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Конструктор сайтов WebSite X5

Make your own website from scratch
– it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Now even a child can
build a website in 15 minutes!

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Full-function software for website development

Building web sites no longer requires extensive programming knowledge or the expense of professional web developers! WebSite X5 Evolution 12 has everything you need to create and manage any number of great-looking sites, from personal pages to online shops and business portals. You’ll get a graphic content editor, picture and video galleries, widgets, and an all-round easy way to publish your projects online.

Using WebSite X5 is as easy as pie: its clear intuitive interface makes website creation a quick and fun task, even if you’ve never written a single line of HTML code in your life – and you won’t have to start now! Even website development professionals will find WebSite X5 Evolution a useful tool to optimize their workflow. The overhauled template editor makes managing page content a breeze, and integration with web analytics tools from Google ensures successful search engine optimisation.


Making a professional-looking website takes just 5 easy steps

Download this smart website builder from Incomedia and see how easy it is to create your own web presence online.

  • Step 1: Select a template. Choose one from the 1,000 included, or create your own.
  • Step 2: Compose the site map. Plot out the structure of your website and the main menu will be generated automatically for you.
  • Step 3: Create pages. Drag-and-drop content to fill your pages with text, images, animation, tables, e-mail forms, galleries, maps, social network buttons, and more.
  • Step 4: Tweak advanced options to suit your needs. Customize your website by including an online store with a shopping cart, a member database, a blog, an RSS-feed, multiple language versions, or anything else that takes your fancy.
  • Step 5: Publish your website. Make sure your project is ready for upload: check the content, links and functions one final time, then post your website online using the built-in FTP engine.


Cutting-edge technologies are key to success

Starting a business on the right foot today requires a credible web presence. Your website is an essential part of how your audience will find you and what impression they will have. Integration with Google applications for web analytics improves search engine optimization and data collection to maximize relevant website traffic.

Thanks to the responsive template design, your pages will look great in any browser, including on mobile devices. You design your project using a graphic template editor and WebSite X5 Evolution automatically generates HTML5 and CSS 2.1/3 code that complies with the latest web design standards.

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