How to add music to an Instagram story?

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  • Select your song
  • Take a photo or video
  • Customize your story
  • Share it on your Insta story

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August 9, 2019

How to Add Music to Instagram Story

Adding music to your Instagram stories can be an exciting way to surprise and delight your audience. Instagram has added a new music feature that enables you to add music to your story, and it's essential that you take advantage of it to introduce a fascinating twist to your Insta stories. You will be learning how to add music to Instagram is a short while.

How the new music feature works

Before you can learn how to put music on the Instagram story, here is how the new music feature works:

  • Locate the new sticker known as "Music"
  • If the Music sticker is missing, you can access it from the bottom of your screen before you take a photo or video
  • Select the part of the music clip you want to play
  • The song will play automatically when your audience watches your story

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What if the music feature still doesn't show up on your Instagram yet? Try the following:

  • Install the latest update on Instagram
  • If you still can't see the music feature after updating, log out and log back in again
  • If no music feature yet, uninstall Instagram and reinstall it

How to Put Music on Instagram Story

Step 1: Select the music sticker or the music option at the bottom of the screen

Adding music to an Instagram story won't be possible without the new music feature. You should ensure that you have the latest version of Instagram to access this newest addition. Assuming that your Instagram app is up to date, all you have to do is to locate the Music sticker in the sticker section. The label may not show up where you expect it to be so you may have to check the bottom of your screen and find it next to "Live", "Boomerang" "Normal" and other options.

Step 2: Select your song

Selecting the music feature opens up a library of all the songs available for you to post or share. But you need a specific song to accompany your Insta story so you will have to make use of the search bar. Type the title of the song or the name of the artist into this search bar. The first screen will show you a list of the most popular songs. You can browse this list by genre or mood. You can listen to a preview of any song by tapping the play button. Click on the song you want to post and add it to your story.

Step 3: Select the part of the audio that you want

The next step in learning how to add music to the Instagram story is to choose the part of the music audio you wish to attach to your story. Keeping in mind that Instagram story video maximum length of 15 seconds, your entire song may be too long. So, you need to select the most appropriate part of the song you want to attach and crop it accordingly. If you don't, Instagram will do the job for you, but you can change it by dragging the music bars left or right. If you want to listen to the selected piece, click on the "Play" button.

Step 4: Take a photo or video

Now that your piece of the song is ready, you need to take a picture or video if you don't have one already. To make a video, touch and hold the music button for a maximum of 15 seconds. Other Instagram story video requirements are as follows:

  • Video file type should be either MP4 or MOV.
  • Use vertical videos with the 9:16 aspect ratio.
  • Maximum resolution is 720 pixels.
  • The maximum video file should be no more than 4 GB.

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If you need a photo, click once on the music button.

Step 5: Select the style of the music sticker

You can make your Insta story more interesting by customizing the music sticker. Instagram avails you three different styles of music stickers:

  • Normal
  • Square
  • Transparent

In addition to selecting a sticker style, you can also move the music sticker to any part of the screen by dragging it. If you love being adventurous, you can also shrink or enlarge the sticker.

Step 6: Customize your story

You may also want your story to stand out from the pack by introducing some customization. These customizations may include adding GIFs, text or drawing. You may also wish to enhance the visual appeal of your story by changing the background color. To change the background color:

  • Take a photo
  • Select the pen tool
  • Choose a color
  • Hold down your finger on the background
  • The background will fill up with the color you have selected

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Step 7: Share on your Insta story

You are now ready to share your Instagram story with the rest of the world. You may wish to tag a few of your friends and who knows? Your story could go viral in the next few hours! You may not find a more exciting way of reaching out to your desired audience than adding music to the Instagram story. If you want specific followers to see the story, choose "Close Friends" or "Send To" to select the users to have access to your Instagram story.

If you want to view your story, click on the "Your Story" icon and the story will appear with the music you added playing automatically. You can tap on the music label and the song pauses and hauls up a music player with the play/pause button and a host of other options. Your audience or followers will watch your story and play the music in the same manner.

Can you add music to pre-recorded videos?

This procedure was about taking a picture or a video using the music feature after selecting the song to share. Well, you can also use a pre-recorded video and follow the same procedure to select the audio clip to accompany the video. You can use an Instagram video editor to spruce up your video before using it to create your story. Get more information about Instagram video editors by clicking on this link:
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Fun Fact

You won't be able to save your Instagram stories with music to the Camera Roll on your phone. Whether it has something to do with copyright laws or the exclusive agreement between Instagram and Spotify (which begot the music feature), the fact remains that you can't download and save any videos to which you have attached a music clip.

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