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Edited by Nataly Bogorad

January 13, 2020

Top 6 Best Computers for Photo Editing in 2020

If you want to create fascinating memories from a photoshoot, you need to know the best computer for photo editing. A high-resolution display coupled to sharp discrete graphics and a fast processor should help you get the job done.

With the best desktop computer for photo editing, you can add the right filters and create special effects on your photos. A dedicated media creation system also improves your workstation and helps you get the perfect renders on your pictures.

Read on to discover the top best PCs for photo editing in 2020. Each of these computers is suitable for your photo editing needs as we've not ranked them in any particular order.

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Best PCs for Photo Editing

Dell XPS 15


The XPS 15 comes with a 4K OLED screen that doesn't leave out any color. You'll get to enjoy 626 bits of brightness along with 239% of sRGB color gamut. The monitor also boasts of a host of dramatic, lively colors that also offer incredible contrast – you won't miss out on the tiny details.

XPS 15 is not only about visuals as it comes with impressive performance features. Nvidia GTX 1650 GPU, coupled to a 9th Generation Core i9 CPU ensures that you can seamlessly run your photo editing gigs. 32GB of RAM lets you work with no lag. For file transfers, the 1TB PCLe requires only 10 seconds to transfer close to 5GB of multimedia files.

If you are working on more intensive work, the Nvidia GTX 1650 GPU with 4GB VRAM has got you covered. Alternatively, you could work with the UHD Graphics 630 GPU. The XPS 15's 8:07 battery life should give you enough time to work on your projects.

All these features come along with a slim, attractive design. Do you want to use the laptop on the photoshoot location? You should have an easier time carrying the extra 4.5 pounds.

HP Spectre x360


The Spectre x360 comes with a sharp 15.6-inch 4K display. The 157% of the sRGB spectrum makes up for the slightly dim 4K display (247 bits). Use the super comfortable keyboard to run commands on the Spectre x360 with ease. You could also make the most of the highly responsive HP Active Pen.

On matters performance, 16GB of RAM coupled to an Intel Core i7 processor lets you run multiple programs seamlessly. Spectre's 1TB SSD and the Turbo Boost Tech reinforce its superb performance. The HD Active Stylus Pen comes with thunderbolt support, which helps you create high images.

No power. No worries. With up to 8 hours and 9 minutes of battery life, this elegant machine will give you little to worry about in the darkness.

Apple MacBook Pro


Apple's 15" MacBook Pro is a safe bet for Mac lovers. This Apple machine comes with a Touch Bar along with an Intel Core i7 CPU. Regardless of your editing software, the adaptable Touch Bar lets you work on full-screen mode throughout.

This processor upgrade highlights Apple's commitment to offering faster Intel processors. If you opt for the eight-core Intel Core i9 processor, be sure to leverage the 5GHz Turbo offering.

You'll love the brighter Sharp Retina display, which provides the best possible image. The Radeon Pro 460 GPU, on the other hand, accelerates image creation without compromising on quality. Alternatively, users can go for the AMD Vega 20 graphics along with 4GB HBM2 memory for a faster experience.

For its size (14.9mm thick), the 4 pounds of weight is excellent – carry it around with a lot of ease. You could opt for the 16/32 GB of RAM along with 256GB/512GB/1TB/2TB SSD storage.

Acer Predator Helios 360


Best known for its gaming capabilities, the Helios 360 is an excellent choice for your photo editing needs. This 17-inch Windows machine offers excellent speed for any multimedia work.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 10170 graphics card guarantees top performance primarily as you work with visual effects. This Acer also comes with a 144Hz refresh rate that takes this performance a notch higher.

The Acer Predator comes with a built-in 2TB HDD along with a 512GB SSD and 16GB of RAM – storing media files should not be an uphill task.

For the processor, Helios 360 lets you pick between the 8-core AMD Ryzen processor and the 6-core Intel Core i9. The former option should work well for video editing. While the full HD IPS display provides a memorable gaming experience, you can make the most of it as you create crystal clear images.

With five copper heat pipes, the Helios 360 has little to no trouble at all taking care of excess heat. Are you working for long hours? Increase fan speed with CoolBoost and ensure that the critical areas remain cool. The two intakes and four exhausts also guarantee a constant cycle of cool air.

Want to ace your presentation? Plug in up to three displays via the USB Type C, HDMI 2.0, and DisplayPort.

HP ZBook X2


Are you looking for a flexible tool for your creative work? The slightly pricey HP ZBook X2 is a great option. The matte 4K display and high-end stylus provide a professional experience for photographers and other digital artists. With a chemical coating, the slightly rough touch screen could easily pass as a drawing paper.

Creatives get to leverage the multiple resolutions available on the 14-inch 4K display. This DreamColor display provides a host of colors you can use to create the perfect image. The 178% of sRGB color gamut performs way better than what you'll find in an average workstation.

The Bluetooth keyboard and shortcut keys help you navigate to your preferred stylus. Find the shortcut keys on the sides of the screen and use them when you choose to work without the keyboard. You can preset these buttons as you deem fit and switch between functions.

The ZBook comes with an 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor for an excellent performance. You'll also find 512GB SSD, 32GB of RAM, as well as 2GB of VRAM in the Nvidia M620 GPU. With these specs, you won't experience any hint of lag.

Bar the average GPU and 4 hours of battery life; the ZBook X2 is suitable for all your photo editing gigs.

Microsoft Surface Book 2


The 8th Generation Core i7 CPU, along with the GTX 1060 GPU, guarantees top performance from the Microsoft Surface Book 2. This powerful laptop doubles up as a great tablet – detach the screen for the tablet experience. You can always pass around your unfinished work to colleagues.

Edit your photos epically on the vibrant 3240 by 2160 display. This impressive display highlights all the features of your 4K image. If you have honed your pen skills, you'll love the touchscreen control from the Surface Pen stylus.

With slightly over 12 hours of battery life, Microsoft Surface Book 2 lets you work on your photos all day long. Are you looking for something lighter? The 13.5-inch option is a safe bet – you'll, however, to make do with its GTX 1050 graphics.

As you think about the best computer for photo editing, keep in mind the screen resolution, graphics card, memory, storage, processor, weight, and battery life of the computer. These top computers should help you create beautiful memories with your photos.

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