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Movavi Video Converter is just what you need!
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Download the program and follow the instructions below

How to Convert Videos to MPEG-2 and Vice Versa

The MPEG-2 format is usually used for storing videos on DVDs. Although there are many newer formats, it’s still pretty popular. If you need to convert your videos to MPEG-2, use Movavi Video Converter. No matter whether you want to convert MP4 to MPEG-2, AVI to MPEG-2, or MOV to MPEG-2, this handy program will let you do so quickly. If you’ve ever needed to watch a video from a DVD on a device without an MPEG-2 decoder, Movavi Video Converter will also convert your MPEG-2 videos to a suitable format.

Follow the instructions below and you’ll see how easy it is to use the Movavi app as an MPEG-2 converter.

Install the Program

Download the installation file and open it. Follow the onscreen instructions and wait for the installation to finish. The program will be ready to start working in just a couple of minutes.

Open the Videos You Want to Convert to MPEG-2

Launch Movavi Video Converter, click the Add Media button and choose Add Video to add videos to the program.

Choose a Format

Click the Video tab at the bottom of the program window and choose an output format. To convert to MPEG-2, click the MPG button and choose a suitable MPEG-2 preset from the drop-down list.

If you need to convert your video to watch on a mobile device, click the Devices tab and choose a suitable preset there.

Convert the Video

Choose the folder you want to save your video in by clicking the Folder icon. Then click Convert.

That’s all there is to it! After the conversion is complete, you’ll see the folder where you saved the video.


Movavi Video Converter

The ideal way to get your media in the format you need!

  • Convert video, audio, DVDs, and image files
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  • Improve quality, adjust sound, trim and join files before converting
  • Save video and audio clips for easy mobile access