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How to Reduce Picture Size

This tutorial covers reducing the width and height of an image. If you want to reduce the file size (compress a picture), see the relevant guide.

Some websites require that uploaded pictures have a specific height and width. If the photo you want to upload exceeds these parameters, you need to reduce the number of pixels in the height and width (or, as some people call it, “reduce pixels in photo”). Sometimes this can be problematic when you have a lot of photos that need resizing. In this case, editing pictures one by one will be time-consuming and rather tedious. But what else can you do?

Fortunately, there is Movavi Photo Batch. It’s an easy-to-use bulk photo editor that will help you not only reduce the number of pixels in multiple photos at one time but also change the format, rotate photos, enhance image quality with a single click, and even change the names of several photos at one time. All this may sound challenging, but even the most inexperienced user can easily do it all, thanks to the simple user-friendly interface.

To learn how to reduce image size, just download Movavi Photo Batch and follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Install the Software

Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions on your screen.

Step 2: Add Your Pictures

Click Files in the upper left corner and add your pictures. If you want to add an entire folder, click Folder and choose the one you need. You can also drag and drop your files and folders into the program window.

Step 3: Resize Your Image

To scale your images to a certain size, go to the Resize tab, open the Resize mode list, and choose the most appropriate resizing method (note that all the options described below keep the initial proportions of the images, except Custom size):

  • To set a specific height or width for all images, pick Scale to height or Scale to width and enter the desired value. Use these options if you want to upload the photographs to a website or social network page.
  • If the exact number of pixels is not important, use the Scale by percentage option. This method is useful for sending images via email.
  • To set a specific height and width for all the photos, choose Scale to size. To do the same but leave the smaller images at their original size, pick Maximum size.
  • If you need to scale a picture to a specific size ignoring the original proportions, choose Custom size.

Keep in mind that reducing the width and height of an image will also impact the file size. For instance, reducing the image resolution from 5760x3840 to 640x420 will reduce the file size from 12 MB to only 100 KB. However, low resolution pictures are not suitable for large prints because of the poor image quality.

Step 4: Export Your Images

To save your pictures, click Batch Export in the lower right corner of the program window and choose one of the four options.

  • Save to new folder: exports your files to a separate directory.
  • Save to original folder and back up originals: saves the edited images to the original folder and moves the source files to the Backup folder.
  • Replace originals: saves the edited files to the source directory, replacing the original ones.
  • Rename and save next to originals: saves the edited files to the same folder as your source files.

When you’ve chosen the appropriate option, click OK to start the export process. On completion, you will see a window informing you that your photos have been successfully exported.

Movavi Photo Batch

  • Resize entire photo albums at once
  • Change image format in bulk
  • Batch-rename image files
  • Auto-enhance quality of multiple photos
  • Work with all popular image formats

Movavi Photo Editor

  • Improve image quality
  • Remove objects, replace backrounds
  • Add filters and captions
  • Retouch faces and add makeup
  • Crop, rotate, flip, and resize images

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