Wedding Photography Styles

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August 13, 2019

Top 14 Wedding Photography Styles

If you want to make any wedding photoshoot memorable and fascinating, you need to learn the various wedding photography styles so you can choose the best or combine several of them to create top wedding pictures. It is also important to be aware of the unique wedding photography poses to combine with the newest trends in photo filters to make spectacular wedding photos. Read on to discover the top 14 types of wedding photography for you – or your friend's – wedding.

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Types of Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography

It's one of those wedding photography styles that will have you spending more time posing rather the photo production process. Your main task as the photographer is to capture those important moments of the wedding, such as the very first kiss of the newlyweds, a group photo featuring all the uncles and aunties from both sides as well as a few funny friends with atrocious smiles plastered on their faces and the cake-cutting. You can let the newlyweds choose their unique photography poses to make your work a little easier.

Artistic wedding photography

Get more creative to produce fantastic wedding photos that will wow even the newly married. However, unlike the traditional wedding photography, you may need to work your limbs off to create a perfect artistic wedding photo. Delving into this genre means you will be creating images similar to works of arts. To achieve the Da Vinci art status, you have to pay special attention to the lighting and composition of the wedding photos. But all this trouble pays off because such photos never go out of vogue.

Natural wedding photography

If the wedding is going to be outdoors, then you may choose to switch off the flash function of your camera and use natural lighting instead. But the wedding couple can help you by designing their wedding program in such a way that those important moments occur when optimal natural light is available, or suggesting their preferred wedding photoshoots ideas. To work with natural photography, you need to learn how to work with:

  • Shadows
  • Basic rules of working with natural light
  • White balance settings

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Editorial wedding photography

The wedding couple may have a soft spot for glossy couples’ photography images such as those found in fashion magazines. These editorial wedding pictures require the creation of fashion-based images with creative poses and high-quality backgrounds. You may need to take a look at popular magazines for top picture ideas or poses. To achieve those idyllic backgrounds, several picture filters are must-haves for you.

Documentary wedding photography

One of the types of wedding photography you will be working with if you want to capture the emotions of the wedding couple is the documentary wedding photography style. This style does not involve posing for the camera but you can take advantage of one of the best wedding photoshoots ideas and perform a disappearing act. You must become invisible to the subjects to capture those intense emotions without the subjects getting uncomfortable. You can be sure the bride may hide her face if tears come to her eyes.

Portrait wedding photography

Your wedding photos must depict an atmosphere of happiness and sincere emotions – though some can be staged for the purposes of the photos. To get this kind of atmosphere in your photos, you need a large number of beautiful portraits. The couple will admire high-quality images the most after their wedding. Some best poses for portrait photos include:

  • Couple's first dance
  • Lying in the grass pose
  • The hand kiss
  • The first kiss

Vintage style wedding photography

Who doesn't like the feeling of nostalgia? Vintage wedding photography is your avenue for evoking nostalgia in your wedding photos. Use modern photo filters to turn those group photos list into retro shot masterpieces. You will be happy to know that you will never run out of customers since many couples hold their weddings in a rustic style, hence, the demand for vintage style wedding pictures.

Black and white wedding photography

You are mistaken to think that everyone likes color photos. Some people do appreciate the simplicity of black and white images. You may also want to turn full-color pictures to black and white to cover certain flaws with the lighting. Besides, if the main focus is on the objects in the pictures, black and white should be one of the wedding photography styles to employ.

Film wedding photography

You may be wondering why anyone would turn to film photography in this digital world. Unlike digital images, film photos can create a nostalgic atmosphere through their characteristic soft muted tones. Although this kind of photography is quite expensive, it produces impressive images, hence, it's well worth all the trouble.

Commercial wedding photography

You can't do without commercial photography even while working with the best unique wedding photography poses. While the main focus is always on the wedding couple, the best couple and the bridesmaids, you cannot ignore other important aspects that complete a wedding. They include:

  • Decorations
  • Cakes
  • Flowers
  • The rings

Photos of these items need to hit magazine-quality standards so you should keep abreast of the newest trends in the fashion world.

Underwater wedding photography

Though not for the faint at heart, many people dream of taking unusual wedding photos underwater. The underwater world is often full of mystical and romantic allure which the wedding couple expects you to capture in their photos. Mastering the process of shooting pics underwater requires special equipment and the results would impress anyone greatly.

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Aerial wedding photography

One of the latest photo trends in wedding photography is going airborne to get a bird's eye view of the wedding proceedings. You can make great photos of the wedding couple chasing each other across the lawns or dancing themselves crazy from a high perspective. But you need special equipment for such an ambitious task. Purchase a high-powered drone fitted with HD camera and can stay in the air long enough to take cool photos. Even if the wedding is indoors, you can have the drone silently hovering along the ceiling and taking stock of everything.

Night wedding photography

If you have the right gadgets, you can venture into night photography to demonstrate your photo shooting prowess. However, it can be a real challenge because of the low light night conditions. But you can always find a way around this challenge in the following ways:

  • Using a radio trigger and an off-camera flash
  • Acquiring special knowledge skills in twilight photography
  • Setting the correct camera settings for night mode shooting

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Destination wedding photography

The name of this wedding photography style gives it away: taking pictures in places away from home. These photoshoots take into accounts various aspects of the background and lighting. If the couple are honeymooning at the north pole, there should be enough evidence in the background to emphasize this location for bragging rights, if not for anything else. You will have to accompany the couple on these escapades so you are there to capture those amazing moments far away from home. To learn more about the best wedding photography styles, click on this link:

Top wedding photography tips

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