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How to Rip Amazon Prime Videos

Amazon Prime Instant Video is a video streaming service that’s growing in popularity. As with Netflix and Hulu, Amazon subscribers can watch dozens of the latest films and TV shows for a set fee.

To download Amazon Prime movies, you have to buy each movie individually, which can be expensive and inconvenient.

Another way to watch Amazon videos offline is to use a special app like Movavi Screen Recorder. This powerful software lets you easily record video streams for offline viewing on any platform, no matter whether you’re using iOS-based devices like iPhone and iPad, Android-based devices, or any other popular device.

Download our recorder for Windows or Mac and follow the four steps below to learn how to capture Amazon Prime videos.

Install Movavi Screen Recorder

After the executable file has been downloaded, run it to install the program on your computer.

Adjust the Recording Settings

Find the Amazon Instant video you want to record and start the Movavi app. Position the capture frame over the video. You can also click anywhere on the screen and choose one of the preset dimensions in the Capture Area section.

If you want to adjust the capture time settings, click the alarm clock icon, specify the duration of the recording, and click OK.

Record the Amazon Video

Click the orange REC button. The capture will start after a 3-second countdown so you have time to start the video. Use the Cancel and Pause buttons to control the process. Click Stop when the streaming is complete. The video will automatically be saved in the MKV format. To convert it to MP4 or any other format of your choice, see the next step.

Save the Amazon Prime Video

In the preview window that opens, click Save As and choose the desired format for the recorded video. Hit Save.

Now you can not only stream Amazon films but also copy them to your device and watch them later without having to have purchased them individually!


Movavi Screen Recorder

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  • Grab sound from multiple sources
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Disclaimer: Please be aware that Movavi Screen Recorder does not allow capture of copy-protected video and audio streams.