Movavi Photo Editor

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January 4, 2020

6 Best Free Digital Art Software

If you are planning to venture into digital art, or are in already, you will realize that you have many options relating to the best programs for digital art. But before you make your choice, you may have to look at your budget since some of these digital software are free while others come in paid versions. You may want to try the best free digital art software if you are a beginner, but pros who already know how to use these tools can install premium versions on their Windows and Mac desktops.

The 6 Best Programs for Digital Art

A simple internet search will haul up different websites with information on the best programs for digital art. Some artists will experience challenges trying to select the best tool for their computer. Many factors may help you to make the best choice, and they include resolution of the final images, your computer hardware, and software, and, of course, your budget. To make it a bit easier for you, we have compiled a list of six best software for digital art.

Movavi Photo Editor

If you are looking for an easy-to-use image editing software, Movavi Photo Editor is the way to go. This desktop photo editor has all the tools and features you need to turn snapshots of your wedding party, vacations, or family get-together into spectacular shots that tell a moving story. Some outstanding features of this picture editor include the following:

  • AI Adjustment: This feature will improve the contrast and enhance the color of your pictures in a single click.
  • Detail Enhancer: This tool allows you to edit a particular area of your photos. You can improve an area of low quality, or apply a new color to an object, or get rid of that annoying pimple on the cheeks of the bride.
  • Frames: To make your images stand out from the pack, this tool lets you add customizable frames.
  • Remove unwanted objects: Unclutter your family picture by removing unwanted objects such as trees, rocks, and others, from the field of view.

To enjoy all these fantastic features, you will need to go for the paid version of this program. Nevertheless, you can try them out via the free trial version before committing.

Movavi Photo Editor

The easiest way to turn any snapshot into an eye candy

  • Improve quality and retouch blemishes
  • Add effects and filters
  • Crop, straighten, and flip pictures
  • Change image backgrounds and remove objects


The list of the best digital art software would never be complete without mentioning the age-old Photoshop from Adobe. For the last three decades, Photoshop has hogged the PCs and mobile devices of most artists, but competition is now coming in quite strongly.

Available for both Windows and Mac devices, this image editor has a litany of high-end tools to produce professional photographs. Even with the stiff competition, the latest update should put it firmly in top position. However, it is subscription-based, so these top features come at a price. But you will love the fact that it is stable and the de-facto standard when it comes to image editing.

Despite its great features, Photoshop has some challenges which may serve to drive artists to other alternatives. It does not offer vector support and has a steep learning curve; hence, not so convenient for beginners.


Just like Photoshop, CorelDraw has been around for quite some time now, but only for Windows. However, in 2019 Corel announced the release of a Mac version, complete with Touch Bar support and a browser-based app for creating and editing images on the go. The release catapulted CorelDraw onto the list of the best digital art software for 2020.

Bundled as CorelDraw suit, this art software avails a wide range of tools, ranging from vector design, and photo editing to web and printing. To help polish your artistry further, an AI-powered LiveSketch feature is available for you.

However, all these top features come at a price because CorelDraw is one of the most expensive image creation and editing programs available. You may have to pay this price if you are out to create a professional portfolio that attracts clients.

Corel Painter

With three decades of development under its hood, Corel Painter has everything an artist would need. The 2019 version boasts of over 900 preset tools to help you customize any image or creation. The sheer number of tools and brushes should keep you experimenting for days, if not weeks, with this software. It can turn you into a full-fledged studio designer, that is if you know how to use it.

Corel Painter has always been top-notch, but previous computer hardware and software couldn't allow users to exploit its full potential. You may have experienced brush stroke lag while working on your older PC because this art software requires high-speed RAM and clock speeds of about 4Ghz.

Get a high-end PC to enjoy better results working with Corel Painter. Luckily for you, this software is best for Windows, and most Windows-based devices are not as expensive as macOS machines.


Most graphics processing programs have hundreds of features and multi-level nested menus which make their interfaces to be quite complicated for the average user. However, you won't face such challenges using Sketch Book. This program sports a minimal straightforward interface that shows tools only when you need them.

You will also have a variety of drawing tools at your disposal, and they include inks, markers, pencils, and about 190 customizable brushes for every texture and shape. If you are starting in the worlds of digital illustrations, you will welcome the built-in assistive wizards to help you tackle such technicalities as radial symmetry and predictive stroke.

Affinity Designer

With the precise control over curves, advanced blend modes, brush stabilization, and an almost infinite zooming capability, the Affinity Designer is one of the best digital art software for both Windows and Mac devices.

The latest upgrade, v1.7, has added support for the Apple Pro Display XDR monitor; hence, you can enjoy higher resolution images from this program. You will also find support for the iPad so you can create and edit images on the go. This program can also be tweaked to run faster, especially when using the dedicated vector tool.

Affinity Designer also comes at a relatively low price compared to other software; hence, one of the best programs for digital art you can find on the premium version. The confusing interface may not dampen the fact that this program has great features and a companion iPad app for use while on the go.

What makes the best programs for digital art?

You will find thousands of digital art software out there, and it may be confusing to choose the best one for your needs. To select the most appropriate software, consider the following points:

  • User-friendliness: find out if it is easy to use.
  • Compatibility with drawing tablets: You may need to work on your projects on the go, so you may want a digital art software that works on tablets as well.
  • Available learning materials: To help you master the skills required.
  • An active community of users: You can learn from their experience.

Choosing from a variety of paid and the best free digital art software shouldn't be a big challenge if you know what to look for and are sure to use it. If you are unsure which program to pick, you can consider downloading and installing Movavi Photo Editor to start your journey to graphics creation and editing.

Movavi Photo Editor

The easiest way to turn any snapshot into an eye candy

  • Improve quality and retouch blemishes
  • Add effects and filters
  • Crop, straighten, and flip pictures
  • Change image backgrounds and remove objects