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Need the best Vine creator? Use Movavi Video Editor!

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How to Use Movavi’s Vine Maker

Vine is a popular service that enables users to share 6-second-long video clips. Recording Vines has become a real trend in recent years, challenging animated GIFs. Vine micro-videos can be eye-catching and funny, and really good ones can be truly awesome like amazing magic tricks by Zach King. So, how to make Vine edits is a good thing to know!

Vine videos are usually created with the Vine application. The app has some basic editing options like trimming and removing video fragments, but the number of options is limiting for those users who want to get really creative with their videos. Plus, many people prefer to work on a computer rather than the small screen on a mobile device. If you also feel this way, we recommend Movavi Video Editor! It’s a great program for creating cool videos with music and titles, which can also be used as a Vine editing app. Just download the program and follow the instructions below.

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Step 1: Install Movavi Video Editor

Open the file you’ve downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions to install our Vine editor.

Step 2: Add a Video File

Step 2 - Add files to Movavi Vine maker

Launch the program and select Create project in full feature mode in the welcome window. After that click Add Media Files and upload any existing videos (or pictures) you want to edit to meet the Vine requirements. The video you’ve uploaded will appear on the Timeline.

Step 3: Trim and Cut Your Video

Step 3.1 - Cut your video to make it fit for Vine

The first thing you need to do is reduce the length of your video to 6 seconds. To do this, click your video on the Timeline, move the cursor to the end of your video (until the double arrow appears) and then hold the left mouse button and drag the edge of the video to the left. In the preview window you will see how the total length of your video changes. Make it 6 seconds (or 6.5 maximum) and you’re good to go!

Step 3.2 - Cut video into parts in Vine maker

Another thing you can do is cut the video into parts and remove unnecessary elements. Place the red marker on the segment of video at which you want to cut and click the Scissors icon. To remove a fragment, select it on the Timeline and hit Delete on the keyboard.

Step 4 (Optional): Add Music, Filters, and Titles

Step 4.1 - Add music files in Vine video editor

Now your video is 6 seconds long, it’s time to polish it.

First, why not put some music into the background of your Vine? Click Add Media Files again and upload the music of your choice – the file will appear on the Audio Track. You can then trim and cut it exactly the same way as you did with the video file in the previous step to make it fit precisely. For more information on how to add audio to a video, see our guide on the topic.

Step 4.2 - Adding effects to a Vine video

Next, you could apply some special effects to impress your Vine followers. Open the Filters tab and choose from a wide variety of special effects. To apply a filter, simply drag it to the video segment on the Timeline. You can find a more detailed description in our guide to special effects.

Step 4.3 - Adding titles using Vine maker

Finally, add some title text. Go to the Titles tab, choose a title style you like, and drag its icon to the Titles track. Double-click the title on the Timeline, enter your text, and adjust its appearance to your liking. For more information on how to add titles to a video, refer to our titles guide.

Step 5: Save Your Vine

Step 5 - Save a Vine video file

The only thing left to do is save your video to your hard drive. Click Export and choose MP4 with H.264 codec in the Save as Video tab. Finally, click Start. Now you can transfer the video to your phone and upload it to Vine via the Vine app. And that’s all there is to it! Making Vine videos with Movavi Video Editor is easy!

Movavi Video Editor

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