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What Is the Meme Generator?

Edited by Pat Bitton

March 3, 2020

Our meme generator enables you to create memes – funny pictures with humorous text. You’re sure to have seen them on the internet, but now you can create them yourself! All you need is a suitable background picture and humorous text to lay on top of it. If you need a few hints on how to create a meme using our service, read this short guide below.

Choose a Picture

First of all you need to choose a picture that you want to use as your meme. You can search online and simply copy/paste the URL into the form. If you want to use a picture from your device, simply click Choose a file and upload your pic.

Add Text

The second step is to add humorous text to your picture. With our service, you can add text to the top and bottom of the picture. Simply type the phrases into the appropriate fields. You can change the size of each line by dragging the sliders below them.

Save Your Meme

When everything is done, simply click the Export Meme button and save it to your device. If you have any problems exporting your meme this way, just save the preview picture – you’ll get the same file.

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