Best Apps to Watch Live Sports
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Top 10 Best Sports Apps for Android and iPhone

The world of entertainment is incomplete without sports. Almost 8 in 10 people watch one type of sport or the other. As a matter of fact, sports seem to be one of the few things that virtually every tribe and race in the world agree on.

Millions of people across the globe gather together to watch live sports. Be it basketball, soccer, cricket, rugby, or tennis (to mention but a few), you are sure to have a crowd of fans who strive to watch live matches, follow the latest news, and the players too.

However, we can't dispute the fact that we live in a busy world, where everyone is struggling to balance social life, work life, and other activities in between. This makes missing a game or two almost inevitable.

Fortunately, the advent of smartphones and the internet has made everything easier than we had it some decades ago. Today, you can do everything from streaming live games to watching videos of past games, reading articles about ongoing games, and even follow your favorite players and happenings in your favorite club without sitting in front of your TV.

Yes, you no longer have to wait around for the game or News. There are a ton of websites that allow you to stream matches as they are being played. All you have got to do is to visit one of these free streaming sites and you are good to go. Follow the link below to get yourself hooked on one of the best free sports streaming sites before the next big game.

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Even better, we know how annoying it could be joggling between tons of sites to catch the full news. Therefore, we scoured the internet over for sports apps that bring everything you need to your phone, allowing you follow your favorite sports and teams from the comfort of your office, classroom or even while catching the train to work. Easy peasy!

Check out our unbiased review of the 10 best sports apps for Android and iOS users to watch live sports free anytime and anywhere in the world.

The Best App to Watch Live Sports Free


The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) is (without a doubt), one of the biggest sports apps out there. The America-based sports channel is a household name among a ton of fanatics in the United States and far across the world. Among the variety of outstanding features, it possesses includes the fact that it covers the largest amount of sports. Sports lovers across the globe would very likely find this app interesting as it allows them to access all kinds sports including football, baseball, esports, soccer, basketball, golf, and a ton of others. In addition to being the largest sports network on the planet, ESPN gives users the opportunity to be part of the game by bringing real-time updates on everything from live sports to transfer news and every other sports-related activities in between. You also enjoy the opportunity to customize the app to show only your favorite sports and teams. Above all, it works perfectly on iPhone, Samsung or any other Android. ESPN is indeed the home of sports lovers.

Nonetheless, you may have to upgrade to ESPN+ to enjoy all the astounding features that this sports app holds. While that may cost you a few cash, it is totally worth it. However, don’t let that be a deal-breaker. There are a plethora of sports streaming sites that give you access to live matches and sports updates without requesting for a dime. Check out the link below for one of the top sites to watch football for free.

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Bleacher Report

Searching for a reporter who only brings you interesting news about your preferred sports and teams? Look no further. Bleacher Report is a one-stop sports app for all sports fans. It has everything you need to quench your sports thirst. Be you a football, basketball, cricket, soccer, or tennis fan, you will definitely find a place to call home in this app. Here, users are entitled to more than live games. They also enjoy commentary, transfer news, and other happenings in their preferred teams. You never lose a moment with Bleacher Report. Fortunately, it is available for all operating systems including Android and iOS. Bring the fun to your phone through Bleacher Report app!

The Athletic

What would you give to enjoy uninterrupted access to live games and news articles of your favorite sports and teams? Let’s help you out here - $9.99 per month. Yes, that is all it takes to become a part of one of the largest sports community in the world. For years, The Athletic has maintained its reputation as one of the best sports platforms across the globe and it is not backing down now. Although focused on the Canadian and U.S. markets, this subscription-based sports app brings you news of every happening in virtually all the sports on the planet. No annoying ads or pop-ups. The Athletic feeds your sports hunger in the best way possible. You can totally enjoy local and major leagues and other events without leaving your office, classroom or home. It brings the game to you. To get started, simply download the app or opt for the free trial.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports has grown into a fun hub for sports lovers across the globe. The platform, which runs perfectly on Androids and iPhones, is packed full with lots of amazing features that make it undeniably one of the best sports apps for Android and iPhone. Besides bring live sports to you anywhere in the world, CBS Sports also brings live broadcast via the CBS Sports Radio, sports analysis, and an on-demand video game highlights. With this fun app, users are entitled to personalized news and score updates. No need to scour the ambiguous sports terrain before reaching your favorite team. It is fast and simple. Get your app now for the love of the game.


