How to Become Photogenic?

  • Know your angles
  • Prepare different poses
  • Show some emotions
  • Be original and creative

Edited by Nataly Bogorad

August 12, 2019

Top 5 Secrets On How to Be Photogenic

Have you ever wondered how top fashion models take those breathtaking pictures that stand out and give you the wow gestures? Perhaps you are considering becoming a model, but you are not so good at taking hot pictures. Some questions often pop up in your mind. One of these questions includes how to look photogenic. You consider getting answers to these questions to be of great help to your modeling career.

Oh, you have an Instagram account where you'll love to display your beauties, or you're into fashion and show business. However, you can't make significant headway with the photos although you look attractive. A similar question pops up, how do I look more photogenic in photos?

Worry no more, this guide is the panacea you have been looking for. This guide reveals the top secrets of fashion models that look gorgeous and stand unique no matter where or when they pose for pictures.

How to Look Good in Photos

Looking attractive in pictures is an art that you can learn; hence, you can also become a pro at it. However, if you desire to know how to look good in photos, it is essential to say that there is more beyond the smile and pose. Several secrets come to play before those pictures can come out unique and beautiful all the time.

Here are five top tips on how to become photogenic.

Know Your Angles

Position and angles of taking pictures play a significant role in how radiant it appears. Whether you are standing up or you are seating, the camera holding position affects how your photos come out.

If you are seated and you desire to get a quick selfie that speaks volume of your beauty, it is better to raise the camera just above the chin. It should never come below. You know why? Pictures snapped with the camera placed above the jawbone gives a better capture of your beauty.

Otherwise, you can change the position of your head to provide a suitable line where the picture should be taken. Adjust your face slightly to suit your taste. Do not panic; quite a whole lot of people do not have a perfectly symmetrical look. Hence, you should be on a lookout to the exact angle and position that gives you the wow picture. To some, it is the left side, and yours could be the right side. Whatever it is, that's your perfect picture line.

Practice and Prepare

Becoming a pro or a master in any chosen field is not innate. It takes several minutes, hours, or even days of practices before the desired result can be gotten. Taking pictures is not any different. The main aim of doing some rehearsal before going out to take professional pictures is that it gives you a confidence boost.

During your practice moments, I recommend you learn how to smile, prepare different poses that will give you the cutting edge. Also, another top secret on how to look more attractive and look good in photos is to be comfortable. Don’t forget to relax while taking pictures. Your convenience will radiate outward and reflect on your photos. Make adequate practice and preparation that gives you the needed edge to look attractive at all times whenever you pose for the camera.

Show Some Emotions

We are psychosocial beings, and hence, emotions tend to have effects on our facial expression. Whether you are sad, happy, nervous, or excited, it will be captured in your pose. You must have complete control over your feelings before it affects your photo. However, since photography is a form of art, there is no general statutory law on which emotion should be made while you pose for pictures. However, I recommend that you smile and let your confidence radiate from within outward.

Be Original and Creative

Those who set the pace do not necessarily follow the status quo. Innovative people are always ready to try new things, which later often become trending. Originality is the spice of art, and if you desire to know how to be photogenic in photos, you have to be as original as possible. Being authentic will compliment your creativity and bring out the natural beauty you have. Experts in fashion and showbiz business go a long way when they are original with their style and do not force any of their pose or style.

Use the Eye Trick to Stay Alert

Have you ever taking a picture and your eye was caught half-closed? Oh, that could be really annoying and perhaps the only defect that changes that seemingly stunning image to an average one. While that will surely not make you happy, knowing the trick to use when pictures are about to be taking will go a long way. The eye trick will make you look more attractive.

The shape of the face is also reported to be affected by eye expressions. What then is the truck to taking a perfect picture?

One great trick the pros use is the eye trick. Here is how they do it. When the countdown begins from three to two, they keep their eye closed, and when it reaches one, they open their eyes. This act makes you a bit refreshed and makes your face brighter compared to the sleepy or tired look achieved by a novice.

You may want to ask, how about red carpet pictures and the unaware poses? What do they do different that makes them photogenic all the time? Rather than say 'cheese' which is the common adopted words, they tend to say something more natural. These words keep their mouth slightly opened.

Final Giveaway

Staying glued to a particular style is a barrier to growth and perfection. The same is obtainable in taking pictures. Becoming an expert who seems to make a perfect picture at all times can only be achieved if you practice different poses often and learn to control your emotion. You can adopt practicing in front of a mirror, friends, loved ones, or a group of other experts. They would give you a guide and help to augment your confidence level. They would also be of great help to identify areas that you should work on. While some of these correction may not be comforting, they would be of great help if you listen and make corrections yourself.

It is also pertinent to say that the perfect answer to how to look photogenic is to look inward. You should consider making some slight adjustments to your style or position while standing or sitting. Also, there is no perfect picture. Most of the images you see were edited. You should consider using a photo-editing app. I recommend you try our easy-to-use Movavi Photo Editor. With this program, you can easily edit your pictures: apply filters, improve quality, and much more.

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