Best Tripods for iPhone in 2020

Read our review of some of the best iPhone tripods:

  • Eocean Selfie-Stick Tripod
  • DJI OSMO Mobile 2
  • Joby GripTight PRO TelePod
  • And some others!

Edited by Nataly Bogorad

January 14, 2020

Top 6 Best iPhone Tripods

Smartphone technology is at an all-time high and instead of investing in high-quality cameras, many of us are investing in high-quality phones. Luckily, we can get great images from your iPhone, but, in order for our iPhone to start acting like professional cameras, we need to get the right equipment. Sometimes, pictures taken on a smartphone or iPad can appear blurry, and it's often challenging to create a true, stable image.

To solve this issue, some kind of stabilizing support is needed to steady your phone and get that perfect shot. Traditional tripods can be a great idea but they don't go very well with the slim-line design and compact nature of an iPhone. Even though there are many adaptors and holders that enable you to mount your phone onto a tripod, a more practical solution would be to buy a mini-support product that's tailor-made for your phone.

iPhone tripods are fantastic pieces of equipment for anyone who is serious about getting those perfect shots and making high-quality videos with their iPhone. Not only are they sturdy and secure, but they are also made to be portable, flexible and very simple to use.

There are many tripods for iPhones on the market. Some tripods are small and designed to slip into your pocket, and can be used as selfie sticks. Others come fully equipped with a remote, a tripod stand, and other useful attachments, all squeezed into a portable case. Whichever design you decide is the best iPhone tripod for you, many are easily accessible and can be purchased from big brand stores such as Apple, Amazon, Target, or Walmart.

Here's our pick of the best iPhone tripods we have found on the market.

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Top 6 Tripods for iPhones

Eocean Selfie-Stick Tripod


As far as selfie sticks go, this one is a versatile and popular option for DIY video options. With countless positive reviews on Amazon, a cheap market price of under $20 and all the add-ons included, this unique tripod is an excellent all-rounder.

One of its best features is the rechargeable, wireless remote which clips into one of the tripod legs easily when it's not being used. Other iPhone tripods design their remote to be completely separate from the device, making them very easy to lose! Simply connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth and take your photo using your iPhone from a distance. This can also be used for video recording.

With a seven section telescoping stick of up to 40in, this tripod stands tall when compared with other iPhone tripods. It also has a 360-degree rotation ball head design, which allows you a wider shooting range.

Its bendable tripod legs with non-slip pads and adjustable smartphone holder that is fastened by screw results in sturdier photos and videos and provides a very secure grip.

This aluminum miniature tripod weighs a mere 7oz and folds perfectly into your luggage. Perfect for any traveler who has limited space, but also wants all the functions of a high-quality iPhone tripod.

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod


This ‘table-top tripod' is simple to use, elegantly designed and great value for money. Its foldable legs provide sturdy support and can be easily closed for vlogging or selfies. Made by a trusted, well-known brand Manfrotto, it proudly wears its iconic logo at the front that compliments this attractive design.

The best feature of this tripod is the pivoting ball head and impressively strong clamp that secures any smartphone well while rotating it to any angle with a press of a button. This easy set-up enables you to position and locks the pivoting ball in one quick move, so you get your perfect shot and move on quickly which is great for people on the go.

This trustworthy tripod has an aluminum design and rubberized feet, which means that it can hold very light smartphone designs such as the iPhone 8, 7, 6 Plus and X and grip even the slipperiest surfaces.

The only downfall is that it doesn't come with its own mount, but is compatible with any iPhone or action camera mount thanks to its grippy rubber base plate.

Simple, intuitive and feather-light, this tripod is well-designed to get the job done fast. The best choice for those who don't have time to fiddle around with technical tripods. However, it may need an adapter.

KobraTech Cell Phone Tripod Stand


If it's flexibility you're looking for, KobraTech Cell Phone Tripod Stand is the one. It's three 8-inch legs can wrap itself around poles, trees, hands, you name it! Thanks to its mount adaptor that can fit ANY smartphone, digital cameras, and even GoPros, it is safe, strong and secure.

Fit with a digital Bluetooth remote, awesome photos can be captured from up to 30 feet away and allows you to take multiple images quickly.

This perfect travel buddy is built to be compact, lightweight and ready for adventure!

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Kenu Stance


The most compact, efficient tripod that is designed specifically for iPhones only. This tripod allows you to take stable, hands-free shots, watch or make videos hands-free and make video calls hands-free (no more cramped hands!).

Kenu Stance can be taken anywhere with its pocket size of 34g. It even fits onto your keys with a built-in keyring AND has a built-in bottle opener for those very important events.

Stabilizing your phone has never been easier, cheaper or more fun!

Joby GripTight PRO TelePod


This tripod may be the most versatile and sophisticated option, but it is not cheap.

A 4-in-1 tripod, it ticks all your phone stability needs and can morph into a selfie stick, monopod, elevated stand or tripod. Its adjustable legs can clamp itself into three positions for ultimate stability and security.

This telepod kit includes a wireless Bluetooth remote shutter button as well as an overhead that can hold an LED light, microphone or any other accessories you need to create amazing photos and videos.

DJI OSMO Mobile 2


This is a great tripod for all your vloggers and video makers out there. This handheld smartphone gimbal is designed to capture moments with cinematic movement, without making your viewers feel nauseous. It's lightweight design and long-lasting battery makes it the perfect companion for adventure travel and when you need to film on the go.

The battery lasts for over 15 hours, charges your iPhone AND has a beautify mode built-in so you will never look bad in front of the camera again or lose power at those vital moments. All you need to know is how to attach it to your phone, and you're on your way! This option is ideal for influencers who want to up their game on social media, especially Instagram.

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