Trello workflow. It also stays in sync on all of your devices, allowing you to add to and monitor your Trello cards and boards while you are on the go.


Canva is a collaborative tool that is focused on design. Using Canva, you can create beautiful illustrations and documents. It prides itself on its ease of use, allowing even the most novice of designers the ability to create compelling, attractive designs. Canva provides a wealth of beautiful templates (some examples include infographics, Facebook and Instagram posts, and posters) that you can use to get started.

Along with great templates, Canva offers millions of images, photo filters, free icons and shapes, and hundreds of fonts. When you are finished with your design, you can easily share it with your team members. Canva offers both free and paid plans. Depending on your organization’s particular needs, one may be more attractive than the others.

Google Docs

Finally, Google Docs can be a terrific tool to help you and your team accomplish your goals. Upon first glance, Google Docs appears very similar to Microsoft Word. But having said that, there are some significant differences. While Microsoft Word is including new collaborative features, Google Docs makes it extremely easy to work on documents in the cloud. If you don’t want a team member to simultaneously work on a document with you, it is also easy to share links to your document once you are finished.

In addition, Google Docs is powerful in that it is built into Google Drive. This means that it is simply easier to navigate to and track other documents that your colleagues have drafted. Your documents are automatically saved to the cloud, giving you the confidence that you will not lose any of your important work.

Start Working Today

By using any of the top applications listed above, you and your team will be in a much better position to accomplish your goals. Any business success requires team members to be in sync. Unfortunately, getting in sync becomes more difficult as an organization grows and as employees are located throughout the world. But by leveraging these online collaboration tools, you can increase your odds of becoming a more cohesive organization.

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