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How to Choose the Best Screen Recorder for Mac

There are many tasks that require the use of good video capture software: recording broadcasts and online videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other websites, saving Skype calls, creating video guides, and much more. To help you make the best choice, we have compared* several of the most popular Mac screen recorders:

  • Screen Capture Studio for Mac from Movavi
  • Camtasia for Mac from TechSmith
  • Screenflick from Araelium
  • Screenium from Synium
  • ScreenFlow from Telestream
  • Snagit Mac from TechSmith

Which is the Best Recording Software for Mac?

In the table below, we compare and rate the most important features of the programs listed above. Take a look at the table and see for yourself how they fared and which software received the top rating.

Comparison parameters Screen Capture Studio for Mac Camtasia (Mac) ScreenFlow Snagit (Mac) Screenium Screenflick
Ranking Winner 2nd place 3rd place 4th place 5th place 6th place
User interface great good good great good good
Video capture great great great good good great
Webcam recording + + + + + +
Changing capture frame size + + + + + +
Online video capture + + + + + +
Showing keyboard actions + + + - - +
Following mouse actions (autofocus) - + + - - +
Audio capture great great great great great great
Microphone + + + + + +
System audio + + + + + +
Capture from multiple sound devices simultaneously + + + + + +
Screenshot capture great good good great - -
Take screenshots + + + + - -
Edit screenshots + - - + - -
Save in different formats 10+ formats PNG, JPG, BMP PNG only 10+ formats - -
Video editing functions great great great poor great poor
Split and cut + + + + + Only trimming
Filters and color adjustments + + + - + Only brightness
Titles + + + - + -
Animated transitions + + + - + -
Add music and voiceover + + + - + -
Help and support great great good great good good
E-mail + + + + + +
Live chat 18 hours a day 4 hours a day - 4 hours a day - -
Tutorials/Manuals + + + + + +
Forum/Community (Facebook and others) + + + + + -
Price $49.95 $99 $99 $49.95 $49.99 $29

The Winner: Movavi Screen Capture Studio
for Mac

The Number One program in our rating is Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac. Its strongest points are the intuitive interface, high degree of functionality, and low price compared with similar programs. In addition to screen capture, you can use the built-in video editor and its full set of options for creating professional-grade clips, video guides, and presentations. Movavi’s technical support includes multiple tutorials in different languages and convenient live chat.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Powerful screen recorder and video editor
  • Good price
  • Decent technical support


  • Can’t follow mouse while recording
Best screen capture software
  • 2nd Place: Camtasia

    Camtasia for Mac is powerful screen recording software with a full-featured video editor. Despite its high degree of functionality, the program has two major disadvantages that kept it out of first place in our ratings. First, the interface is too complex: it can take a lot of time to master it. The second problem is the high price in comparison with similar software – $99 against $49.95 for Screen Capture Studio.


    • Powerful tools for recording and editing
    • Good support


    • Complicated interface
    • High price
  • 3rd Place: ScreenFlow

    ScreenFlow is another screen recorder with a built-in video editing app. It also includes all the essential recording features, which puts it among the leaders in our comparison. ScreenFlow’s video editor is good, but its interface is not very intuitive. The price for the program is $99, which is the same as the more powerful Camtasia.


    • Many recording features
    • Good video editor


    • Non-intuitive interface
    • High price
  • 4th Place: Snagit

    Snagit is perfect for capturing and editing screenshots. However, it is not particularly geared for editing video – you can only split and cut the footage. Snagit is high quality software, but the lack of editing options prevents this program from competing with screen recorders that offer full-featured video editors.


    • Powerful tools for taking and editing screenshots
    • Intuitive interface
    • Good support


    • Poor video editing abilities
    • No mouse-following option
  • 5th Place: Screenium

    Like its stronger competitors, Screenium combines a good screen recorder for Mac and a video editor in one package. However, it has a few disadvantages. The first is the lack of some important options, such as showing keystrokes and capturing screenshots. The second is the non-intuitive user interface: the program lacks a control panel for managing the recording process, which is rather inconvenient. In the video editor, even the simplest tasks require hunting through small interface elements and menus.


    • Good screen recorder
    • Built-in video editor


    • Non-intuitive interface
    • Lack of some important features
  • 6th Place: Screenflick

    Screenflick is a good screen recording program which offers all the basic video capturing options. Unlike most of its competitors, however, Screenflick doesn’t let you take and edit screenshots from your desktop. As for video editing, the program only lets you trim clips and change the brightness level.


    • Good video recorder


    • Doesn’t support screenshot capture
    • Few editing features
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We hope this article was helpful for you. Based on our comparison, we chose Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac over other screen recording programs. If you’re interested in this program, you can try it for free or visit the official product page for more information.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac does not allow the capture of copy-protected video and audio.

*For this review, we used Screen Capture Studio for Mac 4 (the full version), Camtasia (Mac) 2 (the full version), ScreenFlow 6, Snagit (Mac) 3 (the full version), Screenium 3, and Screenflick 2.

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