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Edited by Nataly Bogorad

August 9, 2019

Top 7 Extraordinary Instagram Tips and Hacks to Grow Your Business

Looking for some unconventional, yet effective Instagram hacks and secrets? Welcome, you have come to the right page.

We are pretty sure you must have come across some articles that boast the best Instagram secrets and practices, with all of them telling you the same tips you already know.

Well, Instagram's ever-changing algorithm makes it inevitable to change up these Instagram tips from time to time. So, we scoured the web to find some hidden Instagram tricks to make sure your Instagram marketing strategy isn't stuck with the past algorithms.

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Why Instagram?

Established barely a decade ago, Instagram is a rather new kid on the block compared to its peer. Nonetheless, it has proven to be the best marketing platform, coming out peerless in the block. The platform, which currently boasts about 1 billion users every month, is home to over 25 million businesses across the globe.

Indeed, Instagram is more than a social media platform. It is now considered one of the largest marketplaces in the world. And businesses – both large and small, have come to embrace the untold potential of this great platform.

Statistics show that there are over on the platform. No wonder a survey shows that one-third of Instagram users have reportedly bought something they first saw on Instagram.

Is your business one of these smart businesses leveraging the staggering global customer base on Instagram?

If you answered no to that, then you are missing out on the opportunity of the decade. Get in here before this ship sails.

Instagram Hacks and Tricks that Actually Works

Whether you are a brand looking to skyrocket your sales, a blogger looking for more traffic, or an individual looking for the best way possible to grow your following and get more likes, rest assured you will find something here to meet your needs.

1. A Business Account is Compulsory

The door to unleashing these amazing potentials is creating a new business account. This tip is especially critical for businesses and brands. Users want to know you are trustworthy. With a business account, you can include your physical store location, link to your official website or blog, and other information that boost your credibility. In fact, most users wouldn't agree to follow you if they think it is a personal account. Already, Insta stats show that more than 200 million users visit a business profile every day. Another little known benefit is tracking your traffic through Insta Stats. You can only avail these benefits with a business account. Get one now.

2. Get Your Profile Optimized for Success

There are billions of profiles on Instagram – both business profiles and individual profiles. And an individual could have hundreds to millions of followers. How do they get to spot you in this crowd? How do you push your content to the top of their page? How do you stand out from the mammoth crowd? It is pretty simple, actually. Only a few people know about profile optimization. Marketing on Instagram takes more than posting useful contents. Sure, that is important too, however, there are a ton of contents considered important. To make your posts get a massive view or like, you should make sure your profile – not just the content – is optimized for success. Here is how. First, it is a well-established fact that Instagram does not allow you to include links in your posts. Therefore, your bio should contain useful links to your website or page. You can switch things up from time to time and always tell your viewers to check your bio for whatever link you have up there at the time. Secondly, your profile picture must be as clear as crystal and of high quality. This tips also affect photos you post. We will get to that in a moment. The Instagram algorithm is designed to pick out clear and quality photos. It is needless to remind you that customers find quality profile photos professional compared to a poor photo. Lastly, your bio is the doorway to your website or official page. Endeavor to edit your profile to be professional and catchy. As stated above, it should contain every information that further boosts your credibility.

3. Add Hashtags to Your Insta Stories

Instagram Stories is one of the new features rolled out by the social media marketing giant. Being a rather new addition, it is not uncommon to see most brands struggling to find where it fits in their marketing strategy. Well, your Instagram story does fit perfectly, alright. Insta stories is a great way to engage your fans. Like IGTVs, these stories can easily be accessed irrespective of the time you post it. Your followers can easily miss a post, especially when they follow a long list of people who post consistently. Insta stories give you a window to always have your content on top of their feed. That said, a new growth hack has been discovered with Insta stories. Adding a hashtag to your stories has been proven to increases your reach significantly. Remember the more hashtags you use, the larger your degree of coverage. Note: Cluttering your posts with hashtags is not a good way to go. Experts advise you shrink these hashtags to an almost invincible size and have it embedded on any of the items on the photo. This will give you room for more hashtags. Lastly, the size of your Insta stories – both photos and videos - are rigidly regulated, allowing only a resolution of 1080p by 1920. We have created a complete guide on Instagram video size. Do check it out on the link below.

Pro guide on Instagram video size

4. Top-Notch Contents Only

Posting only relevant content is a no-brainer Instagram tip. If you are yet stuck on how to get more likes or traffic, then you need to pay attention to this pro ‘rule of thumb.' Rating contents based on their relevance is a long-standing tradition on Instagram, Facebook, and even Google. It is not about posting every day. The key lies in what you are posting. Be sure to take your time and create contents that are both relevant and engaging. Study your audience and know what they like or want. Also, you have to consider the timing of your post. Your audience will not be on their phone all day. Sure, most people check Instagram from time to time, but they sure do not sleep there. Therefore, it is advisable to post during the period of time they are more likely to be online. If your targeted audience is moms, then you should know they don't come looking at posts early in the morning. If you are targeting students, then you will have to wait until school hours is likely over, when they will have time for social media. Study your audience. Know what they like. Know when they are most active – days and time. And post accordingly.

5. Great Visuals

Whether you are using a video or a photo in your post, it is highly critical to ensure it is of great quality. The new Instagram algorithm gives preferences to high-quality images. This cheat is yet unknown to many users. So, you are sure to tip the scale to your favor by just including high-quality images or videos in your post. There are a ton of apps that allow you to edit or fine-tune your visuals. For a more efficient result, check out our expertly designed Instagram video editor in the link below.

Expert Instagram Video Editor

6. Make Video Content a Habit

Videos have a way of spicing up content. Telling a story with photographs is great, but what is even greater is using a video, instead. A photo, they say, is worth a thousand words. Now, think about the worth of a video that is carefully curated to include compelling photos and infographics. That's right, non-quantifiable. Most businesses and brand influencers tend to leave out this essential weapon in their arsenal. Well, that is your window to gain more edges over others. All out, it is also crucial to pay attention to your videos. As explained above, the video must be of great quality. Another often ignored key is the length of your video. Instagram only allows a little window for video posts. You may have to use IGTV for a longer video. While using IGTV, it is important to remember the goal is to sell your brand without boring your audience. Always use the KISS rule – Keep it short and simple. Check the guide below to learn more about the best Instagram video length.

Full guide on Instagram video length

If you need a camera, a tripod or anything else, check out video equipment on Amazon:

7. Be Consistent

Lastly, be consistent. Rome wasn't built a day but they laid at least one stone every day. You could follow these cool blogging tips and still get it wrong if all you do is to do the right thing once in a while. To stand out from your peers, you will have to be up and doing at all times. New businesses constantly flood the space. To ensure your audience do not forget about you and your brand, it is almost compulsory to post regularly. Get the key and don't stop turning!

Take Away!

See, it is not the cliché Instagram cheats you see everywhere, as we promised. Instagram has quickly grown into a business hub as well as a hub of fun. In fact, the platform has a distinct section for shopping. The huge population over there and the plethora of benefits are too tempting to ignore. Don't let your competitors leave you behind. Get on board before the ship sails. And of course, you are sure to breakthrough with these unconventional Instagram tips and hacks.

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