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Top 14 Free Live Sports Streaming Sites for Real-Time Sports Fanatics

Are you one of the millions of sports fanatics out there looking for the best free live sports streaming sites? If you answered yes to that, then, I think we should have a quick chat.

The fast-paced modern life makes it difficult to sit around all day waiting for some fixed matches. And while others may think it is just a game, it is so much more for football fanatics. This is why they follow sports schedules religiously.

However, time is a luxury we can’t afford today. With our everyday busy schedules to work and religious schedules and other things in between, it can be pretty difficult to watch fixed matches on the television.

Sometimes the channel may not even show the sport due to certain restrictions. Can it get worse?

Well, here's some good news for you. Yay!

Thanks to the advent of the internet and mobile devices, you can now enjoy free live sports streaming on the go.

All you need is an internet connection and bang! Your favorite sport is streaming live on your smartphone, laptop, or PC. Too good to be true, right?

Even better, we have compiled a list of the top best free sports streaming sites to make it easier to get started.

Want to record the highlights of live matches to watch again later? Then check our guide on how to download videos from websites:

Note: each of the sites reviewed below has its unique features, as such, none is ranked higher than the other. They are all amazing!

14 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites in 2020

Fox Sports

Fox Sports ensures football fanatics never miss the show. This free live sports streaming website features several sports like soccer, boxing, bowling, NFL, golf, tennis, UFC, Olympics and lots more. Without paying a dime, you get to enjoy every sports game as they are being played and get sports news too. Go live on the go!


Touted as one of the good websites to stream sports, WatchESPN boasts one of the largest collection of sports activities. Here, you can watch football, cricket, rugby, NBA G league, boxing, and a host of other games. One of its outstanding features is the fact that it comes with an official app that is compatible with both iPhones and Androids, making it even easier to follow live games without breaking a sweat. Just incredible!

Yahoo! Sports

It is no doubt that Yahoo! Sports is one of the go-to sites for free online sports streaming among sports fanatics. This site is popularly known for providing real-time information on several sports categories. Yahoo! Sports allows you to enjoy uninterrupted hours of sports moment in any device and at any geographical location – network permitting. Join thousands of football fans every day with Yahoo! Sports!

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Sony LIV

Consisting of both freemium and premium packages, Sony LIV brings the game to you irrespective of your device or geographical location. You no longer have to worry about your busy schedules as Sony LIV provides HD quality of every sports game airing across the globe. From the comfort of your home or office or even in a bus or train, you can catch several sports games including cricket, WWE, tennis, NBA, football, racing, and so much more. Do not allow a busy schedule to steal your love for the game. Go live with Sony LIV!

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LAOLA1 offers both free and paid services. Although an Australia-based sports streaming site, die-hard football fans can catch several sports game across the globe. LAOLA1 offers everything from basketball, table tennis, football, to volleyball and lots more. Therefore, you are sure to stay connected with the global sports irrespective of your location. Super fun!


Like the name rightly puts it, this site allows anyone with an internet connection to stream free high-quality live sports in any of the featured categories. At Sport, you are given the opportunity to follow live sports anywhere in the world. All you have got to do is to connect your phone, PC or laptop to the internet and choose your favorite sport from the category – sports listed include hockey, baseball, rugby, basketball, tennis, football, volleyball, handball, etc. And boom, you are live with the players!

Sony Pictures Sports Network

The India-based live sport streaming network allows anyone with a mobile device and internet connection access to the world of sport. As part of the Sony network, this sports site is specially designed to cater to all your sports needs. From WWE, football, basketball, to cricket and other sports in between, Sony Pictures Sports Network has got you covered.


This is yet another amazing free sports streaming site. StreamWoop brings the world of sport to your home, office, or anywhere else you are in the globe. Here, you can follow sports events ranging from ice hockey, golf, baseball, basketball, US football, to tennis and so much more. StreamWoop makes it easy to stay up-to-date without your TV. Think live streaming, think StreamWoop.

Hotstar Sports

Hotstar Sports is especially popular in India, however, it is home to several sports game airing anywhere in the world. Here, you can catch your favorite sports and watch your favorite player in any of the featured categories. Hotstar Sports offers live videos on cricket, hockey, martial arts, football, kabaddi, table tennis, golf, boxing and a host of other sports activities. Stuck at work? Catch hot live games on Hotstar Sports!

VIP League

Although the name sounds like you will need to put out some cash before watching the game, it is, in fact, one of the best free live sports streaming websites on the planet. With nothing but an internet connection, you can watch all of your favorite sports including [but not limited to] boxing, tennis, baseball, UFC, football, rugby, and cricket. Like the official website says, VIPLeague is a place to get everything live and free!


Notoriously known for catering to the thirst of die-hard football fans over the years, MamaHD is indeed a household name among sports fanatics across the globe. This free sports streaming website boasts a wide selection of sports activities including [of course, not limited to] basketball, tennis, football, NHL, NFL, boxing, and UFC. Besides connecting you with your favorite sports, you get to chat with millions of sports fans all over the world. Think sport, think MamaHD!


Like most free sports streaming websites, SportRAR allows die-hard football fans to follow live matches on the go. It sucks when a match is on and you are away from your television. SportRAR, together with other free live sports streaming sites, helps to bridge the gap by bringing the game to you. You can watch every sport from football, tennis, judo, rugby, volleyball, hockey, baseball, to handball and a lot more. SportRAR ensures that you never miss a moment with your favorite sport and players. Go live with SportRAR!


Do you want a site that tells it all? Then, visit LiveSoccerTV today! This freemium sport streaming site offers information on every sport you can think of. In addition, they provide information on competitions, past matches, and different teams. To enjoy a date with your favorite sport anywhere in the world, kindly visit the official website address and choose the category of your choice. Absolutely incredible!


And the last but not the least is a renowned sports streaming website dubbed FootyBite. This sports site is specially designed for football fanatics. It features everything from live matches, La Liga, Premier league, Serie-A and a whole lot more. You can also watch past matches, and the French league 1. Don’t let the pain of missing a match bite you all day. Go live with FootyBite.

Thanks to these free live sports streaming sites, you can now catch any sports match airing across the globe from any location you may be. You do not need a TV set or a cable or subscription to watch your favorite players play. These buddies have got you covered! Even more, the Movavi Screen Recorder allows you to record highlights of live matches or the complete match to watch at a later date. The fun lives on!