How to earn money on YouTube?

Here are the top practices used by YouTubers:

  • Get your YouTube videos monetized
  • Set up an AdSense account
  • Get a sponsor
  • Produce merchandise

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December 20, 2019

How to Make Money on YouTube Videos

YouTube stands as one of the biggest online platforms of this generation with over 500 million daily view hours by users, so anyone that exploits its benefits made a wise choice. Making money on YouTube requires time, consistency and an update of ideas to create a stable channel that will keep subscribers glued to your videos. When you have a plan on how to earn money on YouTube and build your channel around it from Sign Up, in no time you will be making monetary gains, which can increase, overtime to millions of dollars. There are several ways to get richer with YouTube and we’ll describe 9 of them below: click on the section’s name to jump straight to it.

Before we discuss the various ways on how to monetize YouTube videos, there are some fundamentals to grow a channel faster.

Put These Things into Consideration

Develop an idea then create a brand: build a brand around your thoughts, and then sell your brand to the world through your YouTube account. Developing and sustaining a workable initiative is arguably one of the hardest tasks for a creator, having a prior understanding of a workable method and how to get useful information will be of much help.

Pick a Nice Username: many people choose names that they can quickly remember like the name of their favorite cartoon character or a nickname; however, it is an essential requirement to pick a username that sounds professional and is easy to pronounce. This is how things work, and you need to keep this in mind if you want to create an earning channel.

Use a Good Camera: a high-resolution camera is significant for all YouTube videos because a poor resolution video is a turnoff for viewers who will seek for a more precise alternative from your competitors so it is advisable to upgrade your camera to a better one once you have an increasing number of followers or sales.

Target Specific Audience: the services you provide should be an intrinsic factor in your the type of audience you gather, the setup of a professional service channel should be different from an inclined entertainment page so know what appeals to your audience and build your page, dressing and video structure around it.

Schedule Your Uploading: some people upload videos indiscriminately once a new video idea pops up, it a good idea but having and keeping to a schedule passes a better message to the audience who knows exactly when to visit your page for a new video update. It will make you look severe and reliable YouTuber.

Include a Call to Action: it helps increase subscribers and visitors, most people are interested in only your materials and nothing else so the call to action can include information's like “don’t forget to subscribe and watch other amazing videos" or” hit the subscribe button if you are impressed by the video."

Think Ahead of Your Audience: abandonment becomes unavoidable when a channel owner loses the idea, this lead to too many deaths of many YouTube channels. Always be at least a month prepared ahead of your audience to make a cover for a random occurrence like medical and technical issues.

How to Monetize YouTube Videos

So, to start benefitting from YouTube, first, switch your monetization settings on: join the YouTube Partner Program. After that, get an AdSense account for your payments to be processed. Check the YouTube requirements to learn what you need to do to monetize your videos, and the last step: think over the video types to earn money with and various ad formats you can use.

And, of course, the YouTube Analytics page on your channel should be one of your most visited; this is where you monitor the activities from a simple chart and graphical representation. It is useful to let you know when to step on the gas and monitor competitors progress, though it is a premium feature. But before the money starts rolling in, you should understand how to calculate how much you can make from these methods. Follow the link below.

The Best YouTube Money Calculators

Different Moneymaking Methods

1. YouTube Partnership Program (YPP)

Remaining a member of the YouTube partnership program YPP is the goal of all income makers on the platform. Members benefit from additional resources and features when Creators meet a threshold set in January. Channels must attract an average of 1000 subscribers with 4000 hours watching time in the last 12 months to qualify. T-series makes an impressive $723,500-11.6 million yearly by mastering the art and regulations of the program.

2. Set Up an AdSense Account

Automatically share controlled Ad's to generate funds without having to do much but attain the membership threshold, register, then Google will put Ads to your viewers while you make bank cashouts. Only creators that are YPP members can use this service. You can set up a free AdSense account on their website with a few clicks and significant information such as your PayPal or account details, location, age, etc.

3. Get a Sponsor

To attract a sponsor, you must first have an attractive channel that is relevant to the brand's campaign before you send a catchy detailed sponsorship proposal. Sponsors do not support randomly, but once they identify a win-win opportunity, they tend to fall in line, so the onus lies on you develop your channel slow and steadily until it is strong enough to attract big multinational companies just like some star YouTube channel owners and vloggers.

4. YouTube Super Chat

This method is an easy answer to the question of how to make money on YouTube. Creators can activate the feature so that live stream audience pay to highlight their comment through an associated chat window called the Super Chat; however; it is not open to all YouTubers only the monetized channels.

5. Produce Merchandise for Sale

Selling merchandise has a double positive effect for your brand; it increases popularity because it contains your brand name and as well generates more income for the brand owner without AdSense. Items customized such as shirts, wristbands, and caps can be up for sale to interested members to show support for the brand or a particular event such as World Cancer Day This merchandise does not require much technical expertise. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr provides you numerous designers while Oberlo and others can handle print on demand and shipping. You sit like a boss to coordinate.

6. Create a Store or Website

It is not smart to be accustomed to the same business approach to growing your brand by creating a website to convince your viewers that you are truly devoted to what you do. The YouTube channel should be a subsidiary of your site where you direct visitors to watch your tutorials and find solutions to pressing needs. People's trust increases when they believe you are better at what you do than your counterparts.

7. Rent and License To Media Outfits for Cash

Media houses scramble to obtain a right to play some popular or needed YouTube videos. These rights do not pass for free, the developer of the video smiles to the bank based on prior agreements before videos hit the air, so Endeavour always to create high and quality visuals that are worthy of live broadcast. Rent out your videos on a pay per view basis and sell on Juken Media whenever you choose to relinquish the right of ownership.

8. Crowd Funding

Websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter permits members to fund a proposed project like gaming and music if they love it. Videos that require high financial setup can receive donations by members of the society to help hire more hands to buy better equipment and fund the entire project. You can create a trailer to increase the viewer’s appetite and understanding of the proposed project and then seek for voluntary donations.

9. Be an Advertiser and Influencer

It is one of the best ways to make more money if your channel analytics is impressive and keeps increasing on a steady basis. The growth of your page will increase the number of businesses willing to transact with you. Companies target specific demography of people employs influencers and advertisers to give them a closer reach to their targeted audience. If your channel attracts such a group, you can negotiate a deal for posting their adverts on influencer platforms like Crowdtap and Famebit.

Now you know everything about making money on YouTube. You will definitely need a video editor to give your videos a perfect touch before uploading to a YouTube channel. Try the Movavi Video Editor Plus, it is a highly effective editor that can solve all your video challenges without a glitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no exact answer: you get your money only when your viewer clicks the ad or watches it fully. So, number of views and amount of money don’t correlate. After you enable monetization on your channel, you will be able to check the analytics and see how much money do you get per view.

It depends on many factors: the content you produce, your country, people who are watching your channel… On average, you can get 3-9$ per 1000 video views, and don’t forget about Google’s commission which is 45%. Still, if your subscribers are active buyers, you may earn more.

At the time of writing, the biggest income from YouTube blog is $26 million. Ryan Kaji is only 8 years old, but he’s already famous for his toy reviews. Other well-known YouTubers are, for example, Dude Perfect with their tricks, or VanossGaming showing himself playing video games.


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