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Edited by Nataly Bogorad

August 9, 2019

What You Should Know About Instagram Video Length

Instagram: one of the most popular social media app with its over 1 billion users across the globe is a lovely platform to market your business products or services. The growing number of active users (projected to further increase) implies that you keep having a more targeted audience; positive news if you wield the right marketing tools.

Aside from the regular marketing post in form of text, the use of video is a great way to blend creativity with marketing content and reach a far greater number of your targeted audience. Although the guiding logic with video marketing is that you upload contents that can catch and sustain your audience attention while you market your product. The truth is you have a limited time to do this, hence having good knowledge about the varying time limits for the different types of Instagram videos will be worthwhile.

How long can Instagram videos be or perhaps what is the Instagram video length limit? This guide is filled with detailed information that will provide insight into the time limit of the varying Instagram video post.

How Long Can an Instagram Video Be?

The digital world is constantly evolving and Instagram like other social media networks is working to ensure that updates that meet the daily need of its users are made. Since its inception, several updates and developments have been made to the min and max length of Instagram videos. Although there are talks of a possible update on the minimum and maximum time of Instagram video length due to its growing popularity, this rumor is yet to be made official. This guide provides details of the latest update about Instagram video length limit.

Instagram video lengths are regulated by the type of Instagram video that you want to upload coupled with other criteria which must be met before certain videos are uploaded. The various types of Instagram videos include:

IGTV Clips

IGTV simply put implies Instagram TV. IG video is for everyone with a verified account. IG videos also have min and max Instagram video limit. The assigned time limit for IGTV video ranges between a minimum of 15-seconds to a maximum of 10 minutes. However, there is a break from the status quo for those with a verified account with a large follower (most often Instagram influencers). For this set of people, the Instagram video length limit can be increased to 60 minutes.

What then can be uploaded on IGTV, you may ask? IGTV in all its beauties is designed to fit HD and vertical form videos, hence it is best suitable for Android smartphones and iOS.

Not to worry, uploading a video on IGTV is pretty easy and fast if you are conversant with the Instagram app. However, there's no crime in being a newbie, you can also learn it. Here is it; the IGTV icon is placed just at the top right corner of your IG app, hit it up and click the upload button to upload your desired video from your gallery. Click 'next' and give your video a befitting title coupled with a lovely description. Click the 'post' button and boom, your 'face' is on the digital world. If you're also a Facebook fan, you can possibly share your video on Facebook to further augment your reach. However, you may have to download the IGTV app to get a longer duration of time for your video.

I recommend that you enrich your video with creative and engaging content to stay aloft in the highly competitive digital market. You can try using the IGTV analytics to have a knowledge of how engaging your video is.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories otherwise known as IG stories is one of the easiest IG video posts you can upload on Instagram. It is pretty short and the time limit seems like an upgrade on that of photo time length. Now you want to know, how long are Instagram stories video? Not pretty much, 15 seconds. However, the good news is that it is available all day hence you can post as much as you like.

If you are a newbie and do not know how the Instagram videos upgrade works; seeing that you desire to upload a 30 seconds video post. Not to worry, Instagram would automatically do this for you. In addition, you may want to know if perhaps there's a leeway to upload more than the statutory 15 seconds story videos; yes, it is possible. There is a chance to upload a 4×15 seconds story videos with a cumulative sum of 60 seconds. However, I recommend that you take caution so that you do not bore your audience. The use of commands such as skip, swipe, and others will be great to help you maximize your time.

Instagram Feed Video

Instagram is a network that places premium value on the content of the video you upload hence the limited time given for video upload. Now you may ask, how long are Instagram videos placed on the Instagram feed? The minimum time is 3 seconds while the maximum time given is 60 seconds. Now that you know the Instagram video limit you can post on your feed, do not be too worried. Instagram is fun and you can capture whatever length of video you desire but you would have to trim it to a max of 1-minute content before you can upload it. However, there is good news, you can decide which part of your video you want to upload.

Instagram Live Video

Social media allows for a real-time connection between you and your audience. Instagram like other social media like Facebook allow for real-time video live broadcast. When you upload this live video, it pops up in their feed where they can easily connect with you.

How long can Instagram live video be? As expected of a live broadcast video, it is pretty long and gives you enough time to do or say all that you want to say in your content. However, do not forget the golden rule of catching and sustaining audience attention with valuable contents. However, you have 60 minutes to do this. The good news is that your audience has a whopping 24-hours to watch the video. This is comparatively longer than other IG videos.

If you're a newbie or you really do not know how to go about it, here is how to go about it; hit your story icon on the camera of your Instagram camera, then click the 'live' button. Boom your life and will start recording after a countdown of 3-seconds. At your desired time, you can click the 'send' button if the video is less than 1-hour.

Instagram is fast filling the space created by YouTube since YouTube is taking the face of a platform for a long video post, hence the time limit for the different categories of IG videos.

How long can Instagram videos and what’s the Instagram Story video length are the questions people keep asking, just like what is the best size for an Instagram video. The minimum time you can get for IG video upload is 3-seconds and the max is 1-hour.

As an addendum, you may use the Movavi Clips which is a powerful tool to edit the video. This will further increase your competitive strength and make your material more engaging.

To ensure that you give only the best content to your audience, there may need to edit, trim, or cut your video. You may check our guide on the link provided below on how to go about it.

How to create cool Instagram stories using Movavi Clips

Movavi Clips

Processing and editing videos and photos

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