Top 7 Photography Reflectors

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October 1, 2019

Top 7 Photography Reflectors in the Market Right Now

Good lighting is the thin line between good and exemplary photography. Once a photographer learns how to use lighting to their advantage, then they'll have mastered an art that most photographers take ages to learn. This is why an accessory as simple as a photography reflector adds some serious pop to any photo. These simple pop up panels bounce and bend light, magnificently redirecting it to the subject. That said, here are some of the best portable reflectors for photographers.

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Top 7 Photo Reflectors for Photographers

A photo reflector adds the needed lighting touch to an image. This, combined with the right editing software such as Movavi Photo Editor, enables a photographer to manipulate lighting, resulting in premium quality photos. This photo editor can reduce image noise in photo scans, remove scratches and unwanted objects in images, add color to black and white photos and add a pop of color resulting in top-shelf quality images. On that note, here are some of the best reflectors in the market right now. Each product listed below is unique in its way, and packs features you can use to up your photography game.

Neewer 43-Inch 5-in-1 Reflector


Neewer is known for its incredible camera accessories, and this Newer 5-in-1 reflector is no exception. Ideal for studio, casual or outdoor photography, this accessory puts 43 inches of gold, silver, white, black and a translucent sleeve at your disposal. Hence, enables you to play around with natural light to create the perfect photo.

The Neewer 5-in-1 is made from top-quality fabric which means you'll be using it for a long time. The fabric loops on each sleeve make it easy to switch from one to another and as a bonus, comes with a cool black carry bag for enhanced portability. You may, however, want to carry an extra shopping bag to carry it as the zipper on the carry bag breaks easily.

Westcott 308 50-Inch 5-in-1 Reflector


Similar to brands on our list, Westcott is also a household name in the world of photography products. This 308 50-inch 5-in-1 features black and gold colors which make it perfect for light diffusion and contrasting. The gold side matches the warm sunlight tones, casting a beautiful warm effect on the subject. The black side, on the other hand, absorbs light making it perfect for when the photographer wants to contrast. It is large enough and comes with quality carrying cases and one-year warranty. It's more suitable for professionals.

Etekcity 24-Inch 5-in-1 Photography Reflector


This 5 in 1 reflector comes with the five reflective panels mentioned earlier. Its small size and lightweight makes it ideal for travel photographers or for someone who does distant outdoor shoots. It comes equipped with a carry bag and a one-year warranty for quality assurance. However, you might find it stressful to switch between one sleeve from another. Additionally, folding it for storage purposes can be a little tricky.

Impact Collapsible Circular Reflector Disc 12


Thanks to its circular shape, the impact collapsible reflector is perfect for shooting portraits and small still-life setups. Being collapsible, you can seamlessly fold it down to 1/3 of its open size to bend and bounce light on your subject the way you want. Besides studio shots, it's ideal for on-location portrait photography. Its translucent disc diffuses subjects that are in direct sun, bringing out a soft light ideal for headshots. You might, however, find it too small, plus it only comes with one translucent white disc, thus ideal for new photographers.

Lastolite by Manfrotto Halo Compact Reflector


This photo reflector is a perfect fit for travel photographers who want to make the most out of natural lighting but at the same time wish to pack easy. It's easy to pack and is built around a rigid metal frame with an ergonomic handle hence can be easily handheld. It has two panels; a silver-colored one for when you want to add a punchy touch to the photo and a white one for a soft and neutral touch. It offers excellent diffusion hence suitable for shoots done under direct sunlight. These outstanding features make it pricier, and you might also find it hard to set up as it comes as a kit that requires assembly.

Selens 5-in-1 80*120 Oval Reflector


The Selens 5-in-1 is one of the most popular photo reflectors, and when you consider its features, it's easy to understand why. It boasts a high quality, raised grain design which makes it incredibly durable. It has two ergonomic grips on its build, hence, you can hold it and at the same time, shoot. It has all the necessary panels' colors; thus, you can work in any lighting conditions. Despite its size, Selens 5-in-1 is foldable and comes with a carry bag, which further enhances its portability. Thus, it's ideal for travel and outdoor photographers. It doesn't come with a manual; therefore, novice photographers might have a hard time figuring out how to set it up.

Andoer 24-Inch 5-in-1 Reflector Round


This 24-inch 5-in-1 reflector from Andoer is incredibly versatile. It is thus suitable on location and in the studio. As the name implies, it comes with all the five colors needed to make a photographer's life easier. It's easy to set up, use, and pack while its circular shape makes it perfect for headshots. Being medium-sized, it's easy to carry around plus it comes with a carry bag which even though not of great quality, makes movement easier. Nonetheless, users complain that it falls apart easily.

The Different Types of Photography Reflectors

The secret to successfully manipulating light using a reflector is understanding how each of the panels bounces and bends lighting as shown below.


Being a neutral color, white doesn't reflect as much light as other reflector colors. It also doesn't change the color of the light. It's therefore perfect for when the photographer is working towards a natural look as it is soft and clean. However, it only works well in sufficient lighting conditions.


Black isn't really a reflector. Since it absorbs light, black in a 5-in-1 panel is used to shield or absorb light and cast a shadow on the subject for a beautiful contrast.


Silver is one of the most commonly used reflecting panels in the photography and video making realm. It bounces or reflects the most amount of light, hence ideal for duller lighting conditions.


Gold is the reflecting panel to go for if you're trying to cast a warm glow on the subject because as noted earlier, it matches the warm sunlight tones. It's particularly best for when one is trying to maintain the warm look of sunset or sunlight on the subject.


Even though the translucent panel cannot be referred to as a reflector, it helps soften direct sunlight, thus makes a great diffuser.

While lighting gear can cost an arm and leg, it's impressive how a photography reflector does an excellent job at manipulating light, yet it's incredibly cheap. The above reflective panels, for instance, are affordable yet have the potential to turn a dull and boring setting into a beautiful and outstanding one. When you skillfully use a reflector and later use Movavi Photo Editor to remove unwanted objects, add a pop of color and enhance image quality, you end up with award-winning photos that both you and your clients will love!

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