How to Use iCloud Photo Sharing

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September 4, 2019

How to Use iCloud Photo Sharing

Are you an iPhone or iPad user looking for a cool way to share your photographs with your friends and family? Great! We have got a great tip for you – iCloud Photo Sharing. With this amazing feature, iPhone users get to share a ton of photos and videos with up to 100 hundred friends, including those who have iCloud photo sharing set up on their phones and those who iCloud photo sharing is not working on their phones.

Furthermore, subscribers get to do more than just view. Like any social media platform, friends and families you shared your photos with can like and comment on the photos. They also have the opportunity to add their personal photos and /or videos to the album. Cool, right?

Well, it is even a lot cooler. Let’s take a quick look at what is iCloud photo sharing and how to use iCloud photo sharing to share photos among friends.

What Is iCloud Photo Sharing?

iCloud photo sharing, now known as Shared Album, is a privacy-oriented medium created by Apple to allow iOS users to share saved videos and pictures with family, friends, and colleagues without sharing the full library. It works just like Facebook and Instagram, only in this case, your picture or video can only be viewed or liked by people you invite, not the entire public.

We are positive you must have heard of iCloud photo library, now known as iCloud Photos, which allows you to share your entire photo library with friends of your choice. Well, iCloud photo sharing operates in a similar way but in this case, you get to choose the album or photos you would like to share with others, not the full library.

One of the many phenomena features of this photo-sharing medium is that it allows users to save videos and photos and share them with friends who are not using an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Yes, you can totally share your pictures with a friend using another phone besides an iPhone and other operating systems – even a PC.

Wondering how to share a picture on iCloud? Let’s take a look at three unique ways to use the iCloud photo sharing feature on both PC, Mac, and iOS devices.

How to Share Photos on iCloud

First Things First, Set Up Your Devices

Before we zoom off to sharing photos and videos, it is critical to note that users must turn on this feature to enjoy a hitch-free ride.

  • How to set up iCloud photo sharing on iPhone and iPad. For those using an iOS device, it is advisable to update your device to the latest operating system (OS). Then turn on the feature via your phone settings. Simply click on the Settings app, login into your iCloud account, choose the Photos app in the list of apps using iCloud, and click the iCloud photo sharing option on.
  • How to set up iCloud photo sharing on Mac. To use iCloud photo sharing on your Mac device you will have to turn on the feature too. It shouldn’t take you up to a minute. Simply launch the Photos app and select the iCloud option from the menu. Then, click on the Shared Album or iCloud Photo Sharing option to turn it on.
  • How to turn on iCloud photo sharing on your PC. First off, you will have to download and launch iCloud for Windows. After which, you can open the app and select the iCloud Photo Library option in the menu. Once selected, simply click Done and then Apply to turn it on.

How to Use iCloud Photo Sharing on iOS Devices

Once you have your iCloud photo sharing option properly set up on your iPhone or iPad, sharing photos via iCloud becomes ridiculously easy. These simple steps below should work the magic.

  • First, you will have to create a new shared album that should contain the pictures and/or videos you wish to share. To do this, simply open the Photos menu and tap on Albums. Click on Shared Albums in the menu that comes afterward and tap on See All. This option will lead you directly to the Shared Album screen where you get to see albums you shared with others and those that have been shared with you. Simply tap on the Edit option at the top right to create a new shared album. Followed by the + icon. Then, input your desired title or name and click on Next. This should take you to the next step.
  • The next step is to invite your desired family, friends, and/or colleagues with whom you would like to share the photos and/or videos. To invite friends, you are required to type in their email addresses or iPhone number into the box marked To. Another easy way out is to access your phone contact by clicking on the + icon. Once selected, tap on create to complete the process. Now, click on Done on the Shared Album that appears afterward. To avoid complaints like shared photos not working, be sure to verify you inputted the correct contact and iCloud Apple ID contact info – if you are using email.
  • To share with friends and family that are not on the iCloud wagon, you will have to follow the same step. Only in this case, you are not required to invite them to subscribe. Instead, you should create a new Shared Album as we explained above and click on the option dubbed People. This option should lead you to an interface where you get to choose Public Website. iCloud will automatically generate a link that allows non-iCloud users to view, like, and comment on your shared photos or videos.
  • Now you are ready. Let’s add some photos to that album. First off, tap on the Shared Album and then the + icon. This icon should take you to your gallery where you get to choose the pictures you want to share at the time. All in, simply click on Done to complete the process. After which, you can add a comment – not compulsory though – and tap on Post to send the photos in.

How to Share Photos on iCloud Using Mac

As mentioned earlier, it is very possible to share your photos via iCloud Photo Sharing using your Mac devices. It is pretty straightforward. Here is how to work the trick.

  • The first step here is to sign in to your iCloud account. Once signed in, click on the Photos app and hover your cursor over the option dubbed Shared Album.
  • Then tap on + icon to give the album a title or a name. After which, you can proceed to invite friends and family. All in, now click on Create to complete the process.
  • The next step is to add the photos you wish to share. As explained in the section above, you are required to select the photos manually. Long press on the Shift Key on your Mac computer will help you select multiple photos at a time.
  • Finally, tap on Share and select Shared Albums from the following menu. Then, click the album the photos should be added to and you are good to go!

Using iCloud Photo Sharing on Windows

One of the many interesting features of the iCloud Photo Sharing system is that it is not reserved exclusively for iOS users. Anyone, including Windows OS users, can totally enjoy from this packet of goodies. If you are a Windows user – preferably from Windows 7 upwards – and you wish to share your photos via iCloud Photo Sharing, then check these steps below.

  • First off, you must have an iCloud account or Apple ID to use this feature on your Windows computer. Sign in into the already installed iCloud Photo Sharing App to begin the process.
  • The next step is to create a Shared Album by launching your File Explorer and selecting iCloud Photos from the Quick View. Coming up right after that is a menu, where you get to choose the option dubbed New Shared Album.
  • Next, you are required to add the iCloud email addresses of the people you wish to invite to your ‘secret club’.
  • Then, choose a unique name or title for your album and click on the Next option to select your photos.
  • All in, simply click Done to import the desired photos to the newly created Shared Album.
  • Great, you did it! Now, your family, friends, and other subscribers can view, like and comment on your photos.

Photos and videos sharing is, without a doubt, one of the fun things to do today. As a matter of fact, we spend a good part of our day on social media, viewing photos and videos and uploading ours too. it’s fun. However, these photos are typically shared with the general public. To gain more privacy over your photographs and videos, Apple created a privacy-oriented platform dubbed iCloud Photo Sharing, that allows you to share your photos with an exclusive list of family and friends.

Taking the jazz up a notch, Apple ensured that this feature can work anywhere and anytime by making it effective on other platforms such as macOS and Windows.

Even more, this feature allows users to share up to 5000 photos without using up the storage space. You also get to invite as many as 100 exclusive family, friends, and colleagues to your secret group. It is all shade of fun!

With these steps explained above, we are strongly convinced that you will have a hassle-free ride going forward.

Nonetheless, it is totally normal to encounter some hitches such as iCloud Photo Sharing not available for this device or iCloud Photo Sharing not working, making it impossible to share photos or see photos shared with you. Do not panic though. This is a simple hitch. It could be as a result of a poor network connection, or you have exceeded the 5000 files limit already. Just take a deep breath and review your setting. That should do it.

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