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August 30, 2019

Top 10 Best Free Photo Sharing Websites

The beautiful moments we capture each day on camera just beg to be seen. We want our friends, family and, perhaps, the whole world to share in these moments with us. And this is why we love photo sharing sites! They bring others into our cherished moments like nothing else could.

Instagram and Facebook have certainly grown to become some of the best – and frequently used – ways to share photos. Sometimes, however, they’re simply not enough, or just do not seem to provide the best solution. If you find yourself in this dilemma, worry not! There are a ton of photo sharing websites out there, and we’re here to help you find the best of them.

What is the Best Way to Share Photos Online?

What do you look out for when selecting your ideal photo sharing website? For starters, your chosen platform should be easy to use, providing an easy means for you to upload and find your pictures. There should be enough storage room for all of your pictures available at little to no cost.

You also want a platform that retains picture quality even after size compression. Importantly, photo sharing website should make file transfer to other platforms a breeze. So, too, should printing out your photos and photo books if you choose to do so. So, what is the best way to share photos online? Here’s our list of the top 10 photo sharing websites – in no particular order.

Google Photos

Google Photos was designed to backup photos and videos captured on smartphones. Today, it has evolved into a quality photo editing, organizing and sharing software. With almost everyone having at least one Google account these days, many consider it the best way to share photos today.

Google Photos is a free tool that offers unlimited storage of pictures up to 16MP quality and high-res videos up to 1080p. If you have any of the Google Photos apps setup on your device, you can enable automatic upload of pictures taken on your device. Once you’ve uploaded a photo, you can edit it to taste. After editing, you can organize these photos and videos into albums.

Finding older pictures is easiest using the visual search option. Sharing is super easy, and photos or albums can be shared with the public or with specific friends. It is also intuitive. It identifies any friends in your photos and offers to share with them. Over time, the app recognizes your photo habits and adapts, sorting and organizing your photos according to your trends.


Dropbox is a free cloud storage and file-sharing service that allows the posting of many different file formats. Its Android and iOS apps support automatic upload of pics taken on your mobile devices; playing a similar backup role to Google Photos. It is also available to Mac and Windows users. Unlike Google Photos, though, you are afforded a limited storage space of 2GB.

Once photos are uploaded to cloud, Dropbox enables you create basic slideshows. You can also create galleries and folders to better organize your photos. However, no major edits or changes can be made. Created slideshows and folders can be shared with other Dropbox users using your shareable link.


Imgur is the most popular free image hosting site amongst Reddit users, made popular for the painlessness with which it allows image/gif upload and sharing. Perhaps its most appealing feature is that it enables the posting, storage and sharing of pictures even without signing up. It also supports the upload of an unlimited number of photos from your Mac, Windows or mobile devices.

Imgur allows the upload of a variety of still and animated image file types, as well as PDFs and XCFs. Non-animated files up to 20 MB and up to 200 MB per GIF is allowed, ensuring your image retains its quality. Once uploaded, your pictures stay online on the website forever. You can generate your unique embed code and share to any social network.


Flickr is a hugely popular image sharing website, initially made famous for its unlimited free hosting service (there was a 1TB storage cap but who would really use that much internet storage space?). Its easy to use interface, image editing tools and seamless image organization options makes it a popular platform with photographers.

Flickr offers viewers the option to view – and download – pictures in their original sizes or in other resolutions. In addition to its storage services, Flickr is a social networking site. This means you can share your pictures with the entire community, according to their interest groups, or selectively. It boasts extensive tagging capabilities and enables you track those viewing your pictures.

Today, having been taken over by SmugMug, Flickr users have the option of a free plan (capped at a 1000-unit limit on photo and video storage) or an unlimited pro membership.


Similar to Flickr, 500px is a photo sharing website targeted at photographers which also boasts solid social networking features. It is a place for photographers to share their photos, drop comments and follow other photographers. But it is not limited to photographers alone and everyone is free to use the platform.

The image-focused design of 500px allows you display your best images professionally, and organize them into Sets and Stories. While it does allow photographers sell their work, it doesn’t allow linking to images not uploaded to the platform. It is also a poor option for external sharing as it doesn’t allow directly linking to your photos.

Users under the free membership plan can upload up to 20 photos per week. For unlimited photo uploads and post interaction tracking, you will need the $25 annual membership plan.

Free Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting is essentially a scaled back version of Imgur. Like Imgur, it allows you save your photos and GIFs even without signing up to the platform. Even as an anonymous user, your pictures are stored on the sire forever. After uploading, you are given a unique HTML code for sharing your picture to any website. It does have a 3 MB per file limit, though, meaning it’s best used as a convenient means of storage and sharing of small image files. Oh, and watch out for the ads!


ImageShack is a cloud photo storage service that enables the posting of photos in high resolution formats. Users are treated to a personal storage space where photos can be uploaded and beautifully organized into albums. Photos and albums may be shared with the ImageShack community or restricted to private or permitted viewership only.

Like Pinterest, images on ImageShack are displayed in a beautiful pinboard-style layout. You can also keep track of any photo uploads by adding tags to your uploads. For more features, like image editing and web uploader integration, check out the range of mobile and web applications they provide. A free ImageShack account provides you with up to 10GB storage space per month.


ImageVenue is yet another free site which permits the upload and storage of your favorite pics online without signing up. With an available unlimited storage space, every photo you save remains accessible forever (the only caveat being that the picture must have been accessed over the last year).

ImageVenue allows for the upload of jpg and jpeg pictures of up to 6 MB per file. Larger pictures are resized upon upload to reasonable dimensions without damages to image aspect ratio and quality. As such, many bloggers and forum users have found it to be an ideal platform for bulk image storage and sharing.

Note that you will need to have Adobe Flash installed to run the website smoothly.


Imgbox is a free photo storage website which allows users and non-users alike save photos permanently. The site boasts a very simple user interface that enables you upload your picture in seconds. Image and GIF files up to 10 MB in size are accepted for upload. Uploaded mages can be stored in image galleries, and may be made available for public comments at your discretion.

Creating an account allows you create preset upload options for even faster file storage. Once you have uploaded your photo, you will be provided with 3 sets of links that allow sharing to other social network sites or embedding into websites.


PostImage allows the upload of images up to 8 MB in size even without signing up to the platform. It offers lifetime free image hosting to both registered and unregistered users, making it one of the easiest platforms to use out there. Photos may be uploaded using the desktop software or online portal, and will be stored permanently until deletion. Images may also be uploaded directly from their URL.

PostImages gives you the option of uploading your photos as is, or resizing before upload. You may also choose to set a lifetime for the image so it expires and drops off the online space once its time is up. The platform has been a hit for its support for multiple file types, the ability to upload multiple images at a time, and an easy sharing functionality. As such, it’s become a darling of forum and message board users.

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