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Top 10 Best Live Streaming Websites

The days of the television as we know it are almost gone. These days you don’t even need to have a TV set to watch your favourite shows – everything can be found on the Internet. Dozens of live streaming platforms across the globe provide different types of content: movies, TV series, news, sports events, etc. However, there’s a problem of finding a stable live streaming service with good quality meeting your needs. So, in order to help you, we’ve chosen the top 10 live streaming websites to check out. And if you like to keep the best moments of your favorite shows or sports events to rewatch them later on, at the end of the article you’ll find a shot instruction on how to save streaming videos. Please, note that the websites below are listed in no particular order.

Choose Your Best Live Streaming Service


Netflix is one of the most well-known web services where you can watch popular TV shows, series, documentaries on different desktop and mobile devices. Apart from online movies, Netflix also lets you watch streaming sports and other live events. This service is very popular among families since it allows you to create a single account with multiple user profiles. If you’re not sure whether Netflix is for you, this app offers a 1-month free trial period.

Best Video Streaming Services

YouTube Live

YouTube is a huge video hosting website with tons of various themed content: movies, vlogs, funny vids, reviews, football matches, and more. This video provider also lets you watch streaming videos and create your own stream. While broadcasting, you can enable live chat so that your viewers could share their thoughts and ask questions. This tool also lets you get an instant feedback on your stream. To stream a video on YouTube you need to make sure that your account didn’t have any restrictions during the past 90 days. The best thing about this video service is that it’s completely free.

YouTube Alternative Websites

Facebook Live

Facebook’s streaming service is also a great way to share your live videos with friends and followers. This platform has lots of positive reviews and is trusted by many celebrities and even politicians. To stream videos on Facebook live, you don’t need to have any special permissions. Once you start streaming, all your friends and followers get an alert and can join your broadcast. Facebook Live also includes a real-time chat for quick communication with your audience. Streaming on Facebook Live doesn’t cost you anything as well.

Best Free Movie Apps


If you want to stream videos directly from your smartphone or tablet, then you should give Periscope a try. This live streaming app is available for iOS and Android and is perfect for streaming a video from a music gig or soccer match. People often use Periscope to stream daily vlog episodes as well. With this software, you can also save your live videos for later viewing. It’s useful for analyzing your broadcasts, making them better and attracting more viewers. You can also make replays available to your audience so that people could watch your broadcasts at any time.

Free Movie Websites


UStream is another popular web-based platform for streaming live videos. People use this website for broadcasting live videos from a desktop computer or a mobile device. With UStream, you can easily stream high-quality videos to your audience and connect with your viewers using the live chat feature. This platform is popular among business owners, marketing experts, PR-managers, and other specialists that want to promote their products. As for the pricing, UStream offers a 30-day trial period that lets you explore all basic features of this platform. Paid plans include additional options, such as extended video storage, live polling, channel customization, and more.


With Bambuser, you can broadcast videos from your computer’s webcam, smartphone, and even DV camera. As for the main advantages of this platform, it lets you stream videos straight to social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Another useful option is that you can set custom broadcast parameters: add Facebook Like feature, tweak sharing options, enable geolocation tagging, and more. With Bambuser you can also monetize your broadcasts and stream videos with ultra-low latency. The platform offers a free 14-day trial and several paid plans with additional options.


Livestream is a major broadcasting platform that offers lots of useful tools. With Livestream, you can reach your viewers by broadcasting directly to Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter, and some other social networks. Built-in real-time chat and donation app will help you interact and communicate with your audience. Moreover, Livestream lets you monetize your videos and get access to analytics reports that will help you improve your content. This platform is trusted by more than 80 million brands and individual content makers which makes in one of the best live streaming apps.


DaCast is a good solution for both amateurs and professionals. Beginners find this streaming website very easy to use while experienced users enjoy advanced streaming features, such as watermarking, analytics, multi-bitrate, and a lot more. This live streaming service offers paid plans which include annual, month-to-month, and event payments. The plans are rather flexible which makes DaCast a good solution for many businesses and individuals.


This live streaming site has a rich set of options. Firstly, you can adjust the video player colors to your needs (for example, to match the colors of your brand). Secondly, you can get statistic data in real time to see how people react to your streams. Thirdly, StreamShark lets you monetize your videos thanks to advertising support. Finally, this service provides a high-quality customer support which lets you chat with the developers.


Brightcove is a business-oriented platform which is widely used by marketing specialists, publishers, and large enterprises. With Brightcove, you can stream live videos in high quality, insert ads into your streams to monetize your videos, analyze engagement of your audience to improve your streams, publish videos to all popular social networks from one place, and a lot more. This website also allows you to launch your own video portal using the built-in templates.

How to Save Live Streams for Later Viewing

Movavi Screen Recorder is an easy way to capture live videos on your PC or Mac. Here’s how to do it:
1. Download and install Movavi Screen Recorder.
2. Open the web page containing the stream you want to record.
3. Adjust the capture area and record the video.
5. Trim the recorded video and cut out unwanted parts.
6. Save your video in any popular video format.

As you can see, there are lots of live streaming sites and each of them has their own unique features. We hope this article has helped you choose the streaming service for your needs.