How to Get a Free Trial Account on Videoblocks

How to register on Videoblocks

1. Open this link.

2. Enter your personal information

First Name - Your first name
Last Name - Your last name
E-mail - Your e-mail (will be used as login name)
Password - Password from your account
Confirm password - Confirm your password

After that, check the "I agree to terms of use and licensing agreement" box and click Start Free Downloading.

3. Enter your credit card information*

CC# - Your credit card number
Exp Month - Your credit card expiration month
Exp Year - Your credit card expiration year

Then click Start Free Downloading Now.

*Don’t worry, your credit card information is needed only to prevent fraud and verify that you have a valid credit card. You won’t be billed during the free trial period. However, if you don’t cancel your subscription and keep your account open past the 7-day trial period you will be billed the monthly fee.

4. Congratulations, you’ve successfully registered on Videoblocks! Now click Explore to view the Videoblocks collection of videos and moving backgrounds.

How to Download Videos and Animated Backgrounds

1. Choose a category or enter a keyword in the search field

You can open one of the video categories (Animals, Nature, People, etc.) or enter a keyword (e.g. “funny cats”) in the search field in the upper part of the page.

2. Choose the video you like

Click the Unlimited Library button to get access to the collection of free video. Hover your mouse over a video to see its preview. To choose the video simply click on it.

3. Choose the format and download the video

In the right part of the page choose the format in which you want to download your video (MOV or MP4). Finally, click the Download button.

4. Continue exploring Videoblocks

To go back to searching video by category, hover your mouse over one of the tabs in the upper part of the page — Footage (video clips), Backgrounds (motion backgrounds) or After Effects (After Effects templates)* — and choose the category you need. You can also enter keywords in the search field in the upper part of the page.

How to Cancel Your Subscription

1. Go to your account settings

You can get to your account settings from any Videoblocks page. Hover your mouse over the Account tab and choose My Account.

2. Go to subscription settings

Click Manage My Account in the Your Subscription block.

3. Cancel Your Subscription

Choose Cancel My Account on the page that opens.

Check the I confirm that I am canceling my subscription box. Indicate the reason for canceling in the Reason field (for example Other) and, finally, click Cancel My Subscription.

Go back to the main page

*To use After Effects templates you will need Adobe After Effects. They are not compatible with other video editing programs.

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