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Need a YouTube to MP4 converter? Try Movavi Screen Capture Studio!

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How to Convert YouTube to MP4

There are so many high quality music clips, educational videos, and full movies and TV shows on YouTube that you’ll often find something you love enough to want to save it right away. It’s a good idea to keep YouTube videos in MP4: this format is the best choice for storing video files, as it is supported by most computers and mobile devices. Movavi Screen Capture Studio will help you download YouTube videos in MP4 fast. With its simple interface, downloading, editing, and converting video and audio is no problem even for inexperienced users. You can be sure that Movavi software is totally safe and reliable, because it’s trusted by people all over the world. Try it yourself!

To learn how to rip YouTube to MP4 with Screen Capture Studio, click the appropriate button below to get the version you need (Windows or Mac), and read the short guide below.

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Step 1: Install the Program

Open the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.

Step 2: Set the Ripping Parameters

Step 2 - Set the parameters for converting YouTube to MP4

Open the YouTube page with the video you want to rip, then run Screen Capture Studio. If you use Windows, select Capture screen in the main window, when the program starts. On Mac, the screen recording app will open when you launch the program. You can choose one of the size presets from the Select Capture Area list or adjust the yellow recording frame manually – just pull on its edges until it encloses the area of the screen you want to capture. Check the System Audio icon; it needs to show a green checkmark to capture sound. If you see a red cross instead, click the icon once to activate the sound recording.

Step 3: Record the Video

Step 3 - Download YouTube videos as MP4 files

Click the REC button and be ready to play the YouTube video. After five seconds, Screen Capture Studio will start recording. Click Pause to take a break, Stop to finish ripping, or Cancel to stop without saving. If you want, you can use hotkeys instead: F9 to pause/resume and F10 to stop (for Windows users) and ⌥ ⌘ 1 to pause/resume and ⌥ ⌘ 2 to stop (for Mac users).

Step 4: Convert and Save the Video

Step 4 - Save YouTube clip as MP4 file

As soon as you click Stop, the preview window will appear. Here, you can trim unwanted parts of the video from the beginning or the end by dragging two triangle markers on the yellow seek bar to the desired new start and end points.

To save YouTube to MP4 file, open the Save as list, click Video and audio, and choose MP4. If you want to transform your video to some other format, just pick the one you want from the list. Click Save and wait for a few minutes while the program converts your file.

Try Movavi Screen Capture Studio, and you’ll see for yourself why it’s the perfect choice for a YouTube downloader and converter!

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that Movavi Screen Capture Studio does not allow the capture of copy-protected video and audio.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio

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