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January 13, 2020

The Best Meme Generator App for Android and iOS

Creating memes is not exactly rocket science. Your Android device or iPhone, an application for making memes and a good video editor are enough to churn out funny memes with your own pictures. If you can lay hands on the best meme creator app, you can produce new memes to impress your buddies or amuse yourself. This list should help you select the best meme generator for your mobile device.

Choose the best meme maker app from this list

GATM Meme Generator

If you don't mind the semi-frequent updates, you will find the GATM Meme Generator quite helpful since it offers hundreds of famous and browsable memes on your Android device. You can scroll through the long list to create different memes which you can then share with your friends.

Don't forget to combine this meme creator with a meme text app so you can let your memes tell a story. You can let the pictures in your memes to speak for themselves, and add a fascinating edge to them. Make a personal meme by allowing the characters in the meme to talk to you.


  • Easy to use: create your memes in minutes
  • Gives a live preview of the meme you are creating
  • Quick sharing options
  • Ability to save memes to your SD card
  • A wide selection of images to use, or you can use your own pictures


  • The free version paints your meme with watermarks
  • Ads splashing on the free version of the video meme creator


As a video meme creator application, 9GAG is perfect for whiling away time, amusement, and making friends by quickly making memes and sharing with them. Video memes don't need to scare you. You can easily manipulate video clips via this Android app to create simple memes.


  • Option for easy sharing of memes to social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram
  • You can depict any topic in these video memes and connect with millions of people through social media
  • You may become famous overnight if you get creative enough with your video memes
  • Enjoy your memes anywhere and at any time through the laugh riot 9GAG


  • Videos and GIFs may take quite some time to load
  • Downloading large images may be difficult and time-consuming

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If you believe that old is gold, then this meme maker would suit you well. It is an old meme application with a gallery of both old and new memes ready for creating. This app gives a share of both worlds; hence, an edge over other meme creators. If you feel none of these old or new memes appeal to you, choose some of your photos to creates baffling GIFs, and even caption them for good measure.


  • Has funny content which is updated regularly
  • Support for most of the major world languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian, among many others
  • Has the largest online community of GIF and meme fans
  • Easy to create videos using this meme creator app
  • Create memes to suit the occasion using your images


  • Prone to crashes
  • Has minimal features


Containing an extensive library of meme templates, Mematic is one of the best meme generators for your iOS mobile phone. These templates run across the board, ranging from classic to the most modern. You can choose from these templates, or opt to create memes with your own pictures.

Take advantage of the incredible processing power of the iOS-powered software to produce mind-boggling GIFs and memes to impress your rowdy band of friends. You can also create thrilling memes for your amusement.


  • Provides an option to search for tenor
  • Simple user interface – easy to use
  • Easy to share GIFs and memes


  • Expensive – pro version that has all the features is billed monthly
  • The free version suffers interruption from numerous ads
  • Prone to occasional bugs which may slow down the app

Meme Factory

Compatible with iOS, the Meme Factory boasts of hundreds of meme templates. You can select your meme from this factory, or open an account and create some from your pictures. With an account, you can add to the memes in the factory for the benefit of others. This app also allows you to rate the memes available in the factory.


  • Easily share memes on social media platforms with a single app – you can choose to send your memes to the factory and your friends or the entire online world on social media with a single tap
  • Hundreds of meme templates are available for meme creators – you can also submit some of yours
  • Allows users to rate memes – can turn you into a celebrity overnight if your friends give your meme five stars


  • No text and image editing options – your creativity is limited to the templates provided
  • Limited options in the meme creating process

Make a Meme+

Do you find strength in numbers? Well, Make a Meme + boasts of over 4 million users globally, and you would love to join this bandwagon. All you need is an iPhone and internet connectivity. You select your preferred meme from the thousands available in the app and get a little creative with them.

You can add hats, faces, or dog ears to the images in the selected meme to excite your friends. Changing the text needs only a single tap on the meme. Get your iPhone ready for the best meme generator app to start creating and sharing memes.


  • Has a large user base
  • Easy to format text
  • Allows creativity – you can add particular objects to your pictures
  • Easy to save images to camera roll or share to social media apps


  • Limited text formatting tools

Instameme: Meme Generator

This meme maker app features lots of functions and flexibility to enable you to create your memes without any challenge. The neatly organized layout lets you scroll through the various categories to find the sticker, rage, or meme template depending on the situation, mood, or event. Instameme also allows you to use the images in your gallery to make a meme that best describes your feelings.

You can get more creative with this app, and create more than just a meme. For instance, this application can help you design a poster for an event or a Tumblr post. This flexibility is one of the reasons Instameme is among the best meme generators for your mobile device.


  • Lots of functions such as cropping, adding filters and editing, among many others
  • Easy to use
  • Share your memes directly to social media app with a single click
  • Manage multiple objects – add gutters, bring forward/ send backward, zoom in/out, and set the background


  • Contains ads which may cover the meme creator page

Armed with the best meme generator, you can create different types of memes to express your feelings and impress your friends. Meme making apps make things easier by availing a variety of stickers and photos to use when creating your memes. They also allow you to create memes with your own pictures which you can edit using a simple but powerful photo editor such as Movavi Photo Editor. Download it from our site and start making memes.

Movavi Photo Editor

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  • Add effects and filters
  • Crop, straighten, and flip pictures
  • Change image backgrounds and remove objects