Privacy Policy

MOVAVI has the greatest respect for your privacy and gives special attention to the confidentiality of information submitted to us.

  1. General provisions
    1. This document «Privacy Policy» (hereinafter – the Policy) contains rules of using by Movavi (hereinafter – MOVAVI) the information collected about User.
    2. Visiting our Site and downloading, installing and using the MOVAVI’s software (hereinafter – Application), you accept all terms and conditions of this Policy.
    3. This Policy is a part of documents that refer hereto, including the Terms of Use available at the Site and End User License agreement (EULA) that set forth terms and conditions of use of the Site and of Applications respectively.
    4. Unless otherwise is provided for by this Policy, all terms and definitions used herein shall have the meaning defined in the Terms of Use and EULA.
    5. This Policy, including its construction, method of adoption, performing, amending and termination is subject to legislation of the Russian Federation.
  2. Personal Information
    1. Personal information for the purposes of this Policy shall mean information that can be associated with a specific User, such as: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and information about User’s purchases and activations of Applications.
    2. MOVAVI processes Personal information that User provides about himself by filling out respective forms. For example, when downloading trial version of the Application from the Site, subscribing to email newsletters, contacting MOVAVI for technical support or via feedback form, etc. MOVAVI may set out the requirements to the information that should be necessarily submitted in course of certain User’s actions. If some information is not marked by MOVAVI as mandatorily required, then User submits or discloses such information at his own discretion.
    3. If the information submitted by you contains personal data, you freely and voluntarily grant MOVAVI for unlimited period of time irrevocable written permission to process that data in any way it chooses for the purposes set forth by this Policy. This includes any action (operation) or sequence of actions (operations) performed with or without using automated tools: collecting, sorting, accumulating, storing, specifying (updating, changing), withdrawing, using, transferring (distributing, providing, accessing) information to the third parties, including cross-border transfer to other jurisdictions, anonymization, blocking, deleting, and destruction of personal data.
    4. MOVAVI does not collect any Personal information when you use the Application.
  3. Anonymized Data
    1. When you use the Site or Applications anonymized data may be transmitted automatically to MOVAVI, including but not limited to: IP-address, location (country, area, city), information about browser, traffic source, hardware model and other device-specific information, operating system version, unique device identifiers, mobile network information, statistic information about actions on the Site and use of Application, information about data that is being sent and received via the Application. This information is anonymized and does not contain any data that link this information with specific User.
    2. Anonymized data is processed separately from Personal information and may not be combined with Personal information.
    3. Anonymized data may be collected and/or processed using the services of the third parties, such as:
      • analytics services (Google Analytics and other similar);
      • social network plug-ins (Facebook, etc.);
      • banner ads and full screen ads networks (Google Admob and other similar);
      • other systems and services that use and process anonymized user data.
  4. Credit Card Purchases
    1. If you use a credit card to purchase a MOVAVI product, the credit card number is encrypted as it passes over the internet. Information about your credit card is not kept in or recorded by MOVAVI’s computers, it is simply passed through to the credit card company. In this respect, credit card purchase in the internet is similar to a credit card purchase at any store.
    2. Such information about User as name, address and purchased product is kept by MOVAVI for further delivery and/or registration of the product.
  5. Use of Personal Information
    1. MOVAVI uses Personal information for the following purposes:
      1. Execution and performance of License agreements with User;
      2. Identification of User in the course of fulfilling MOVAVI’s obligations under the agreements with User;
      3. Communication with User for the purposes of informational support and improvement of the Application, including notification through the third parties;
      4. Distribution of advertising materials of MOVAVI and/or third parties among Users as targeted audience;
      5. Targeting of advertising and/or informational materials.
    2. MOVAVI may share Personal information with service providers that provide services on our behalf when it is necessary for provision of such services within the limits of the purposes listed above.
  6. Use of Anonymized Data
    1. MOVAVI uses anonymized data for the following purposes:
      1. Improvement of the Site and Applications;
      2. Communication with User for the purposes of informational support and improvement of the Application, including notification through the third parties;
      3. Distribution of advertising materials of MOVAVI and/or third parties among Users as targeted audience;
      4. Targeting of advertising and/or informational materials by age, gender or other attributes;
      5. Marketing, statistic and other research based on anonymized data.
    2. MOVAVI may provide anonymized data to with service providers that provide services on our behalf when it is necessary for provision of such services within the limits of the purposes listed above.
  7. User’s consent to receiving information from MOVAVI
    1. Submitting your email address when completing forms on the Site or purchasing the Application, you agree to receive emails from MOVAVI containing information about updates and any other information related to the Applications, as well as other types of information from MOVAVI, including advertisements. You can unsubscribe from this service at any time. To do so, follow the instructions on the link in the letter or email us at the address provided with a request to delete your data from the mailing list. In this case, MOVAVI will keep your Personal information in its database, but will not contact you unless you change your mind on this issue.
  8. Confidentiality of User Information
    1. MOVAVI stores information of Users and takes necessary and sufficient organizational and technical security measures of protection from unauthorized access and disclosure in compliance with internal rules and procedures.
    2. Information of Users is kept confidential with the exception when technology or settings of the Application allow open exchange of information with other Internet or Application users.
  9. Third parties
    1. To implement purchases in Applications MOVAVI uses services of third parties – well-known payment services that guarantee the security of financial operations.
    2. Site and Applications may contain links to websites of the third parties. When User follows these links he leaves the Site/Application, and MOVAVI takes no responsibility for the safety of User data during the use of third parties websites. Such websites may have their own privacy policy setting out the rules of collection and storage of User data. This Policy does not cover the data which is submitted to, stored or used by third parties websites. You are recommended to carefully review the privacy policy of such third party when entering its website.
    3. MOVAVI is not responsible for the use of User information by the third parties that User interacts with in course of using the Application.
  10. Other disclosures of Personal Information
    1. MOVAVI may disclose Personal information to the third parties in the following cases:
      1. User expressed his consent to such disclosure including cases when User applied software settings which disable restriction of disclosure of particular data;
      2. Disclosure is required in course of using certain functions of the Site or Application;
      3. Transfer of all or some of MOVAVI’s assets to possession, use or ownership of third party including assignment of rights under the executed agreements with User to such third party;
      4. At the request of a court or other authorized governmental agency to the extent required under applicable legislation;
      5. For the purpose of protection of MOVAVI's rights with respect to the breach of agreements executed with User.
  11. Amendments
    1. This Policy may be amended or cancelled by MOVAVI at its own discretion without prior notification of User. We recommend that you regularly read the latest version of the privacy policy.
    2. New version of the Policy is effective from the moment of its placement unless otherwise is provided for by such new version of the Policy.
    3. Currently effective version of the Policy is available at MOVAVI’s Site at

Any questions regarding this Policy may be emailed to: .

This version of Privacy Policy is effective since December, 1 2016.

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