How to Put a Link on Instagram Story?

  • Get Verified
  • Select the Ideal Link for Your Particular Instagram Story
  • Add Information to Your Instagram Story
  • Click "Done"

Edited by Nataly Bogorad

August 9, 2019

How to Add a Link to Instagram Story in 8 Steps

If you are like many others who are looking to promote a brand via Instagram, you are probably intrigued when you see the feature on Instagram Stories that encourages users to "Swipe Up For More Information." This feature allows you to attach a clickable or swipeable link right to your Instagram content, bringing more people and traffic to your website. Without added expenses, you can get the benefits of added web traffic.

So, you want to know how to put a link on Instagram Story? Well, we're here to explain how to do just that! When you want to know how to add a link to Instagram Story, you simply need to follow a few simple steps in order to achieve your goal.

How to Put a Link on Instagram Story

1. Reach 10,000 Followers or Get Verified

Unfortunately, the "right and privilege" to be able to insert links into your Instagram Story comes after you've achieved some fame on the platform. Instagram wants to make sure that real influencers are the ones who are able to use links in their Instagram Stories. However, getting to 10,000 followers is entirely possible, and just that process alone will also draw people to your site. Make sure you:

  • Post frequent, interesting photographs.
  • Engage your followers and get them to comment and respond to questions.
  • If you want to post links without being verified, you'll need a full 10,000, so ask followers to share your posts with target milestones, starting at 100 and getting all the way to 10,000.
  • Post interesting video content and clips that your followers will want to like and comment on.
  • Post Great Video Content

  • Reference your favorite music to keep people on your Insta longer.
  • Incorporate Music on Instagram

  • Make sure you pay attention to the dimensions of Instagram stories and use your camera well.
  • Make Instagram Videos With Correct Dimensions

2. Begin Your Instagram Story to See the Chain Link Icon

Congratulations, you've reached 10,000 followers! When you go to begin an Instagram Story, you'll now see a chain-link icon like you've seen on many other pages that indicates how to post a link on Instagram Story. Click on this link to observe how it works before you go back to the drawing board: you need to figure out what your story will be about and how it will connect to the relevant link to your website.

3. Select the Ideal Link for Your Particular Instagram Story

Go back to your own website now and see what you can find that would make a great link in your Instagram story. Focus on pages of your website that drive lots of conversions to sale, or that are very popular with your viewers and would make them more likely to stick around and look at the rest of your site. You don't want a page that is confusing or requires a backstory, and definitely not a page that has no links on it. This should be a page that will naturally move people to consider purchasing your product or service. If you are adding a link that connects outside of your own site, make sure you make it clear in your Instagram story what you want your followers to do: do you get affiliate income if they purchase this product?

Even after you are a pro at how to put a link in Instagram Story, definitely return to this step and make sure you pick the best possible link to drive the traffic you want to see.

4. Copy and Paste the URL

Copy the URL in its entirety because even one missing character can result in a broken link that people attempt to click but simply cannot reach. This can make you lose followers and just makes you seem like you aren't sure what you are doing – no one wants that! Paste the link in your Instagram Story link section from step 2, and double-check both before and after you paste it to make sure you've gotten the entire thing.

5. Add Information to Your Instagram Story to Draw Attention to the Link

While people might accidentally click or swipe up, why leave anything to chance? Make sure you mention in your Instagram Story what the link is, why you want people to go there, and what they will find when they click through. Ideally, you'll also want them to share that link with their friends, perhaps in their own Instagram story, so make sure that the story itself is pushing people toward the link.

6. Click "Done"! You've Learned How to Use a Link on Instagram Story!

Once you have your link and your story, click the done button! Be proud of figuring this out and of getting to the point where you can easily and quickly influence people and drive more traffic for your website. Instagram stories let you be in charge of getting people to very easily visit your website.

7. View Your Instagram Story Like a Potential Customer Would

Ideally, find someone else's phone, but if not, you can use your own phone as a trial for seeing how your link in Instagram Story looks. Open the story and view it like you were one of your followers. When do you feel the impulse to swipe up and check out the website? Does the story explain it enough to convince someone to give it a try? You want to make great video content, ultimately, if you hope for people to click on your link in your Instagram story, so consider whether the story itself needs to be stepped up next time.

Great Editor for Video Content

The biggest thing to check, though, is that the link opens correctly without any weird redirects or problems that would stop someone from going to your website. Then your Instagram Story is truly ready to use for web traffic!

8. Track Analytics to See If You Get a Spike While Your Link Is on Instagram

If you are going to embed a link to your own website, the last step is to pay attention to your web traffic analytics. Most website host services have this, and it allows you to see how many people visit and how many conversions or leads you get out of that web traffic. Start paying attention to this data as soon as your first linked Instagram Story goes live, and after it finishes its time, check back in. Did your stats go up? How many sales did you make in this time? Make sure you aren't trying other useful new ways of marketing your goods and services during the same time, or it will be hard to tell which method is driving new traffic.

As you do more and more Instagram Stories with links in them, you can pay attention to which kinds of stories tend to get the most interaction, and what kinds of landing pages you can create on your website that are intriguing to your followers. Overall, how to post a link on Instagram story is just another part of your path to greater and greater exposure and greater influence in the world of social media.

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