From checking match stats to shuffling between several live games, LiveScore app has indeed won the heart of many sports lovers today. Following sports like basketball, tennis, hockey, football, cricket, and soccer is so much easier with this app. The app offers a comprehensive list of popular sports and all the happenings in the game. Furthermore, checking live games and transfer new has never been easier. You can get all the information about your favorite sports, teams, and players with a few clicks. LiveScore app doesn't just allow you to watch the game, it makes you a part of the game. Get into the arena via your iPhone or Android. Let the game begin!


Want to get real-time scores, stats, and news about your favorite sports and teams? You can’t go wrong with this sports platform dubbed TheScore. The Canadian-owned sports app is arguably the best sports app for iPhones. It is home to a rich inventory of sporting activities such as baseball, golf, hockey, mixed martial arts, tennis, lacrosse, soccer, football, and a truckload of others. TheScore keeps you up-to-date with your favorite sports anytime and anywhere in the world. Besides being incredibly simple to use, the app comes with a life-saving notification feature that allows you to get real-time updates without any hassle. Even better, you can set an auto-refresh mode to ensure you are on par with the latest updates. For those who find the notification feature disturbing, you are allowed to use the Mute Notification feature to keep the distractions away. Additionally, TheScore offers a kind of extension – Apple Watch app for Android users. All your sports need catered for in a single app – and without a charge.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is one of the few sports apps that actually comes free. The app is carefully designed to cater to the taste of just about any sports lover out there. It is home to a variety of major leagues ranging from NBA to golf, MMA, NFL, tennis, NHL, college football, MLB, and soccer. With a simple Yahoo account, you can enjoy a memorable experience with your favorite sports and team on-the-go. No hidden charges or extra fee. Yahoo Sports brings the game to you for free. Easy customization is yet another amazing feature of this sports platform. No need to joggle through the tons of sports on the app. Simply customize the app to display only your preferred sports and get the ball rolling. Don’t be left out in the fun.


You will definitely love this sports app if you are a big-time basketball fan. The NBA app is designed to cater to the sports taste of basketball fans. This app helps you fuel your passion for the game by bringing all the happenings in the field and team to your smartphone. With NBA, you enjoy easy access to game schedules, live matches, score updates, game analysis, and news articles and videos. Everything you ever needed with a ribbon on it. Watching past games is also made possible – and easy too. Even more, you can upgrade to NBA League Pass for a better game experience. Get into the court with the NBA.


Yet to find the best app to watch sports for free? Check out the 365Scores app, curated by sports lovers for sports lovers. The app houses up to 10, 000 teams across 1000 leagues on the planet. It serves as the one-stop game hub for all your sports needs. Would you rather prefer to watch live games? Maybe an analysis of ongoing games will do it for you? What about the line-up and schedule? Do you want to know the player leaving or coming next season? 365Scores got you all the way. Everything you need on your mobile and without a cost. Never miss a game!


Last on our list but just as amazing as the sports apps mentioned above. Eurosports has gained increasing recognition as a home to sports lovers due to its rich array of sports. You can catch virtually every sport with Eurosports. From football to tennis, cycling, races, and more, Eurosports got you covered. Besides live matches, you also get to access to sports news, podcasts, articles, and many more. In fact, the site states that users get to enjoy over 150 sports news articles skillfully curated by their journalist. So, you never miss a thing! If you are yet to pick one of the aforementioned apps for your iPhone, then you should totally go for Eurosports. Kindly download the app and get into the game.

Stuck somewhere without a TV to follow your favorite sports channels like NBC Sports and Fox? Don't panic. When going to the game becomes impossible, you can always bring the game to you with one of these top 10 best sports apps that run on every mobile device and OS. We understand the thrills, tension, screams, tears, are all part of the fun. This is why we bring you a list of apps that allows you to take the fun everywhere with you. Never leave the fun behind!

Movavi Screen Recorder makes the fun bigger and better. With this easy-to-use app, you can get all your favorite games recorded so, you can easily watch the game anytime and anywhere without connecting to the internet again. Even better, the screen recorder also doubles as a video editor, giving you the opportunity to do so much more than just record your favorite team play. The fun just got better!


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