Best Camera and Smartphone Stabilizers

Explore the best gimbals in 2020:

  • Benro Red Dog R1 Handheld Stabilizer
  • Hohem iSteady Pro 2
  • GoPro Karma Grip
  • And more!

Edited by Nataly Bogorad

January 13, 2020

The Best Gimbals of 2020

Unavoidable jolts and shakes often occur when filming an event, resulting in the poor quality of the footage. Sometimes having the best camera may not necessarily guarantee a great video if you have no means to stabilize your images. To produce stable shots, even with a cheap camera, you need the best GoPro gimbal.

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The Six Best GoPro Gimbals for 2020

You can use these best gimbals for DSLR, smartphones, action cameras, and mirrorless cameras. But you are looking for a video stabilizer that works efficiently with your GoPro; hence, the need for this helpful information on the best GoPro gimbal to use. Whether you are shooting a movie for a client or personal use, you don't have to compromise on quality. Here are six best gimbals you may consider for your video shooting job.

Benro Red Dog R1 Handheld Stabilizer


The tripod gurus, Benro, have entered the gimbal game guns blazing with their recently announced first line of gimbals. It should tell you that video stabilizers have become more popular and will continue to draw more manufacturers. You can expect more brands to hit the market in the coming years and need to keep your eye out to choose the very best depending on the type of your camera and your bank balance.

The Benro Red Dog Handheld Stabilizer is compatible with mirrorless cameras and DSLR weighing up to 1.6kg. This gimbal works best with Sony and Panasonic cameras because it fits special compatibility features such as shutter controls and the zoom control with Sony Power Zoom lenses. So, if you are planning to use the Red Dog, be sure to purchase a Sony or Panasonic camera for best results.

Designed to facilitate different video shooting angles, the Red dog features a unique swivel handle that not only makes it easy to transport but also offers various shooting modes. These modes are as follows:

  • Locked-down – keeps the camera locked on the subject
  • Horizontal follow - for panning around corners smoothly
  • Universal follow – for going around the subject

You will also cherish the long battery life and durable construction of the Red Dog but may not fancy some of its features because they only work with specific brands. Nevertheless, this gimbal is the right choice if you have a CSC or a light DSLR.

Hohem iSteady Pro 2


If you have a GoPro action camera, you can combine it with the iSteady Pro 2 gimbal to shoot amazing cinematic videos because it offers excellent stability alongside helpful shooting modes. In the pan Following Mode, the tilt and roll axes are locked to ensure the camera stays level as you pan left or right for smooth camera motion. The Pan and Tilt Following Mode locks the roll axis so your camera can move left or right, up or down smoothly. You will also love the All Locked Mode, which enables the camera to point in the same direction regardless of your movements. The All Following Mode is also crucial as it allows the camera to follow your actions on all the three axes.

An impressive inbuilt 4000mAh 3.7V rechargeable battery should give you about 12 hours of action time using this gimbal. This power unit has a 2-way charging capability that allows you to use the gimbal's power to charge your phone. You can replenish the gimbal's power via a portable power unit such as a power bank. Other features include:

  • Trigger button/ Sport mode/ Quick transition
  • Hohem Gimbal app to enable easy upgrade from your mobile phone
  • Compatibility with GoPro and other action cameras
  • Splash proof

Zhiyun Smooth Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer


This handheld gimbal stabilizer works best with an iPhone. Did you know that many of the videos you see on the internet were shot from an iPhone? Well, your iPhone may be all you need to create Instagram stories, funny videos, and more professional video content. However, to produce crisp and smooth movie clips, which are devoid of the shakes and jolts common when shooting videos, you need the best smartphone stabilizer.

The Zhiyun Smooth Handheld Stabilizer offers a variety of controls to stabilize your video. They include a large wheel for focusing or zooming, so you can have a tactile experience using this gimbal. Another feature is the creation of many beneficial effects if you pair the gimbal with an app. The gimbal inserts these effects into your live footage so you won't need a third-party video editor for effects. You may like the Vertigo function that creates a perspective-shifting dolly effect on your video clip.

GoPro Karma Grip


Designed for filming sports, this gimbal offers fantastic videos and is easy to use. You can fit it to your helmet or carry it in your hand to shoot your action videos. Best for GoPro cameras, this device features a built-in camera monitor that allows you to start/pause recording, power on/off, as well as switch between the different movie shooting modes.

It is compatible with many GoPro cameras, which include GoPro Hero 7 Black, Hero 6 Black, Hero 5 Black, Hero 4 Black, and Hero 4 Silver.


  • Removable grip
  • Integrated buttons for camera control
  • Inbuilt camera monitor
  • Lightweight and portable


  • For GoPro cameras only
  • Short battery life – only 2 hours
  • Quite expensive

iGadgitz Pistol Grip Stabilizer and Mini Lightweight Table Top Stand Tripod


The iGadgitz Pistol Grip Stabilizer and Mini Lightweight Table Top Stand Tripod is a unique gimbal since it combines the power of the tripod and the pistol grip stabilizer. You can shoot both still and video images better than using any other gimbal. Suitable for DSLR, SLR, and many types of digital cameras, this iGadgitz is convenient for both the novice and professional video producers.

This gimbal is a great accessory for video shooters as you can use it as a mini tabletop tripod with a locking tripod head of 110° of movement, or as a handheld pistol grip to let you take videos and still photos without worrying about camera shakes or jolts. It is also suitable for GoPro cameras, but you will need an adapter to fit the camera to the gimbal.

Other features include:

  • Tripod with rubber feet for stability
  • Adjustable joints to enable the smooth transformation from tripod to pistol grip
  • Compact and lightweight – tripod weighs only 85g and is only 10 cm tall

MOZA Mini-MI Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer


If you are looking for a cheap gimbal but which packs all the features you need for a fantastic video shooting experience, the MOZA Mini-MI won't disappoint. This smartphone gimbal sports a sleek semi-hard plastic case, a micro USB charging cable, and a mini tripod. However, if you are used to a compact smartphone stabilizer, you might find the MOZA a little too heavy – it weighs 543g, 50 g heavier than your average gimbals.

Nevertheless, it compensates for its stocky design with the following features:

  • Wireless phone charging capability to supply your phone with constant power
  • Super follow modes – each axis can be controlled individually by eight follow modes
  • Four mounts for creative combination – you can include a mic or flashlight or a tripod
  • Cinematic camera control via the MOZA app

Parting shot

Producing amazing videos requires a good camera and the right video stabilizer for smooth video shooting experience. The best gimbal will help you obtain great footage which you can then enhance through an efficient editor such as the Movavi Video Editor Plus to create spectacular films.


Movavi Video Editor Plus

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  • Animate objects using keyframes, use more built-in media
  • Export videos in any popular format

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