The Best Blu-ray Player Software

This article reviews the Blu-ray players, including:

  • 5K Player
  • Macgo
  • Leawo
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Edited by Nataly Bogorad

January 15, 2020

The Best Blu-ray Player Software for Windows and Mac

Whether you are in your home on a lazy weekend or in the office during a busy afternoon at work, there may come a time where you need to watch a video on your computer. In our increasingly technological world, this is not extraordinary. Many tools can do the job. You simply select a tool, watch the video, and then move on with your life.

But having said this, you may need to view a Blu-ray video. If so, you may be wondering where you can go to watch a Blu-ray video on your Windows or Mac device. We have your back. Below you will find a list of free Blu-ray players for Windows 10 and Mac. Whether you are watching for business or pleasure, you can be confident that you will be getting a terrific experience by choosing from this list of best Blu-ray player software.

As with all of our lists, the following is not ranked by order of preference. Instead, it is simply a collection of our favorite Blu-ray player software on the market today.

You can also check out Movavi Video Suite – an all-in-one video maker that includes a video editor, converter, screen recorder, and more.

Blu-ray Player Software for Windows 10 and Mac: Our Selections

5K Player

5K Player is a terrific Blu-ray player that will undoubtedly suit all of your needs. The overall vision of DearMob, Inc., the creator of 5K Player, is to offer free media tools and full-featured mobile tools to its users. 5K Player offers a long list of features to users. To start, 5K player lets users render extremely high-quality videos from a variety of sources, including online streams, high definition dashcam, and phone recordings. This can help you review footage or video if you need to focus on some small detail on the screen. 5K Player also intuitively detects and plays high-quality sound in essentially any format, including from MP3, AAC, and AC3.

There are some other compelling features within 5K Player. For instance, 5K Player supports AirPlay and DLNA Wireless Stream, allowing users to take advantage of instant screen mirroring. You can also store all of your personal multimedia in 5K Player. By doing this, you can have the full confidence that all of your videos are secured in one location. You can download 5K Player for free. 5K Player is available not only for Windows 10, but for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. It is also available for macOS Mojave.


Macgo is a Blu-ray player for Mac devices only. According to the company, Macgo offers “the best Blu-ray experience” due to a variety of features. Macgo, quite obviously, supports Blu-ray discs with original Blu-ray menus. Along with this, the software provides additional BONUSVIEW, BD-Live contents and an extremely high audio-visual quality that you, your family, and colleagues can enjoy.

Macgo’s products are secure and certified. They are designed with certifications from Blu-ray associations, which can give you the confidence that Macgo can promptly and professionally solve your viewing problems. You can access either a free or paid version of Macgo Blu-ray player. The free version has all of the features listed above while the paid version includes other features like a smoother Blu-ray experience. The paid version – called Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player Pro – is available for OS X 10.14 Mojave.


Leawo is a 100 percent free Blu-ray and DVD player. The software is available for devices running Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. It is also available for Mac users – specifically those running OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

Like the prior Blu-ray players on this list, Leawo is an all-in-one media player that lets you watch UHD video on your device. It can play back all Blu-ray discs that are in the market, along with Blu-ray folders and Blu-ray ISO files. Leawo offers extraordinary media playback performance, giving you the confidence that you are viewing your video with the highest possible quality. You can also take advantage of detailed navigation for media playback. Whether you want to adjust the volume, fast-forward or rewind a video, or adjust your settings, Leawo makes it easy to have the most enjoyable viewing experience.


PowerDVD is another Blu-ray player that you can use in your work and personal life. The company touts itself as the world’s number one movie and media player. Not only does PowerDVD let you play Blu-ray and DVD videos, but you can use PowerDVD as an all-around video player for downloads, movies, and videos from sites like YouTube or Vimeo. Like other software on this list, PowerDVD also lets users easily stream videos directly from PowerDVD to their television screens. Even if not natively supported by your Apple TV, Fire TV, or another device, PowerDVD has the power to cast a wide range of media formats and codecs to your television screen.

One of the cooler features offered by PowerDVD is the ability to leverage an immersive 360-degree virtual reality experience. You can simultaneously watch 360-degree video from every angle – even if you do not have a headset. PowerDVD is available for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7.


Finally, WinDVD is a fantastic piece of software that can help you play Blu-ray videos. WinDVD prides itself on helping its customers create a movie theater experience at home. By using WinDVD, you can take advantage of powerful video and audio controls which give you full control over the viewing experience. Along with this, WinDVD lets users play all of their preferred video formats – all from the click of a mouse. For instance, WinDVD lets you view videos with advanced 3D technology. A clean, modern interface and enhanced smooth high frame rate playback means that users can easily view their Blu-ray videos with few (if any) hiccups.

WinDVD is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 devices. WinDVD highly recommends that you download the 64-bit OS to get started.

A Terrific Viewing Experience

Playing video with any of the top Blu-ray player software above will greatly enhance your viewing experience, whether you are viewing your favorite movie or a video for work. Compared to other programs like VLC, these programs are feature-rich, intuitive, and easy-to-use. Ultimately, we hope to have answered any questions you may have had about how to play a Blu-ray on a PC or Mac.

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