Best Podcast Apps for Android and iOS
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16 Best Podcast Apps for Android and iOS Content

Are you looking for the best podcast app? Does your faulty podcast player deny you the opportunity to listen to an expert talk on topics close to your heart? Look no further.

We've put together a list of the best podcast apps for Android along with top Apple podcast apps. Take a look at the apps that made it to our top 16 list.

Best podcast apps for Android


Stitcher comes with an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. As you create an account, you get to select your preferred topics. Customize the flexible home screen and view your favorite podcasts every time you open the app.

Besides the free basic podcast features, Stitcher offers a podcast network to users. The app has integrations for Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, and Car Play – finish the pending podcast as you head to work.

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Spotify has made a name as a streaming media juggernaut. Although the app is not an all-out podcatcher, its incredible podcast features earn the app a place in our list. Classify your podcasts as Comedy, Recreation, or Story with its management suite.

You also get to subscribe to your favorite podcasts and manage downloads while at it. Use the share feature to spread the word on awesome podcasts through social media. Your music files won't interfere with the podcast section.

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Are you a power user? Then DoggCatcher's top features are meant for you. Besides the basic auto-download and variable playback speeds features, this podcatcher offers feed customization as well as advanced search.

Customize your user interface and clear up your storage with the auto-cleanup feature. The app lets you contact developers when you face trouble with different episodes.

Google Podcasts

This Google podcast app is especially suited for anyone with a Google Home speaker. Adjust playback speeds to your liking. Complete your Google searches and add the podcasts to the app from the search interface.

Google Podcasts also comes with Google Assistant integration. If Google reports are anything to go by, AI-powered capabilities are in the offing for the app that works seamlessly on Windows.


Enjoy a variety of podcast categories with this podcast app. Make the most of the audio effects to get the best out of your subscriptions and downloads. Stream and listen to your favorite pieces as you choose what will follow.

You could integrate this app with Amazon Alexa or leverage the Audio Auto and Chromecast support. Use the lock screen controls to ensure that your movement doesn't interfere with the playback during your morning jog.

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Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict has taken podcast experiences to a whole new level as it supports podcasts from numerous media sources. You can steam radio, watch YouTube and video podcasts or listen to audiobooks with this app. Follow trending shows and find individual episodes from the app's massive database.

The automatic deletion feature ensures that you don't run out of space. Podcast Addict allows you to toggle the playback speed and get the latest podcast episodes.

Podcast Go

You can't talk about the best Android podcast apps without mentioning Podcast Go which is especially suitable for Samsung devices. Choose from the more than 300,000 available podcasts and subscribe to your favorite podcasts while at it.

The sleep timer, podcast download feature, and variable speed playback are part of the basic podcast stuff you'll find in this app. The app's Material Design provides a sleek user interface that caps off its amazing podcast features.


Podkicker ranks high among the most popular Android podcast apps. This intuitive podcast manager is fast and straightforward to use. The app's classic layout deftly separates the Downloads and playlist tabs, allowing you to navigate through your podcasts freely.

Best Apple podcast apps


This podcatcher ensures that you remain up to speed on podcasts available on social media. Besides the automatic downloads of your favorite podcasts, you can also keep tabs on your friends' subscriptions.

Silence skip and playback speed controls, the playback options, are as good as the social media features. Are you looking for premium episodes? Use the in-app purchase feature to buy them. The aggregator feature helps you find all related podcasts and gives spot-on suggestions.


With a clean interface, Castbox provides numerous sign-in options (Twitter, Gmail, or Facebook). Choose your favorite podcast from an excellent collection. For offline listening, search, and download the latest episodes.

Want to use multiple devices to listen to your subscriptions? Use the sync option. Castbox also allows you to stream episodes form Amazon Echo and Chromecast. Remove any subscription limits and customize your homepage with the premium tier.

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Unlike many podcasters that come with numerous sophisticated features, Castro prides in its simplicity. The app's crystal clear audio features and smooth visual design gives users a lot to relish. Download new episodes automatically and stream if you are running short of space.

From its dynamic storage management to ease of use, Castro best answers the 'what is a podcast app' question. The app has everything you need in a great podcatcher.


From video podcast support, episode streaming to playback speed control, Downcast features impressive playback options. Create the best playlist for your morning jog with the customizable playlist maker.

Subscribe to your favorite podcasts and auto-download the latest episodes. With the Apple Watch and CarPlay integrations, you get to carry your podcasts everywhere.


For an unforgettable podcast experience on your iPhone, get the Luminary app. Besides your favorite shows, this app offers podcasts that you won't find anywhere else. The comprehensive app settings allow you to navigate through the interface with ease.

Use the bookmark tool to save your podcasts for later. With the "Continue Listening" you can get back to any pending episode.

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Himalaya boasts of its dual-use feature that allows you to create podcasts and listen to your favorite episodes. The app provides recommendations based on your search history. Use the customized playlist suggestions for specific times of the day.

Browse through the in-depth categories that range from language courses to aviation and different religions on the app designed for Mac.

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Are you looking for podcast management features coupled to a clean design? Marco Ament's Overcast will not disappoint you. Manage episodes of your podcasts with ease using the new action tray and stay in the know when new episodes are out. The iOS 10 widget and an enhanced interface are the other additions in the latest update.

This app allows you to stream your favorite podcasts or save them for later. With VoiceBoost, you will neither strain to hear lower voices or shrink back at loud voices – this feature normalizes the sound levels.

Smart speed ensures that you don't make do with gaps in the podcast. It speeds up play, leaving you with clear audio.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts remains a firm favorite among podcast lovers with its cross-platform support feature. If you have an Echo speaker, connect the app to Amazon Alexa for a luxurious experience.

The app's interface gives you a glimpse of the status of all your podcasts. Like most top podcast apps, you also get to increase or decrease audio speed to your liking.

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Are you wondering about how to listen to podcasts on Android or iOS devices? These apps should save the day for you. They are pretty much the best way to listen to podcasts.

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