Best Educational Websites
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Best Free Online Courses

The saying that learning never ends is one whose meaning never fades. It is important that you keep educating yourself as it opens you up to more opportunities in life: whether it is job offers, leadership positions or teaching positions. Passing up an offer to learn is a decision you should be wary to make.

Now, to make the learning process easier for you, there are free learning websites where you can grab an opportunity to learn something new. With over 3,000 huge open online courses from universities and course providers worldwide, there is no reason for you not to further your well of knowledge. These free online classes can be taken anywhere and anytime, and we have put together a list of the very best so that you have good, top opportunities to learn.

If you want to make online learning more productive, try recording the webinars and rewatching them as frequently as you need on your computer or smartphone. The software we recommend for this is Movavi Screen Recorder. This program can record online courses and webinars and will save your time and effort with its simple interface and the ability to save the recording in the format which works best on your device. Now, when you know this online learning lifehack, let’s get to the best educational websites!

Top Free Educational Websites


This is one of the best online courses websites with a wealth of interactive sessions using textbooks, tutorial videos, projects, and quizzes. You get free access to the course of your choice and materials needed to complete it too. From programming course to courses for business, Coursera offers it all. You can connect with other learners like yourself to build a long-lasting network, swipe ideas and build a long-lasting community.

Coursera has open university free course from a wide list of universities and also offers very detailed specializations which allow you to build and develop professional skills and knowledge which are in high demand by top ranking industries. In this way, you are well equipped to get a job in any field of your choice depending on the course you have taken on the Coursera website.


This is an educational website where you can get some of the best free online courses. A great place to learn from experts, Udemy gives you the opportunity to gain quality education for next to nothing. You get great value for courses with instructors who are passionate to see you learn. With over 80,000 courses taught by qualified teachers, there is a course for everything you want to learn so you get a broad list of options to choose from.

Udemy partners with many universities to give you some of the best free online college course and one of its best features is that classes can be accessed from many different devices and platforms.


Alison is a platform where you can take free online classes from leading professionals from all over the world. Alison teaches you to have a more educated and professional approach to your career and gives you an opportunity to progress in your professional journey.

If you have a busy schedule, you can schedule your lasses for periods when you are free and can also learn from the comfort of your home. Alison opens the doors for new opportunities through the many courses it offers, and you can choose to take any to better advance in whatever field you are interested in. You also get to interact with other people interested in the same field of study as you are.

Stanford Online

From anywhere around the world, you can get a free education by taking courses offered by Stanford Online, one of the best online learning sites. When you join the Stanford community, you get access to a global network of learners who encourage you to relentlessly chase your dreams, whatever they are.

Stanford offers educational opportunities to people regardless of age, region or background. Classes are very interactive with the use of recordings, podcasts, videos and quizzes given to students. In the major partnership with Stanford University, each course offered is created by one or more of the world-class teachers and professors from the university.

Open Yale Courses

With an extensive list of offered courses, Open Yale Courses gives free access to courses taught by professional Yale teachers and scholars. With no required registration, you can discover many unique courses of study relating to a particular field.

Courses can be scheduled according to the availability of the student taking the course to ensure that full value is impacted. Lectures are recorded in the Yale College classroom and are made available to students in video, audio and text formats so that all topics relating to a course are covered. Indeed this is one of the best online training sites!


OpenLearn is one of the best educational websites with free online training courses. With free registration, anyone can learn on the site. OpenLearn personalizes the learning process for you as you can track your courses and how much progress you’ve achieved in them, get Statements of Participation and earn digital badges as you go further in courses.

You can register to learn with OpenLearn from anywhere in the world as distance learning is made possible for you. All you need to do is schedule your classes and show up. With consistency and a determination to learn, doors are opened for you to further whatever career it is that you are interested in.


Lynda has a very huge library that allows you unlimited access to find whatever educational material that you need. Teachers are dedicated to seeing that adequate knowledge is imparted and are passionate about their jobs as teachers so they make sure to teach to the best of their ability.

Courses from Lynda can be accessed from any platform and device and are open to students committed to learning from around the world. From business to technology, to software and creative skills, Lynda offers courses for everyone. These courses are taught through engaging text and videos and come in five languages so that courses can be taken at a global scale.


Udacity, one of the best free educational websites, offers the opportunity for a groundbreaking learning experience. With the necessary tools for you to advance your career, Udacity boasts of hands-on learning through an immersive curriculum with interactive content for users to find learning an enjoyable process. You have access to a dynamic network of people with like-minded goals.

Udacity has many courses which you can explore to find the right match for you and after you pick one, you can then begin your path to success. Skilled teachers are available to guide you through the learning process so that you on completion of the course, you leave a better person than you were before you started learning with Udacity.


NovoEd is popularly known as the online education courses platform for the modern learner. With a wide range of courses that can be accessed anywhere around the globe and from any device, NovoEd focuses on giving value to willing students through a social and engaging curriculum.

NovoEd is focused on training students to be the best on a global scale in whatever career choice they venture in. Online education is made easier through the thorough teachers who ensure that students enjoy the learning process and finish their respective courses better than they were when they started.

Now you have a list of the best online course platforms that offer the best free online courses. Do you still remember our lifehack on how you can enhance your learning process using Movavi Screen Recorder? Here’s the time to try it! The Screen Recorder provides you with all the necessary tools needed for you to record screen with audio. It can be webinars, live classes or a video session, Movavi Screen Recorder ensures that you have a comprehensive learning pathway, so ensure to download the app.