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August 8, 2019

Top 10 Best Travel Tripods for DSLR

Travelling, for a photographer, comes with a lot of conscious “should I” or “should I not”. Among this is the need to go with a tripod or not. One question resonates, “I have got the best travel camera, and do I still need to go with a tripod?”

As a photographer, you might find that evil little voice saying you don’t have to burden yourself with extra weight. Why not leave the mass of a tripod at home? But heck, why would you want to lose a once-upon-a-time opportunity even if you intend to embark on the same journey in a week’s time? Mind you, there is a twist to tripods- the heavier and larger a tripod is, the better it steadies a camera and vice versa. But who says you cannot carry a mini tripod that is still good, better and best. For all the reliability, stability and comfort you desire for a road trip photography, you can still get the best travel tripod for DSLR on a good budget.

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Best Travel Tripods

We are glad to inform you that you no longer have to be bothered by the weight you have to deal with in the hands of the tripod. We have been searching too on the best travel tripod for DSLR that serves every of your good photography needs while on a road trip. Beyond being the best, we can assure you that based on our careful assessment and review, these tripods are lightweight and be carried easily in a backpacker.

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to picking the best travel tripods. Thus, we present to you best 10 travel tripods.

MeFOTO Classic Aluminum Road Trip Travel Tripod


With MeFOTO Road Trip tripod, traveling with just a case or backpacker is a success. The road trip travel tripod for DSLR is amazingly one of the best travel tripods with a good load-carrying capacity. In addition, this tripod comes with dual-angle and leg angle that enable tab variety, two-tone leg twist locks, panning, and friction adjustments, among others. Some of the specs are:

  • 17.6 lb.
  • 61.6-inch weight limit
  • 15.4-inch min. height
  • 15.4-inch enclosed length
  • 5 leg sections
  • 3.6 lb. weight

Manfrotto BeFree Compact Aluminum Travel Tripod


This Manfrotto Compact Aluminum Tripod is dedicated to giving the best to photo and videographers who love to travel and backpacking. Not only does this lightweight design keep your camera steady for landscape photography and video, it comes with an angle selector that enables selection of two different angles at a time. The basic specs are:

  • 56.7-inch height limit
  • 13.4-inch min. height
  • 15.8-inch closed length
  • 5.3Ib weight
  • 8.8Ib load capacity

With its lightweight and high load capacity, Manfrotto BeFree is a great tripod to film videos while traveling. If you’re interested in shooting a travel video, check out the link below.

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Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod


Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod is at the moment the most flexible travel tripod for DSLR that helps you carry out that top of the list video and photography project. You don’t have to bother about managing it through the travel as it comes with its carrying case. Other benefits are: movement of the central column from 0 to 180 degrees, anti-shock ring, and leg settings for 25, 50 and 80 degrees. The basic specs are:

  • 28 1/8” enclosed height
  • 69 1/8” extended height limit
  • 58 1/8” minimum extended height
  • 10 3/8” macro height
  • 26mm leg diameter
  • 15.4lbs load capacity

Gitzo GK0545T-82TQD Series 0 Traveler Kit


This travel kit is one of the lightest yet rigid travel tripod for DSLR you can find with a 180-degree leg folding system that also accommodates the head in-between. The basic specs are:

  • 45.87 center column rapid maximum height
  • 12.01 minimum height
  • 52.36 maximum height
  • 14.37 closed length
  • 2.84 lbs. weight
  • 22.05 lbs. load capacity

AmazonBasics Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod Stand


This small cheap tripod for DSLR is recommended for novice and professional alike as it makes it easy to achieve any angle goal for photos and video. It is just one simple step adjustment and you are good to go with any landscape photographer. While the height is adjustable to about 50” as a result of its three-section lever-lock legs, it still maintains reliable stability. The specific characteristics are:

  • 16.5” minimum height
  • Quick-release plate
  • 3-way head
  • Not suitable for high-end DSLR cameras
  • 1.25 pounds item weight

This tripod, like the rest on this list, is best for DSLR cameras. If you’re looking for a tripod for an iPhone, check out the link below.

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Zomei Camera Aluminum Tripod


This tripod is compatible with mirrorless cameras, DSLR cameras, camcorders, DV, Video Recorder, projector, and any other device as long as it is equipped with ¼ tripod mounts. Zomei’s tripod can be used multi-purposively for both indoor and outdoor projects. You can buy it for under 100 dollars on Amazon. The specs are:

  • 3.53 pounds weight
  • 3.3lbs capacity
  • Accommodates 150-600 DSLR
  • Foldable 180 degrees legs
  • Ultra-light in nature

Zomei Travel Z818 Tripod


Like Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod, Zomei’s Z818 can be adjusted to 25, 50, and 80 degrees angle for any kind of low angle image capture. Also, it can be enclosed to achieve a compact size of 18.9”. As a result, it is easy to carry. And we are glad to let you know that this travel tripod for DSLR is flexible enough to permit turning down of the center column for macros. Meanwhile, it is only compatible with a camera of ¼” mounting screw. The specs are:

  • 33lbs maximum load capacity
  • 18”/45cm enclosed length
  • 65”/165cm
  • 65” maximum height
  • 22” minimum height

Benro Travel Angel 2 Series


Specifically, Benro Travel Angel 2 Series is designed to hold up about 22lbs while giving stable and reliable camera support. It is slightly big and heavy, but for additional versatility, one of the legs can be adjusted to a monopod and can be held in place independently using its own lock. The specs are:

  • 4lbs weight
  • 18.7” inch minimum height
  • 66.9” maximum height
  • 22lbs holding capacity

Dolica AX620B100 Proline Tripod


For any indoor and outdoor coverage, Dolica AX620B100 Proline Tripod has your back. Although it is only compatible with Point-N-Shoot cameras and standard digital SLR cameras, it has amazing characteristics which include ball head, quick release plate, standard wide-angle, semi-wide angle, and full-wide angle. The specs are:

  • 60” maximum height column
  • 51 maximum height column
  • 32.5” minimum height column
  • 21.5” minimum height column
  • 22.5” closed height
  • 13.2lbs
  • Four leg sections
  • 3-stand leg angle adjustment locks
  • 3/8” base thread

Oben AT-3535 Folding Aluminum Travel Tripod


This kit sets up easily and can be handled without stress by any novice and professional. In case of an outdoor job where the area of land is uneven, each leg of the tripod can be adjusted respectively at three lockable angles- 22.5-24, 50, and 80 degrees. With this travel tripod for DSLR, any landscape photograph has wide options including the low-angle center-column shooting of just 8.6” height. Easily, you can remove one leg can be removed and put to use as a monopod. The specs are:

  • 9 lb. load capacity
  • 51.6” max height
  • 8.6” minimum height
  • 12” enclosed length
  • 2.9 lb. weight
  • 53” integrated monopod max height

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If you don’t have a DSLR camera, you can film a video with your phone and edit it on a computer or a laptop. If you’re curious which tripods are the best for holding smartphones.


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