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Uploading Photos and Videos

Share videos and photos on YouTube and Facebook

With our fast, easy-to-use uploader, everything is ready in a flash:

  • Add video and/or image files to the app
  • Select one or more upload sites
  • Click Upload

Input video formats

AVI, FLV, MKV, MP4, MOV, 3GP, HD video, and more.

Input image formats

JPG, PNG, GIF, and other formats.

Upload files on Amazon S3 or FTP server

Along with uploading media files to video sharing sites, you can transfer videos and photos to Amazon S3 and FTP, which are quite convenient for storing large amounts of data.

Tags, title, description, and other file info

When you share photos or videos, you may want to add file information, e.g. title, tags, description, category, privacy, etc. Movavi Share Online lets you set all these parameters quickly and easy. Just click any file in the list and change the file info however you wish. Plus, you can change parameters, such as tags, description, category, and privacy, for multiple files at once.


Work Smart and Fast

Simple authorization

Forget about entering your login and password every time you want, for example, to upload photos to Facebook or YouTube. Just enter your account data once, and Share Online will remember it forever.


Designed for Facebook fans by Facebook fans, Share Online makes uploading fast, convenient and as seamless as possible. Here’s just a taste:

  • Upload multiple videos to YouTube and Facebook at the same time.
  • Upload multiple files simultaneously.
  • Check how much time remains on your upload - calculations based on your connection speed.
  • Cancel uploads at any time - either for all added files or just for one or two files on the list.
  • Oversized file warning. Some sites have limitations on file size or video length. Now you don't need to wait to be told your file can't be uploaded – Share Online will tell you before you even start the upload.

Integration with Movavi Video Converter

As you know Movavi Video Converter converts videos for uploading to Facebook and YouTube. If you check the Upload to YouTube check box in the Video Converter, the YouTube uploader will automatically open after the conversion is finished. The converted files will be added to Share Online with YouTube selected from the site list.

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