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January 8, 2020

Top 6 Best Drawing Software for Windows and Mac 2020

Are you ready for the next big challenge as a digital artist but don't know the best drawing software to include in your inventory? We've got you covered.

Today's digital artist has many drawing programs at their disposal. With the best digital drawing software, you can bring all your creative ideas to life.

These apps will boost confidence in your work and help you paint faster. Once you are clear on your drawing needs, you should have a more straightforward time picking the most suitable program. Take a look at the best drawing programs for PC.

Best Drawing Programs for Windows and Mac


Designers world-over have at one point, or another used this de facto drawing tool. The mainstream drawing tool is suitable for Windows and Mac devices.

Whether you are creating logos, packagers, or icons, this drawing app will deliver the goods. Photoshop also works fine for comic book pages and concept thumbnails.

In its early days, Photoshop was the go-to-place for photographers looking to edit their images. Digital art has since added to the growing list of industries that rely on the app.

If you fancy your ideas, don't think twice about starting with a blank canvas. You can always create a masterpiece from uploaded images. It all boils down to your preferences.

With numerous smooth brushes under its belt, artists can create the perfect image. Leverage the superb preset panel and sort your favorite brushes with ease. You also get to enjoy more control over each stroke - your ability will be the only limitation.

From animations to video games, cartoons, and feature films, Photoshop has what it takes to boost your career. The app keeps growing in popularity thanks to its sleek user interface, high versatility, and constant updates.

Use the PSD files with any other Adobe program with little trouble. With such features, artists have an easier time using Photoshop along with other apps depending on their workflow. Find solutions to any hick-ups from the vast wealth of information online.


Are you looking to walk away from traditional art? BlackInk may be the right drawing software for you. This app is all about making the most of digital strengths as you enjoy the power of generative art. Get great inspiration from your computer that will now serve as a creative tool.

Create customized brushes with the innovative controller system. If you must use real brushes, opt for what artists have shared in the app's community. With BlackInk, you don't have to settle for realistic brushes. The creative possibilities are endless, to say the least.

Give your 2D paintings a new lease of life with the fantastic controllers. With an infinite number of combinations, create an image that you'll like. The image-based color and gradients add to the numerous innovative functions.

For fast performance, BlackInk offers GPU rendering technology. This feature allows you to make light work of any task and create 10K pictures in the process.

Art is all about trying out new ideas, and BlackInk allows you to do just that. While BlackInk offers impressive features, it may not be the best bet for beginners.

Corel Painter

Corel Painter comes with a host of tools for all your drawing expeditions. Illustrators and designers can take advantage of this tool for pros.

The drawing app offers more than 900 brushes along with one-of-a-kind particles. This assortment of brushes allows you to paint anything that comes to mind. For exclusive control over your art, use the 2.5D brush toolset.

Are you looking to create more-detailed paint? Use the thick paintbrushes and give the world of art something to savor. The pattern pens, on the other hand, ensure that you ace all your pattern images.

The program is an excellent choice for artists who appreciate traditional mediums. Messy brushwork, for example, ensures that you can transform the digital canvas into a beautiful work of art.

Budding artists can learn and perfect their craft with numerous video tutorials on offer. While it may be tough for beginners, concept artists will appreciate the value that this staple app offers.

With the intuitive user interface and a pinned color wheel, you also get to complete detailed pieces.

Corel Painter has been around for a while. Ardent users will tell you that its features are as useful as any painting app you'll find in today's market – if not better.


With Leonardo, you won't have to worry about your system's hardware. The app is suitable for painting, sketching, tracing, and drawing. You could also use the drawing program for your whiteboard projects.

Leonardo also comes with an impressive brush engine along with an infinite canvas. Create high-resolution paintings without any struggle. For smoother lines, count on the perspective tools to stabilize your images.

If you are working with an age-old Windows PC, Leonardo has got you covered. Although the app is light on resources, you'll still accomplish your drawing task with ease.

Besides your pc, you could also use Leonardo with touch-screen Windows tablets, including Wacom, surface book, and surface pro. In this case, you'll need a digital pen to draw your images. The highly scalable interface facilitates this provision.

The intuitive user interface allows you to complete your projects in no time. Whether you are right- or left-handed, Leonardo's interface should work well for you.


CorelDRAW recently made its way into the Mac market with its 2019 release. Touch Bar support is one of the standout features of this drawing app that gives you an assortment of professional photo editing tools.

Engineers can use the PowerTRACE feature to create vector images from their bitmaps. The app's design tools give you more freedom and speed with your drawings.

With CorelDRAW's browser-based app, you get to draw anywhere, anytime. The LiveSketch feature complements the plethora of tools available on the suite. Enjoy better control and more creativity as you complete your digital images.

While you may need to spend a lot on most of these top-notch features, CorelDRAW offers excellent value for money. The cloud feature allows you to share your creative work with ease, regardless of your system.


For an open-source, free experience, try Inkscape. The object creation and manipulation features, allow designers to create the first draft of their images. Add a little color with the color selector before using the node editing feature.

Create straight and freehand lines along with 3D boxes with the app's basic toolset. The effects section provides for shadows, blurs, glows, and textures in a bid to give your drawings a special touch.

Inkscape also gives you the leeway to use pretty much any file format. Take things a little farther forward with the multi-line text support and path conversion features.

If you encounter any challenges along the way, reach out to the app's international community. There's someone willing to lend a helping hand.

Designers and engineers can also use this powerful tool to create vector images. Once you finish drawing, you could switch to the Illustrator feature of this powerful program.

Whether you are a seasoned artist or a novice, these drawing apps will prove to be a game-changer in your drawing career. Before you settle on the most suitable drawing software, think about your hardware and drawing needs.

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