How to edit wedding photos?

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  • Choose a good software
  • Crop and enhance your photos
  • Apply stylish effects
  • Process your files in batches

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January 13, 2020

Top 10 Wedding Photo Editing Tips 2020

You are not exactly a professional photographer, but it doesn't mean you can't produce wedding photos professionally. Your average camera, excellent software, and several wedding photo tips may be all you need to make great photos of your - or friend's - the big day. You will be able to apply simple tricks to retouch your photos like a pro if you consider this tutorial. The following wedding photo editing tips should help you produce perfect wedding pictures.

How to edit wedding photos in 2020

1. Choose a good wedding photo editing software

Learning how to edit wedding photos requires a proper photo editing software. Your conventional operating system on your PC may have come with some basic picture and video editors, but you can be sure it doesn't have all the essential tools you need for retouching wedding pictures. A good photo editing software should help you accomplish the following tasks:

  • Background enhancement
  • Applying photo blurs
  • Fixing the subject's smiles
  • Skin retouching
  • Stray hair removal
  • Adding a variety of effects

You are probably wondering which is the best wedding photo editing software you can use. Well, you will find a lot of such software, some expensive, some cheap and others are even free. You may need to balance between your financial ability and the features you need to retouch your wedding shots. You could consider using Movavi Photo Editor, a photo editing tool with all the essential functions.

2. Select the photos you want to edit

Since you wanted to immortalize every moment of the great day, you took thousands of pictures. But you may not need to retouch all of them because some may be duplicates and wasting precious storage space on your storage media. Besides, it may not be humanly possible to apply editing tricks to the countless photos, especially if the bride and the groom need them at short notice. Pick out the best shots capturing the most critical moments and proceed to enhance them by applying edits.

3. Crop your wedding pictures

Having selected the photos to work on, you need to know where to start. Editing is easier if you start with more straightforward tasks, then move on to the more complex activities. The best place to start is the cropping. A click of the mouse will enable you to trim off unwanted parts of the picture. You can crop it into a square with a 1:1 ratio or a landscape mode with a 16:9 aspect. Cropping enables you to:

  • Focus on the newlyweds locked in a kiss
  • Get rid of unwanted characters, such as the frowning aunties
  • Reduce the size of the wedding photo
  • Blank out unwanted objects close to the subjects.

4. Eliminate the noise from the pictures

It's that moment just before the groom kisses the bride and the camera snapped just at the right time to capture the magic. But the resultant image has a problem: little random fuzzy specks have messed up what would have been a perfect moment. The main culprit is the low light condition of the hall and the vast cloud that suddenly covered the sun. Those random fuzzy specks are what we call noise, and the good news is that you can get rid of them using a reliable (wedding photo editing) software. A single click and the photo will be clear and high quality.

5. Work on the contrast of the wedding photos

Knowing how to edit wedding photos also means you can balance between highlights and the shadows. It can be quite tricky if you are the inexperienced type and are working with traditional image editing applications. Optimizing the contrast requires the right brightness in the images, so you need to set the light at the beginning. Thankfully, you won't have to pull sliders over each of those photos until you grow faint. A new image editing software has features that allow you to select all the images you need to change the contrast and apply the settings on all of them at once.

6. Correct any flaws using the clone tool

You don't want wrinkles, shadows and blemishes on your wedding photos – well, no one does. One technique you can employ is using the cloning tool which can reproduce small patches from a perfect area of the picture and superimpose them over the place with wrinkles and shadows. It becomes even more comfortable when you use a professional wedding photo editing software to clone those images and make it look like those imperfections were never there in the first place.

7. Use the dehazel tool

You can control the brightness and contrast of your wedding photos, but you will never be able to guess what the weather will be like during the wedding photoshoot. You won't succeed wishing the clouds away, but you can use the dehazel tool to eliminate lighting defects by adjusting the haziness of the wedding photos. This tool will help you create clear outlines of all the objects in the picture by adding full tones to them.

8. Apply blurring effects to your wedding portraits

You need to get adventurous enough to experiment with various photo editing ideas and observe their effect on your wedding pictures. Have you tried individual styles such as blurring the background of your image? Use this technique to select an item in the photo or take away focus from unwanted objects. You can also apply this trick to those wedding photos lacking focus balance.

9. Create a Hollywood smile

The groom or the bride did not smile appropriately for one reason or another, but your pictures have to depict the right mood of the wedding. Luckily, some wedding photo tips are available to help you adjust that distant grin into a perfect smile fit for the big day. If the teeth are visible in the broad smile, whiten them using the correct brush size to produce a tantalizing Hollywood-class smile.

10. Batch editing

You return home after a long wedding day loaded with hundreds of pictures to work on and produce. Editing them one by one will probably take you a year to complete – but who wants to wait a year to receive their wedding photos? Since you may not fancy the idea of outsourcing wedding photo editing services because of the costs involved, you may have to take advantage of the batch editing feature for your wedding photo editing. All you have to do is to pick out the images that require similar adjustments and apply contrast, brightness and cropping all at once.

You won't have to become an expert or break your bank to edit those wedding photos taken by your simple camera. A reliable, up to date and efficient wedding photo software can help you turn those shots into professional pictures. These photo editing tips should help you create perfect wedding pictures like a pro if you learn how to apply them. Follow this link to get more info on best tips on taking great wedding photos:

Best tips for taking great wedding photos

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