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Making Money on YouTube

If you’re pouring your heart and soul into making videos, maybe you deserve to make a few bucks while you’re at it, too. Just create a YouTube channel, upload some advertiser-friendly content – and you can begin to get paid for the dream job you’ve always wanted!

How do YouTubers make money? There are several YouTube monetization options, some of them trickier, though more effective, than others. Below, we’re going to discuss all the options in more detail.

Ways to Monetize YouTube Videos

1. Become a YouTube Partner

The easiest and most popular way of monetizing your content is to partner directly with YouTube. This switches on YouTube ads so they run before and during your videos. You can control the ads by choosing the subject matter and specifying in which videos they may appear. The rest is pretty simple: you receive per-view payments. The more hits the ads get, the more cash you earn.

Becoming a YouTube partner has one distinct advantage for the time-pressed amateur: you don’t have to do any additional work. Just sign up for the Partner Program and you’re in – provided that your videos are eligible for monetization.

However, be aware that you can’t withdraw earned money until you have a minimum of $100 on your YouTube account. This should be no problem if you already own a popular channel with thousands of people watching your videos on a daily basis, but new participants may be put off by this.

2. Find Sponsors

If you don’t want to trust your money to the YouTube middleman, you can control the advertising yourself. The best way to do this is to sign up sponsors who are interested in promoting their brand through your videos. Negotiate the format for this promotion: it might be anything from an extensive review of their services and goods to a more subtle product placement – the logo of your sponsor on some object in the frame, for example. Finding sponsors and negotiating with them can be a tough task, but, if done correctly, it will give you financial independence.

Keep in mind, though, that YouTube’s policy rules do not allow you to advertise through the website without a special preliminary approval. So it’s a good idea to contact YouTube representatives and make sure they are OK with your plans before you actually start talking to potential sponsors.

3. Promote Your Merchandise

You can also promote your own branded products, like T-shirts and mugs, that will make money for you. This has probably the biggest potential for YouTubers who want to earn a living from the free online content they create. If you have some cool merchandise and an audience that is willing to buy it, this could be your perfect monetization opportunity.

4. Use the Freemium Model

Another great way of getting paid on YouTube is to go “freemium”: you provide some of your content for free but keep your premium stuff behind a paywall on your own website. The trick here is that, if a large enough number of people enjoy your free content, some of them will likely pay for your exclusive videos as well. Using this model requires a lot of skill and effort, but the payoff can be huge.

Tips for Creating Engaging Videos

Building up an extensive viewer base can be difficult and time-consuming, but the following tips should give you an edge, at least in creating attractive content.

Pick licensed stock footage. YouTube’s current stance on copyright protection is known to be quite harsh. A good way to avoid problems of this kind is to use properly licensed stock footage provided by quality services like Movavi partner VideoBlocks.

Make smart use of video-editing tools. You can easily change raw cam footage into a stylish movie with Movavi Video Suite. Just download the application, read our quick guide on how to make a home movie, and soon you’ll be editing vids like a pro.

Try screen capture. Planning to make video tutorials? All you need to do is get Movavi Screen Capture Studio – an invaluable app for recording screens on your PC. Our guide on how to create instructional videos will give you everything you need to know to start filling your channel with useful videos. If you want to share your gaming skills, download Movavi Game Capture – it’s the perfect tool for aspiring Let’s Players.

Get apps for uploading to YouTube. You can use Movavi Video Converter to save videos in a format suitable for YouTube and, in a matter of seconds, upload them to your channel.

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