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How to join Movavi video webinars on Google+

Web conferences and webinars are no longer only available to big business thanks to greater availability and more platforms. One of the most widely used and accessible platforms for hosting and participating in live online events is Google Hangouts on Air, a video conference service that is a part of the Google+ social network.

To join Movavi webinars on Google+ and become an active participant, there are just a couple of simple steps you need to take. Note that all webinars are recorded and automatically uploaded to the official Movavi YouTube channel, so you can always check them out there if you can’t join in the live event.

Apart from the browser version which is described below, you can use Google+ on your Android or iOS smartphone by installing an application from Google Play or Apple App Store, respectively.

Step 1: Create a Google+ profile

If you already have a Google account, skip to Step 2.
If you don’t have a Google+ profile yet, go to the registration page, complete the short form, and create your own account. This will enable you to freely use all Google apps and services, including YouTube, Gmail, Google+, and many others.

Once your primary account is created, you will see a Continue to Google+ button on the confirmation screen. Click it to view your public Google Plus social profile. You can continue with uploading your profile picture, filling in some personal information and adding your friends to your Circles. Take care as to what information you choose to make public to which Circles.

Step 2: Follow Movavi’s official page

Go to Movavi’s official Google+ page, click the + button and move the cursor to the Follow button to add our page to one of your Circles. In Google+, you can view and share users’ updates as well as share your posts either publicly or with a limited circle of friends and colleagues. Brand pages cannot send you any messages, but you can see their updates on your Google+ news feed (or Stream) and post comments to them there.

Step 3: Join the special webinar event

A month ahead of the webinar or so, we will create a special Google+ event to let our followers know about the upcoming event and publish an outline of the contents. As a follower of the page, you will see an invitation in your Stream with the specific date and time. Answer Yes to confirm that you’re going to join or watch the webinar.

Step 4: Install a Hangout plugin

If you’re going to watch the webinar online without taking part in it, skip to Step 5.
If you’re interesting in taking part as an actual participant, you need to install the Google Hangout Plugin for your web browser first. It’s free of charge and very easy to install. Download the plugin from here and just open it once it’s installed.

Step 5: Join or just watch the webinar

A short time before the webinar, you will receive a reminder. To watch the webinar, open the Event page or go to the Google+ Movavi page and look for the Hangouts On Air image. Double-click the Play button to start.

If you’re invited to join the webinar as an interacting participant, you’ll receive a special Hangout request on your Google+ page right before the beginning of the webinar.

There are multiple options for communication around the webinar. You can ask questions when the host of the webinar is ready to answer them (usually at the end) or you can post your questions via Q&A chat at any time. If you’re participating in the webinar, and not just watching it on YouTube or Google+, please make sure your microphone is muted to prevent echo unless the webinar host is talking to you specifically or asks you to unmute it. See you online!

Movavi Video Editor

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  • Apply effects, use filters
  • Add titles, music, logo
  • Capture TV, webcam, VHS

Movavi Video Suite

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  • Convert media files and DVDs
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  • Play back video and audio
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