How to Choose a Video Player for Your Android Device?

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Edited by Nataly Bogorad

August 21, 2019

Top 6 Video Player Apps for Android

We have long left the era where you have to convert a video to a different format before playing it on your Android phone or tablet. Today, smartphones are designed with big screens and astounding resolution to complement the screens, making it very possible for you to play videos of any format at high resolution.

Technology has come a long way. Nowadays, you can do so much with your smartphones. While these phones are typically equipped with pre-installed video players, they also give users the opportunity to buy or download a better video player app fitted to their unique needs.

However, choosing the best video player that promises a good resolution and can play virtually all file formats is pretty daunting. There are a ton of video players out there dubbed best video player for Android, making it difficult to pick one and get done with it.

Not anymore though, with this guide you are sure to get the best Android video player without going under the knives.

We also curated another guide to help with all your Instagram video needs. Instagram has quickly garnered the love of many as a hub of fun and a marketplace. While most of these platforms are adapted for all conditions, we can unequivocally say that they all come with a few unique limitations. Instagram, for example, has strict regulations on video upload. Simply follow the link below to learn more about updating perfect Instagram videos.

Comprehensive guide on how to convert Instagram videos

All in, let’s see some exciting Android video player apps.

Choosing the Best Video Player for Android

MX Player

This video player app can successfully pass for the best video player for Android. It has one of the most extensive features lists that you can find on any player. You can tweak the settings to fit into your desired test. From background color to screen lock, on-screen navigation and a lot more, you will find this video player totally amazing.

The onscreen gestures are fabulous. You can quickly navigate your way through while on the screen. No interruption whatsoever! The background play is also something to look out for. You can have your screen off and still listen to videos and audios – without any hassle.

In addition to being very easy to use, MX Player is designed to work with every file codec you can think of. You can “play everything”, including MOV, AVI, MP4. If you are watching with kids, you will find the kid lock very useful. With this feature, your kids can touch the screen without actually interfering with whatever you have playing. Did we mention that you can play audios too? Yes, you can. MX Player allows users to play everything, including audios. It also supports every subtitle format on the market. The app is a good choice for Samsung devices as well as for other popular brands.


Any list of the best video player app for Android is incomplete without citing the amazing features packed into this multimedia video player. If you ever used Google’s Chromecast, then you will truly appreciate KMPlayer for its KMP Connect feature that allows you to watch movies from your PC with your phone. This advanced video player is packed full with both standard and advanced features, taking the entertainment level up a notch. No struggles with lost files too. KMPlayer comes with a cloud story function so that users can easily access their playlist from anywhere and anytime. Even more, almost every video format and codec on the market is welcome to the party and it is available in more than 25 languages. Incredible, right? There is more! You can forget about troubles navigating your way as this media player is absolutely easy to use and comes with one-finger gesture that helps you control your screen with ease. Give it a try!

VLC Player

VLC has been the go-to video player for Android for many years now. And it still maintains its reputation among other video players. Known for its vast array of features, VLC cater to the need of every Android user. Audios and videos of any format are completely welcomed on this app. It also allows you to play compressed files without any troubles. The gestures decorating the screen makes it easy for you to easily access various controls while watching a movie. Network stream is also super easy with VLC, as well as getting subtitle update. The volume is yet another exciting feature of the app, you can increase the volume up to 200% if you wish. Adding to this impressive list, VLC is designed to support as many file formats as they are on the market, including weird formats. Whatever your needs are, VLC got you covered!


Like most Android video players on the market, BSPlayer has two versions – free and paid versions. Although the free version contains everything on the paid version, you do not have to deal with annoying ads on the paid version. Having stayed several years on the market, BSPlayer shows it has come a long way. If you need a great video player with Android 6.0 compatibility, then you can’t go wrong with this advanced video player. It supports several subtitle formats, multi-core decoding, background playback, kid lock, and a truckload of other exceptional features. Furthermore, BSPlayer allows users to stream as many videos as they want. USB support is also very much welcomed. You should absolutely check it out!


The name says it all. Xplayer dubbed Video Player All Format is a great app to play videos of various formats. The open source cross platform boasts a wide coverage of over 40 file codecs on the market. Is the video compressed? Or saved in one of the less known file codecs, and you are finding it difficult to play it with your default video player? No worries at all! Simply check for how to change default settings for your phone’s video player and make Xplayer the app for all your video needs. That’s all! Now, you can stream movies online and play any file offline without stress. Xplayer offers high-definition videos, irrespective of the file format involved. Other notable features include hardware acceleration, subtitle support, easy gesture control, private folder, multi-playback options, background play, easy share, 4K support, etc. Everything you need in a single app.


You may want to try PlayerXtreme for ‘extreme’ entertainment. The IOS-based platform now extends its exhilarating features to Android users. Xtreme makes it possible to watch videos or listen to audios of over 40 formats, including compressed files. Even better, this wide coverage doesn’t affect the quality. You are sure to enjoy HD videos with PlayerXtreme. Totally easy to use, plenty of features & gesture control, and high quality playback support. Other features packed into this super cool Android video player include library organization, subtitle delay, screen rotation, network streaming, hardware accelerated plus, and a ton of others. Simply download and start enjoying!

Bringing the entertainment home is now easier than ever. Bring the movies home with one of these incredible Android video player apps. They are absolutely free yet perform just as good – if not better – than paid versions.

For more entertainment options, check out the Movavi Clips designed to enable users create their own movies without breaking the bank. Simply download the app, shoot a footage, add it to your timeline, cut out unwanted parts, and you are good to go. More fun, less worries!

Movavi Clips

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