Rack up thousands of likes on social media

Rack up thousands of likes on social media

Great features to elevate your video content in no time

Blade for one-click frame-precise cuts

Forget fiddling with the playhead on the timeline! This tool is quick to snip and easy to ship – a real lifesaver for any social content creator. Give your videos a sharper look and create stunning montages, just like your favorite vloggers do.

Fancy titles and snazzy stickers

Boost your video message with compelling visual elements! Slap on some bold like, share, and subscribe stickers to get more views on your Reels. Tag memorable places and leave humorous comments in your travelogs with handy title presets.

AI background removal for real eye-catchers

Shoot perfect scenes without green screens, just the magic of AI! Get the best background by quickly switching it out from any video. Then place your talking head in a new setting – anything from a solid color image to the cosmos.

Effects to help you make wow videos every time

Cutout Alphabet Pack for a crafty look

Put your scissors away – you won’t need them with our basket full of bright cutouts! Put these paper letters, numbers, and symbols together to create vibrant captions for your clips.

My Channel Pack #2 for aspiring YouTubers

Step up your vlogging game with our must-have collection of titles, stickers, transitions, and more! Create videos that will keep your viewers glued to the screen until the very last minute.

Stand-Out Textures Overlay Pack for that atmospheric feel

Futuristic, nostalgic, or dreamy – it’s up to you how your videos will look today! Make a stylish statement with your designs by applying shiny plastic, vintage grain, or colorful stroke finishes to your visuals.

Movavi Effects Store

A huge library of creative effects and background music to lift your videos from wow to wowzers

  • Thousands of creative effects
  • Rad stickers, transitions, titles, overlays
  • Background music to fit any mood

Movavi Effects Store