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Video Restoration Tutorials
Attempting to make something look better than the original is always a bit tricky. If you're restoring video, you need to consider your source (videotape or digital video), your skills, and the equipment you use. Although you may be quite happy at first with the videos you shoot using a digital camcorder, even a simple change like applying a basic filter can dramatically enhance the result. Once you've tried it, you'll want to keep using it - and it's especially useful when you're digitizing home-made VHS sources. It is very important to achieve the best results possible at this early stage, as this will be the file you'll have to work from later.

There's no "magic bullet" to fix every single problem with a video. Every file and every problem require an individual approach. In this guide, we have focused on some of the most common problems with video and how you can clean them up with EnhanceMovie. Each problem is illustrated with a video example showing you how to apply the filters and their settings, and in what order. These examples will help you to learn more about the variety of filters available in EnhanceMovie and the different ways of using them to improve your videos. We recommend that anyone interested in video restoration study the following examples before starting to restore videos using EnhanceMovie.
Step-by-step guide to filter your video.

How to repair the purple video
Use this approach to make corrections to coloring because of bad white balance or poor original quality in converted VHS tapes.

How to restore a video that's too dark
Use this approach to lighten and brighten a video because it was shot indoors in poor light, at night, or against the sun.

How to fix blurred video
Use this approach to sharpen and smooth smudged, blurry images resulting from shooting fast-moving objects or old videos.

How to filter interlaced video
Use this approach to remove the problem of "horizontal rows" that sometimes appear when recording a fast-moving object.

Need more information of how EnhanceMovie works? Read this tutorial:
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EnhanceMovie User Guide
Also download and print out this User Guide(PDF) and consult it as you use EnhanceMovie for the first time to familiarize yourself with its features.

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